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DIY Survival Video Of The Week

Featuring Wranglerstar

We will be sharing videos from Cody as we feel they can add value to you and your family when you are prepping your survival gear. Wranglerstar is an American lifestyle YouTube channel created and hosted by Cody and his family. The family uses the channel to portray life in a modern homestead. Cody also shares things about tools and how to use them. The channel has 1.65 million subscribers, 2.5k videos, and over 700 million views. The channel is able to accumulate over 200,000 views daily from different sources.

Survival Video of the Week

Featuring Cyprien Outdoor Adventures

Building wood survival shelter in wildlands | Bushcraft & Campfire grilled meat

In this new video, I build a small wooden survival shelter in the middle of the wild.

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Why Good Ranchers! WE BELIEVE FOOD HAS A WAY OF BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER… …especially great food. Due to a broken food system that inflates prices and imports poor-quality meat, America’s tables haven’t been full of great food for a while. Good Ranchers was founded by Ben and Corley Spell as a result of their search for honest and quality food to feed their growing family. By sourcing all of our meat from local, independent farms in the U.S., we are connecting people to quality products they can’t get anywhere else. Together, we will make the American farm strong again and restore the American table to what it was always meant to be: a place of real community, remarkable quality, and true change.

Elcat Solar Powered Electric Boat

The Elcat Electric Boat is the most energy efficient boat available for boaters. It’s patented, lightweight yet durable construction allows it to glide on its catamaran rails. Made in Europe and CE certified, This Tough and durable DWF (double wall fabric) inflatable boat is lighter than carbon fiber. This solar boat weighs only 264 lbs. It can travel up to 6 mph with only 1.3 kW / 2 HP of power and is ideal for calm waters. For more speed or rough waters get the Elcat Speedy.
We are an affiliate partner of this Brand and we highly recommend them to our audience, and we earn commissions from our sponsored links.

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Everything You Need To Know About Prepping Guide

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to prepping, look no further than our Prepping Guide. This 81-page guide covers everything you need to know about getting prepared for any disaster. From stocking up on supplies to making a plan, we’ve got you covered.


Our Survival Tools & Gear Brands

We have sailed the seven seas in search of the best survival tools and gear we can find. Our treasure maps have led us to some of the leading brands around the globe and we now proudly share our loot with you.


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16 Self-Sufficiency Skills To Make You A Better Prepper

As the world becomes increasingly uncertain, many people are turning to prepping as a way to ensure their survival in the event of a disaster. Many people think of crates of emergency food and a roomful of guns and ammo when they hear the word “prepping.” While that’s not incorrect, there is more to prepping than just stocking up on basic necessities and weapons. Prepping is also about self-sufficiency and one way to achieve this is by taking up hobbies or learning useful skills that’ll help you survive emergencies and thrive in a post-disaster world. In this blog post, we’ll explore some self-sufficiency skills that can make you a better prepper.

Green Is In


1. EchoDone Egg Shape Soap Mold

A DIY soap is the perfect Easter gift to give (or keep). This egg shape soap mold by Echodone will help you create just the right Easter vibe, with a scent of your choice. And since it’s made of food-grade silicone, it’s not only great for making soaps. You can even make ice cubes, chocolate eggs, cupcakes, or jelly beans in this cool and unique mold! Get a pair of this dishwasher-safe Echodone Egg Shape Mold now and make fantastic gifts, giveaways, or decorations for Easter Day! Available at Amazon.

2. OCPO Kitchen 3D Easter Bunny Chocolate Silicone Mold

For the perfect Easter present, you can never go wrong with homemade chocolates. This 3D Easter Bunny Chocolate Silicone Mold from OCPO Kitchen is exactly what you need to make unique and delicious chocolate bunny creations that you can give to friends and family. This high-quality kitchen accessory is made of commercial-grade silicone that’s non-stick and flexible so demolding is a breeze. Plus, it’s oven and freezer-safe, so you can make chocolates that will last for a long time! Get yours now at Amazon and start making those delicious chocolate bunnies!

5. Rusted Orange Craftworks Easter Nativity Set

Transform any room into a reminder of salvation this Easter with the modern and durable Easter Nativity Set. This steel set features a tree, tomb, cross, angel, Mary, and redeemed Jesus, which are all powder coated in your choice of black, white, or silver for that extra touch of elegance. It also comes with cards offering scripture readings as well as video links to enhance the experience making it an ideal way to celebrate faith-filled festivities all year long. The perfect blend between modern sophistication and timeless tradition – add meaning to your seasonal decor by embracing the story behind Christ’s resurrection with our stunningly special Easter Nativity Set! Available at Rusted Orange Craftworks.

3. Antique Farm House Happy Easter Happy Spring Framed Wall Art

The Antique Farm House Happy Easter Happy Spring Framed Wall Art is a charming and vintage-style wall decor that features a walnut frame and distressed white wood-plank background with elegant cursive and serif-style lettering that’ll certainly put a smile on everyone’s faces. This ready-to-hang seasonal decoration is available in four different sizes so you can choose the one that fits your home decor best! With Easter and spring knocking on your door, there’s no better way to welcome them than by decorating your home with this stunning wall art. So get yours now at Antique Farm House!

