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He deserves a Daddy’s day out on Father’s Day.

Are you thinking of something exciting to do on Father’s Day? How about a nice picnic or a road trip? Better yet, do both of them. Plan your road trip early so you can find the best picnic spots.

The surprising secret ingredient to a long and healthy life.

Most of you are yearning to find the true meaning of life but fail to stop and think
about how to sustain your life long enough to find the reason for your being. It may surprise you but the key to a long and healthy life is preparedness.

You're risking everything by not having these at home.

Despite all your best efforts, safety is not always guaranteed at home. You may nag your children day in and day out about how unsafe it is to run around inside your home yet they’ll still bump and scratch their knees.

Don’t let anyone mess with your family

Admit it. You’re no Bryan Mills. You’re not a former CIA operative who has the skills to track down his kidnapped daughter and punish every bad guy in his way. You can probably copy Liam Neeson’s voice while saying the famous “I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you” line but that probably won’t scare anyone.

Don’t get caught with your pants down!

Unless your name is Desmond Doss, you don’t go to war without a weapon or at least some basic training. The same goes with your everyday life. Even a bit of preparation will help you get through the day.

How to say you love your mom without saying “I love you, Mom“

No child can surpass their mother’s love. But that doesn’t mean we should not try. The simplest way to tell her how much she means to you is by saying it flat out. However, not everyone is comfortable with words so they tend to express their love in different ways.