DIY Survival Video Of The Week

Featuring Wranglerstar

We will be sharing videos from Cody as we feel they can add value to you and your family when you are prepping your survival gear.

Wranglerstar is an American lifestyle YouTube channel created and hosted by Cody and his family. The family uses the channel to portray life in a modern homestead. Cody also shares things about tools and how to use them. The channel has 1.65 million subscribers, 2.5k videos, and over 700 million views. The channel is able to accumulate over 200,000 views daily from different sources.

Survival Video of the Week

Featuring Hakan Karahan Doğada

I went on an adventure with my dog ​​SILA. Surviving in the rainforest for 7 days. in this chapter ; I build a survival shelter with a fireplace over fallen trees, rocks and logs. I make a wonderful dish by frying natural mushrooms. my dog ​​SILA loved it. We were caught in heavy rain on the 3rd day, stay tuned for more. In the second part, we escaped from the shelter in the heavy rain and took shelter in the cave.