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It has been a couple of weeks since the United States presidential elections and Americans remain uneasy as the threat of possible civil unrest still looms. Just a few days ago, violence erupted in Washington, D.C. between supporters and detractors of Donald Trump. The brawl left one person seriously injured after being stabbed in the back. Now imagine yourself minding your own business just trying to get home after a tiring day of work. While waiting for a ride or walking to the subway, you suddenly find yourself caught in the middle of the riot. Would you know what to do? Do you at least bring anything to use to protect yourself? You need an emergency kit for such situations. Here are some get home bag essentials that should help you make it back to your family safe and sound.



Thule Pack-n-Pedal Commuter Backpack

One important rule to choosing your get home bag essentials is that you need to pack light. You have to be quick on your feet and carrying a large bag defeats the purpose. That is why you need the right bag for your emergency supplies and survival gear.

Your get home bag doesn’t have to be too big. In fact, a small or medium bag is preferable since you need to travel light. You’ll have a more difficult time walking, running, and wading through crowds if you’re carrying a cumbersome bag.

You also want a bag that is not too flashy. Large, bright-colored, and expensive bags are attention grabbers. You don’t want thieves or desperate people eying what you have inside your bag. The less conspicuous you are, the less likely you’ll get jumped.

A regular backpack should be fine. A spacious laptop bag such as the Thule Pack-n-Pedal Commuter Backpack is a good choice for people who use a laptop for work. If you’re dealing with an apocalyptic situation, however, I doubt you’ll still think about bringing your laptop back home.

The Thule Pack-n-Pedal Commuter Backpack can fit a 15-inch laptop along with your get home bag essentials. The main compartment is waterproof so that’s additional protection. It also comes with a rain cover. This backpack is designed for those who bike to work but it has the qualities of a good get home bag. Also, bringing a bike to work is a good idea. You can save on fuel or fare, get some exercise, and be better equipped to get home as quickly as possible.


Emergency Food Ration 3600 Calorie Food Bar

When disaster strikes, you want to get back home to your loved ones as quickly as possible. That means you will not have the time to stop and cook a meal. Ready-to-eat meals and high-energy snacks are therefore the get home bag essentials that will help sustain you on your journey back home.

The Emergency Food Ration 3600 Calorie Food Bar takes up little space and doesn’t weigh that much. Its high-calorie content will help provide you with the energy you need. One pack contains 9 bars with 400 calories each and they can last up to 5 years.


Emergency Water Pouches

You need water to survive. That’s a no-brainer. Pack emergency water pouches in your get home bag. These 4.225-ounce pouches are filled with water that went through Ultra High-Temperature Pasteurization (UHT). They also have a shelf life of up to 5 years.

Another option is to include a water bottle in your get home bag. Find one that weighs the least. You could fill it halfway to lessen the weight but that would be a waste of valuable space. Also, water is the most important of all basic needs so a few more milliliters should not matter.


Redfora 4-in-1 Hand-Crank Radio

When you have limited space in your bag, you need to make the most of your gear. That makes multi-purpose survival gear a must-have get home bag essentials. Take the Redfora 4-In-1 Hand-Crank Radio, for example. You get an NOAA radio, LED flashlight, emergency siren, and phone charger in one small device.

It’s a good idea to have an NOAA radio in your emergency pack so you can keep tabs on the news, particularly about natural disasters. The siren is, of course, useful when you’re in an emergency. Best of all, it utilizes a hand crank system. That means you can use all its features even if the power is out. For every minute of winding, you get 1 1/2 hours using 1 LED light or 1/2 hour using 3 LED lights. Three minutes of winding, meanwhile, can charge your phone for an equivalent of up to 8 minutes of talk time.


Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0

Lighters and other fire starters are also get home bag essentials. There may be instances that you need to start a fire such as for light or warmth. If your home is a tad too far, you may be forced to cook food or boil water along the way. It pays to always have a way to start a fire.

The Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0 is a dual arc plasma lighter by Frog & CO that’s built to withstand the outdoors. It is waterproof and windproof so you can use it even during a storm. The body of the electric lighter is made of durable ABS plastic and has a built-in waterproof 100 lumen flashlight. The paratinder neck lanyard, meanwhile, comes with an emergency whistle.


LifeShield 1-Person Mess Kit

If you’re pretty sure that it may take more than a day before you’re reunited with your loved ones, might as well pack a portable stove and mess kit. The LifeShield 1-Person Mess Kit has all the basic items you need to cook a simple meal and boil water. The set includes the Pocket Stove, fuel tablets, waterproof matches, stainless steel camping cup, spork survival tool, and P-38 can opener. It also comes with a ripstop fabric bag so you can store them easily.


Emergency Survival Blanket

If you can’t make it back home before nightfall you will be forced to seek shelter. If by chance you can’t find any, you have no choice but to sleep outdoors or in your car if you have one. You’ll likely be dealing with the cold once the night sets in.

