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Ahoy Mateys, do you need a candle to light up your ship while you’re out on patrol?
We have a collection of pirate candles that would be perfect for you. They also smell great.
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Breakfast & Entree 360 Serving Premium Food Bucket

360 – The Legacy 120 servings Breakfast Bucket paired with two Legacy 120 servings Entree Buckets can feed a family of four for more than two weeks or a family of two for over a month. With delicious choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a shelf life of up to 25 years – this is the option to have to keep your family satisfied. 

Breakfast & Entree 360 Serving Premium Food Bucket by Legacy Food Storage

With delicious choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a shelf life of up to 25 years – this is the option to have to keep your family satisfied. * All meals produced on equipment that also processes products containing Egg, Soy, Milk, Tree Nuts and Peanut.


Our Survival Tools & Gear Brands

We have sailed the seven seas in search of the best survival tools and gear we can find. Our treasure maps have led us to some of the leading brands around the globe and we now proudly share our loot with you.


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Pirate News provides you with the latest on prepping and homesteading as well as tons of tips on surviving different tragic scenarios from earthquakes to economic collapse to terrorist attacks.


Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Stay-At-Home Moms

Valentine’s Day is not just about all those romantic stuff. It’s also a great opportunity to make the mother of your children feel more loved than she already is. Your spouse deserves all the love and affection you and the rest of the family have to offer. Don’t forget about your own mother, too. Moms do everything to keep the family happy, healthy, and together so it’s just right to reciprocate all the love you get from them.

A Feast Fit for A Queen


1. The Prepared Pantry Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes

Start your Valentine’s Day date in the morning with a hearty breakfast featuring Raspberry Sour Cream Pancakes from the Prepared Pantry. These breakfast staples come with lots of raspberry baking chips giving your pancakes a burst of vibrant color and sweet flavor. Get these tasty pancakes at The Prepared Pantry.

2. Snake River Farms American Wagyu Gold Grade New York Strip

A Valentine’s Day steak dinner sounds just about right. For the main course, season and grill a couple of Snake River Farms American Wagyu Gold Grade New York Strip. Match it with mashed potato and grilled asparagus for that classic combination. These premium meats are available at Snake River Farms.

3. The Prepared Pantry Legendary Flourless Chocolate Cake Mix

Sweet tooth or not, your lady deserves a nice dessert after your Valentine’s Day dinner. Surprise her with a chocolate cake made with the Legendary Flourless Chocolate Cake Mix. Go to The Prepared Pantry and get baking!

4. Et Cetera 2019 California Cabernet Sauvignon

Settle down with a glass of wine after your dinner. Make sure you have a variety of wines in your pantry so you have something to pair with whatever you’re having for your dinner date. The California Wine Club offers lots of wine choices from local and international artisan wineries. Cabernet Sauvignon is the classic pair for your NY steak. It has hints of deep red fruit, blackberry, cassis, and blueberry with French oak balance and a delicate tannin finish. Avail of their monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly wine shipments by subscribing at The California Wine Club.

5. Dutch Mill Dance Smoked Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese pairs well with Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s made with natural ingredients primarily cow’s milk and has a mild, buttery, and smoky flavor. Plus, it’s easy to slice so you won’t have a hard time preparing it for your charcuterie board. Available at For the Gourmet.


We are going to be giving away one
14 in 1 Survival Gear Kit.

Being prepared is essential for survival. The Gentleman Pirate Clubs wants to offer you an amazing chance to win. We are going to be giving away one 14 in 1 Survival Gear Kit. It is perfect for Hiking, Hunting, Camping Adventures, & Outdoor Sports.


Enter now for your chance to win this incredible survival kit.

Winner Will Be Chosen On July 31, 2021

For USA Residents Only

We Are Proud Affiliates of Duke Cannon


Duke Cannon Supply Company is serious about its commitment to giving back to the men and women serving our country. That’s why a portion of our proceeds directly supports Veteran causes.

Shop Amazing Products For Men and Make A Difference!​

Who is Duke Cannon?

Duke Cannon hails from a simpler time. A time when the term handyman was redundant. A time when chivalry and patriotism weren’t considered old- fashioned. A time when you never put the word salad next to bar.

But something happened along the way. Men were encouraged to put down their lug wrenches and pick up their phones to hashtag for help. Substance was replaced by the flash of guys taking selfies. And instead of getting up before dawn to build railroads, men started going to the gym at 9 a.m. to ride pretend bicycles.

Today we continue to gain inspiration from the fine soldiers serving our country by partnering with active duty military stationed at Camp Ripley in our home state in Minnesota as well as those currently deployed abroad in some of the world’s harshest environments.

While big corporations pay MBA’s to conduct months of focus groups, we simply work with our liaisons in the Armed Forces to inspire new ideas and review any all new products before they launch. Simply put, if it doesn’t meet the high standards of the men in uniform, it doesn’t happen.

Where did I learn about Duke Cannon?

Learned About This Product From Dan Bongino Show and he loves these products. He is an American conservative political commentator, radio show host, author, politician, former New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer and former Secret Service agent.

Dan Bongino is the author of the book Protecting the President, bestselling author of the book Life Inside the Bubble. He is the host of the popular conservative podcast, The Dan Bongino Show.

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Check out more stores where you can find lots of products to help you build your survival kits.

Survival & Outdoors Essentials

Do you have what it takes to survive a life-and-death situation? When the grim reaper stares you in the eyes, will you fold or will you give it a heck of a fight? What would you do?

It’s easy to say that you won’t give up that easily but when you’re in the face of adversity, it can be difficult to even move much more fight. Still, you need to do something in order to survive. This is where knowledge of different survival skills will come in handy. The more you know, the better equipped you are to fight another day, so to say.

Knowing what to do may not be enough, though. Your chances of survival are better if you have the essential tools at your disposal. That’s why we also train the spotlight on the many survival gear and outdoor essentials that we know can be valuable in dire situations.

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“Knowing is half the battle.” That’s what a certain 80s cartoon show taught kids back in the day. The concept should still stand today, especially in terms of survival and emergency preparedness. Knowing the what ifs will help you prepare for and survive for what may happen.

What if famine or economic recession hits us hard, for example? Knowing this possibility will at least make us think of stockpiling food, water and other basic needs. That’s still not enough, though. You should also know how to go about preparing for such scenarios. The next and most important step is turning your knowledge into action. All that knowledge will be for naught if you don’t apply what you learn.

We’re here to help you gain as much knowledge as you can. Hopefully, the homesteading hacks, prepping guides and survival tips we’ve been sharing will someday help you when the going gets tough. Stay up-to-date by regularly visiting the Gentleman Pirate Club page. Follow our social media accounts, as well. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , Gab, Parler and Rumble . You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on new posts and other important announcements

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