1. The Complete Guide to Quilting for the Beginner

Learn to create gorgeous quilts; fun to make and keep, sell, or give as gifts. What you’ll learn:

  • Complete a quilt- from start to finish!

2. A Sewing Course - Fish Bowl Fun - Easy Turn Applique Quilt

Sew a Fun and Whimsical Quilt While Learning Easy Turn Applique. What you’ll learn:

  • quilting with the easy turn applique technique
  • sewing a quilt from start to finish

3. "Stars and Stripes" Pattern Quilt Top: From Start to Finish

Learn to quilt by making a fun, patriotic or night sky themed quilt top! What you’ll learn

  • You will finish this course having made an entire heirloom quilt top.
  • Quilting is easy and straightforward if you follow the simple steps.
  • Tips and Tricks that you won’t get anywhere else!

4. A Sewing Course - Sew a Patchwork Quilt by Hand or Machine

Build a Solid Foundation of Quilting Know-how with Easy to Follow Instructions to Sew a Patchwork Quilt. What you’ll learn

  • patchwork quilting
  • how to select and cut fabric
  • how to hand or machine piece
  • how to join the rows to form the quilt top
  • how to add borders
  • how to hand or machine tack quilt together
  • how to bind the quilt

5. How to Sew a Patchwork Scrap Zipper Bag

Learn how to use several techniques while making a cute zipper bag. What you’ll learn:

  • You’ll be able to choose fabrics, cut fabric pieces, quilt fabric, put in a zipper and make ribbon tags. AND of course, make a completed patchwork scrap bag.

6. A Sewing Course - Tote Bag Secrets Revealed

Go beyond the basics. See and hear the details of tote bag construction. Comes complete with three tote bag patterns. What you’ll learn:

  • 20 years of sewing tips and tricks applied to making tote bags.
  • secrets to add a professional look to the finished projects