Smart Sewing: Fake Fur with Kenneth D. King: Make Your Own Super-Luxe Fake-Fur Jacket


Make your own glamorous, fun, super-chic faux fur jacket! Brrr, it’s getting chilly out there, but the expert sewing techniques are hotter than hot in this DVD that teaches you everything you want to know to make a total glam fake fur jacket from start to finish. Discover how even a beginner can have success because fake fur is so forgiving.

Fake fur, sometimes called faux fur, is a classic favorite and a wonderful alternative to the feel and appear of the real thing. But even expert sewers avoid creating anything with fake fur―some say it’s tricky to work with. Well, they probably haven’t worked with instructor extraordinaire Kenneth D. King.

See why he actually is the “King” of sewing instruction! Kenneth is a contributing editor at Threads magazine, couture fashion designer, writer, instructor at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and a respected sewing authority. In his Smart Sewing with Fake Fur 99-minute video, Kenneth demystifies the process of sewing synthetic fur. All over the course of his career, Kenneth began to work with fake fur after remodeling quite a few real fur coats. Taking apart these fur coats enabled him to study the techniques that furriers use to construct them. Surprised at how simple these techniques were, he then experimented with them on fake fur, resulting in an excellent effect. These are the tips and tricks he brings to you in the Smart Sewing with Fake Fur DVD.

Learn the secrets to creating less expensive, more socially responsible “fur” garments that are trending right now. Stroll through your favorite department store, or hop online, and take a look at the price tags on this season’s chicest faux fur jackets. You’ll be able to own the same gorgeous styles―without paying those inflated prices! Simply make it yourself with the guidance of Smart Sewing with Fake Fur. Watch this empowering DVD and get everything you want to know for sewing invisible seams, unbroken edges, stable closures, hems, linings, and closures on both knit- and woven-back fake furs. Perfect your skills for choosing the best patterns, tools, and materials, as well as layout and cutting finesse. Plus, cull all the tips you want to master the basic seam, sewing darts, the slit pocket, and the finishing and lining of the piece.

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced sewers will be able to put these techniques to work decided by the project they choose to explore. The fur may be faux but the instruction in Smart Sewing with Fake Fur is the real deal!



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Taunton Press

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5580 seconds


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