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Pirate News provides you with the latest on prepping and homesteading as well as tons of tips on surviving different tragic scenarios from earthquakes to economic collapse to terrorist attacks.

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Don’t Wait For Me To Tell You I Told You So

Even at a young age, we were taught to be responsible for ourselves. Take The Ant and the Grasshopper, for example. This popular fable that many of us read while we were still little, talks about preparing for the rainy days.

We’ve Traded Our Pirate Hooks For Garden Hoes!

From garden to table. That’s a phrase often thrown around to highlight organic farming and backyard gardening. It also puts the spotlight the negative aspects of supermarket produce.

Be afraid! Be very afraid… of missing out.

Halloween is just around the corner. Unfortunately, things will not be the same this year thanks to this horrendous pandemic. In case you do go out for some safer version of trick-or-treating, you need to be extra wary of the situation outdoors. Not just because of the coronavirus but of other possible dangers, as well.

Stay At Home

In this new normal where we are better off staying at home than risking our lives outside, it pays to know what we need to still thrive. Take work, for example.