1. Basic Survival Concepts

Survival and Emergency Management in the Wilderness What you’ll learn
  • You should be able to intelligently build an emergency survival kit and with practice and time in the dirt, understand the skills needed to help you not only survive and be rescued.

2. Essential guide to survival in the wilderness with nothing

Develop the only real security in an insecure world, with tried and tested survival skills and real connection to nature. What you’ll learn:

  • Completion of this course will give you the essential information for wilderness survival. You will know the survival basics, shelter, water, fire food.
  • We recommend lots of outdoor practice to rely on the skills taught on the course
  • The course will also introduce you to some of the Nature connection skills.
  • The skills will increase your self-confidence and your enjoyment of Nature.

3. Strategic Survival Skills

Historic survival skills, College survival skills, Survival skills in quarantine, Survival strategies in earthquake etc. What you’ll learn:

  • Survival training
  • The basic survival skills every man should know
  • Four survival skills that are most important or children
  • Survival skills you can practice during in quarantine
  • Survival skills strategies or surviving an earthquake
  • College survival skills
  • Academic survival skills
  • Group project survival skills
  • Historic survival skills you Should know

4. Wilderness Survival and Awareness

Learn essential survival skills: from fire building and shelters, to trapping/fishing and surviving an animal attack. What you’ll learn:

  • Learn the essential survival items to always carry with you
  • How to purify water and find food (edibles and trap animals)
  • How to make a survival shelter
  • The best way to build a fire
  • Basic First Aid skills
  • Navigate with a map/compass and sun/moon/etc.
  • Proper clothing to wear
  • Key survival knots to know
  • How to survive an animal attack
  • Learn the basics of wilderness survival

5. Primitive Survival Skills Volume 1

Shelter, Stone, Bone, Shell and Wooden Tools & Weapons
What you’ll learn

  • This course teaches you to access the wisdom and skill of ancient humans; to meet the base survival requirements, shelter, water, fire, food in a modern day survival.

6. Urban Survival - Volume 1

How to Survive Urban Disaster Events – Volume 1
What you’ll learn

  • After competing this course you will have a clear and common sense understanding of how to prepare yourself, your family and community for any large scale disaster event in the future.
  • This course focuses on common sense, real world proven skills and knowledge that account for the reality of duress, stress and confusion in real survival situations.