4. Darn Good Yarn Ribbon Nesting Basket Pattern

The Darn Good Yarn Ribbon Nesting Baskets is another DIY project you can make as a decoration for your home or a present for your family or close friends. You can complete this crochet project yourself or gift it as is so they can have fun doing it themselves. This easy-to-follow pattern is courtesy of Pam Daley Designs and uses 3 skeins of Darn Good Yarn’s At the Bahamas. However, you can also opt for their traditional Sari Silk Ribbon, Block Printed Sari Silk Ribbon, Istanbul Sparkle, Tibet Jewels, Tie Dye Gems, or other ribbon yarns. These non-toxic yarns are made of 100% recycled or reclaimed materials so you’re not only having a great time creating these amazing Easter gifts and decors, you do so without hurting Mother Nature. Grab this fun DIY project now at Darn Good Yarn!

1. Ogrmar Chicken Coop with Ventilation Door, Removable Tray, and Ramp

Get ready to be a chicken farmer by getting the Ogrmar Chicken Coop. It’s a deluxe cage that provides a safe and comfortable shelter for your precious birds while giving them enough space to move around. The waterproof chicken coop is made of heavy-duty natural fir wood with a non-toxic varnish finish and a high-quality gridding mesh fence that provides ventilation and protection. The UV-resistant hutch also comes with a raised perch, nesting box, ventilation door, removable bottom sliding tray, and ramp with timber ridges. Get it now at Amazon!

2. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Peep Heated Pad

The Thermo-Peep Heated Pad by K&H Pet products is a must-have for every chicken keeper. It’s a necessary addition to your coop for keeping chicks and full-sized birds warm and comfortable in cold weather. The 9 x 12-inch Thermo-Peep is made of ABS plastic and designed with internal thermostats to ensure that it always maintains the perfect temperature. This not only prevents chicks from getting chilly, but also avoids pasting. The energy efficient heating pad consumes a mere 25 watts and comes with an 18-inch steel-capped power cord. Simply use it on the floor or attach it to the coop’s wall using the pre-drilled holes on all four corners. Available at Amazon.

5. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Chicken Heated Perch

The K&H Pet Products Thermo-Chicken Perch is perfect for cold weather! Not only does it prevent cold feet and frostbite, the heated perch also utilizes a dual internal thermostat to provide warmth for the rest of the body through the bird’s circulation system. The perch is available in lengths of 26 and 36 inches. Available at Amazon today!

3. Farm Innovators HPF-100 Heated Poultry Water Fountain 

Chickens need plenty of clean, fresh water to stay healthy – and the Farm Innovators Heated Poultry Water Fountain is the perfect way to make sure they get it. The 2.63-pound heated water fountain is made of durable plastic and can hold up to three gallons of water. Powered with 100 watts of energy, the internal thermostat ensures that the water doesn’t freeze.

The fountain can be easily hung or laid flat on the ground. It is ideal for year-round use as it can handle extended periods of time outside and re-fills from the bottom without having to remove the reservoir top. Get yours at Amazon today!

4. Deloky Chicken Toy Set 

Chickens like crisp sounds and bright colors, which is why many chicken farmers put up toys for the birds to peck on. The Deloky Chicken Toy Set is designed to keep chickens entertained, reduce their boredom, and provide them with a stimulating environment. It includes a xylophone with eight metal keys, a wooden mirror with bell, and a skewer that can be used to hang vegetables for the chickens to peck and eat. All these are made with safe and non-toxic materials. Get yours at Amazon today!


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FusionHybrid Solar Oven • 4-5 Meals
The GoSun Fusion™ is the world’s first solar oven that can also cook without Sun. A hybrid solar + electric oven runs on sunshine or 12 Volt from your car, boat, RV or Powerbank.
gosun SportFastest Solar Oven • 2-3 Meals
The GoSun Sport® is our fastest and best selling solar oven. It can bake, roast, and steam a meal for two people in just 20 minutes under direct sun.

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It’s easy to say that you won’t give up that easily but when you’re in the face of adversity, it can be difficult to even move much more fight. Still, you need to do something in order to survive. This is where knowledge of different survival skills will come in handy. The more you know, the better equipped you are to fight another day, so to say.

Knowing what to do may not be enough, though. Your chances of survival are better if you have the essential tools at your disposal. That’s why we also train the spotlight on the many survival gear and outdoor essentials that we know can be valuable in dire situations.

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“Knowing is half the battle.” That’s what a certain 80s cartoon show taught kids back in the day. The concept should still stand today, especially in terms of survival and emergency preparedness. Knowing the what ifs will help you prepare for and survive for what may happen.

What if famine or economic recession hits us hard, for example? Knowing this possibility will at least make us think of stockpiling food, water and other basic needs. That’s still not enough, though. You should also know how to go about preparing for such scenarios. The next and most important step is turning your knowledge into action. All that knowledge will be for naught if you don’t apply what you learn.

We’re here to help you gain as much knowledge as you can. Hopefully, the homesteading hacks, prepping guides and survival tips we’ve been sharing will someday help you when the going gets tough. Stay up-to-date by regularly visiting the Gentleman Pirate Club page. Follow our social media accounts, as well. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Gab, Parler and Rumble . You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on new posts and other important announcements

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