Make sure you have an emergency blanket in your pack. The Heat Reflecting Space Blanket by Frog & CO is made of reflective polyester film. It reflects 90% of body heat back to you thus keeping you warm. The 7 x 5 feet space blanket is pretty lightweight and folds into a small square. You can pack as many as you think you’ll need since you’ll hardly feel their weight.



Coghlan’s Emergency Poncho

An umbrella has its advantages but when you’re trying to get home after a disaster or other emergency situation, you want both hands to be free. When it rains, use a poncho instead.

Coghlan’s emergency Poncho is made of 100% waterproof vinyl. You can wear it over your get home bag so you and your gear won’t get wet. The rain poncho is extremely lightweight at only 0.1 pounds.


Viper Tec Black Ghost Straight Edge D/A OTF Knife

Pocket knives are get home bag essentials you can use for various tasks. The most important, perhaps, is for self-defense. Fixed blades have their advantages but a folding knife takes up very little space in your get home bag. This is essential since you have little space to work with. It may also be necessary to take the knife out of your bag and place it in your pocket. This will make it easier for you to reach for the knife when you need it.

There are some who prefer switchblades over assisted opening knives. Their main point of argument is that it takes a little more effort to get a pocket knife ready for use since you have to manually open it. With switchblades, you only have to press a button and the blade springs into action, so to speak.

The Viper Tec Black Ghost Straight Edge D/A OTF Knife is an example of a switchblade and an impressive one at that. The out-the-front knife has a 3.5-inch double edge blade made from durable 440c stainless steel. Its ergonomic handle is made of durable zinc alloy while inside, you’ll find its uniquely coated spring and other stainless steel parts made with precision.

The Ghost Straight Edge is designed for both left- and right-handed people. It has a built-in glass breaker. The knife measures a total of 9 inches and weighs 12 ounces.

In some states, it is not allowed to carry knives with blades more than 3 inches long. Before deciding on a pocket knife for your get home bag or other emergency kits, check out the Knife Laws in each state.


StatGear TriTac Tactical Pen

A tactical pen is another tool that should be in your everyday carry kit and get home bag. The TacPen successor boasts of an aircraft aluminum body with an ergonomic design. A small 440c stainless steel blade folds in and out from the top end of the pen where a tungsten carbide glass breaker also resides.

Its unique Fisher Space Ink Cartridge allows you to write in wet conditions and, as the name implies, even in space. The heavy duty bolt-action mechanism makes sure the pen tip springs out when you need to write something.


StatGear Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass EDC Door Opener and Stylus with Carabiner

The Hygiene Hand is a simple utility tool that has become a necessity these days. Its main function is to keep your hands from having direct contact with oft-touched surfaces such as elevator buttons and ATM screens. As a result, the risk of exposure to the coronavirus and other diseases is greatly lessened. Of course, you should avoid touching the tip of this everyday carry tool. Plus, you still should wash or sanitize your hands as often as possible.

The Hygiene Hand is a door opener and stylus in one handy tool. It is made of antimicrobial brass keeps germs, bacteria, and viruses at bay. Durability shouldn’t be an issue as the corrosion-resistant tool has been tested to withstand up to approximately 1 million pulls.

The recyclable Hygiene Hand comes with a carabiner keychain that retracts so you can easily and quickly use the tool when you need to. Simply attach the key ring to your bag, purse, or to your belt loop and you’ll have a safer way of opening doors, pushing buttons, and signing e-documents.


PPE Go Kit with Mask and Gloves

Face masks, N95 respirators, and gloves have become get home bag essentials thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Everyone needs to wear a face mask and even a face shield to prevent COVID-19 from further spreading. The gloves, meanwhile, are necessary if you have to handle something that is or may have been exposed. Make sure you have such grab bag home items stashed in your pack even if you already have one you wear regularly.


MyMedic Solo First-Aid Kit Basic Edition

A get home bag checklist is not complete without a small first aid kit. The MyMedic Solo First-Aid Kit Basic Edition comes with items you may need to treat “99% of expected injuries that happen at home, at work, and outdoors.”

The kit includes bandages, gauze, tweezers, hand sanitizer, medicines, and treatments for burns, stings, and oral pain. You also get survival items such as a 10-inch paracord and whistle. All these are kept in a waterproof and lightweight case.


Get Back To Your Family With Your Get Home Bag
Get Back To Your Family With Your Get Home Bag | Photo by NonoetJessi/Bigstock

People who are away from their homes most of the time should start collecting their get home bag essentials if they haven’t yet. Your chances of seeing your loved ones after an emergency will depend on what survival gear and supplies you have in your possession. Of course, you also need to create a concrete plan on what to do when SHTF and you’re nowhere near your family. Follow Gentleman Pirate Club and read up on more preparedness tips and survival skills that should help you reunite with your loved ones in any emergency scenario.


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