1. Sewing 101

Building A Strong Sewing Foundation. What you’ll learn:

  • Learn sewing machine basics
  • Thread Your Sewing Machine
  • Make A Bobbin
  • Cut out fabric
  • Pin Fabric to get it ready to sew
  • Sew in a straight line
  • Learn a multitude of stitches and seam finishes
  • Correctly sew the 4 basic seams

2. Basic to advance sewing course: Foundation of sewing skills

Learn the foundation of sewing skills and get the confidence to sew garments and other projects by the end of the course. What you’ll learn:

  • The fundamentals of sewing, understand your sewing machine, different sewing feet, thread tension on the sewing machine.
  • Learn different skills, like sewing a button, seams, corners, curves, panels, darts and pleats.
  • Will learn how to sew 4 different kind of zips, welt pocket, bias binding curve and V neck lines, button placket and buttonhole.
  • After finishing the course you will have a file with all your notes and samples and the confidence to sew any project you want to.

3. Learn How to Create Cushions & Grow a Sewing Business

Become and expert cushion maker. What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to make a scatter cushion from scratch
  • Understand how to add piping to a cushion cover
  • Confidently attach a zip to a cushion
  • Layout, cut and prepare fabric, and piping accurately to create the perfect cushion
  • Confidently machine stitch everything together to create a professional cushion
  • Increase your earnings by making & selling top quality cushions

4. Sewing Essentials

This extensive sewing course will help provide all of the essentials to get your started. What you’ll learn:

  • This sewing course provides the skills and techniques needed to get your started in this great hobby.
  • Review of important sewing machine components.
  • Choosing the right needles & thread, fabric choices and cutting tools.

5. Sewing: Create the Best Custom-Made Jeans

Learn how to make a pair of jeans using only ONE sewing machine. Stop buying jeans and start creating. What you’ll learn:

  • Learn how to make custom-made jeans using only a single-stitch sewing machine
  • Learn how to create a pattern base on specified measurements
  • Know what parts of the pants to be measured when you want to get its measurement
  • Learn how to measure a person’s body to achieve a perfect fit for his/her pants
  • Understand the different uses of sewing tools
  • Know what the thread numbers/sizes are
  • Learn how to use a bias to hide the rough edges

6. Sewing Patterns 101: Learn to Read Sewing Patterns

  • Learn how to read any kinds of sewing pattern – from printed patterns to PDF patterns and even vintage patterns. What you’ll learn:

    • Read and understand traditional printed sewing patterns.
    • Read and understand PDF sewing patterns.
    • Read and understand vintage and antique sewing patterns.
    • Learn to assemble PDF sewing patterns.
    • Find and buy sewing patterns in store and online.