Top Prepper Gift Ideas for Her on Valentine’s Day


Not to be a killjoy or anything but isn’t it about time to lay off the flowers, chocolates and all those cheesy stuff. Why not get the love of your life something more practical for Valentine’s Day such as the ones on this list of prepper gift ideas for her or something similar.

Those pretty petals will eventually wilt unless you get her those fake plastic ones. Chocolates? They make you fat and they could be gone in just one sitting. A fine piece of jewelry is nice but you can’t eat it when your family goes hungry. You can sell or pawn it but that’s beside the point.

But a tent will make sure she gets some needed shuteye and privacy when she has to evacuate her home after a natural disaster. How about a pantry full of non-perishable goods? That’ll keep her tummy happy even if you lose your job or zombies start roaming the earth. How about something simpler such as a pocket knife to defend herself from bad people?



Instead of a bouquet of flowers, give your lady love the gift of life. No, we’re not talking babies here though if you’re both ready then who’s stopping you.  What you can give your loved one this Valentine’s Day is a seed bank, which she can grow on her own. This is perfect for the woman who doesn’t mind getting a bit dirty. Of course, it would be sweet of you to help in the garden.

Survival Essentials 100 Variety Premium Heirloom Non Hybrid Non GMO Seed Bank

Survival Essentials offers a variety of seed banks. The one pictured above comes with more than 17,500 seeds of 100 different varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs. It’s perfect if your sweet lady has a huge yard she can turn into her own magical forest of edibles. With that many seeds, she can keep some for future use.

Seed Needs Non-GMO Culinary Herb Seed Collection

You can also opt for a simpler seed collection such as this one from Seed Needs. The collection includes 12 different herbs particularly oregano, cilantro, sage, parsley, dill, thyme, basil, rosemary, marjoram, borage, chives, and savory. The set comes with more than 4,000 seeds so even if she doesn’t have a green thumb, you can be sure some of it grows to be an actual plant.


Fire Starters

If you’re looking for prepper gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that’ll help keep the fire burning, literally and figuratively, look no further. Give your significant other the gift of light and warmth on this special day with these impressive fire starters.

Survival Frog Fire Laces Paracord Shoelace Fire Starter Tool

Turn her favorite rubber or hiking boots into a certified lifesaver by purchasing her a pair of fire laces from Survival Frog. Each 550-lb. paracord lace has a built-in flint rod at the tip where the aglet normally is. It also comes with shoelace anchors that double as striking bars for the flints.

Tesla Lighter Dual Arc Windproof USB Rechargeable Plasma Lighters

You can never have enough fire starters. Get her the good-looking Tesla Plasma Lighter that’ll help her start a fire in just one press of a button. The plasma lighter is windproof and works well under wet conditions so it’s great for camping or bugging out. Just be sure not to do anything stupid since she can easily burn your stuff with this plasma lighter.



Instead of a necklace, place something around her neck that can protect her from harm. An amulet is cute but we’re talking about a neck knife.

Survival Neck Knife

The Survival Neck Knife is more than just a knife. It comes with a compass, signal mirror, fire starter, and a knife sharpener. In other words, it’s the perfect prepper gift for the woman you swore to protect for the rest of your life.

Tactical Pen Knife

A neck knife may not be appropriate to wear to work. Give her another knife for her protection in the form of this aircraft-grade aluminum tactical pen. She can use it to jot down important stuff at work or use it to scare off her sleazy co-worker or make her feel safe while walking to her car in the parking lot.



Some people long to meet the one who will quench their thirst for a relationship that’s for keeps. Since she settled for you, the least you can do is to not let her go thirsty. Get her one of those personal water filters she can bring with her anywhere.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is a popular device that lets you drink dirty water. It can filter up to 1,000 liters of water, which is a good estimate of how much water one person needs in a year.

Emergency Drinking Water Pouches

You need dirty water for LifeStraw to work. If you can’t find any, you’re doomed. Make sure she has enough water to last until society goes back to normal by giving her boxes of emergency drinking water.



NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

Instead of taking her out to a fancy dinner, which will last for just a few hours anyway, give her something she can use to make her own food. And we’re not talking about sandwich making here, guys. Those sexist jokes are getting too old. Besides, if you really love your girl, you should be the one going to the kitchen and making her something to munch on the same way she can make you one if she fancies.

Gourmia GFD1950 Premium Countertop Food Dehydrator

A dehydrator is one of the best prepper gift ideas you can think of. Any prepper, men and women alike, will surely love having their own dehydrator.


You’re spending and all so why not get them something that will truly be useful. And if she truly means so much to you, visit The Gentleman Pirate to find out ways you can better yourself and become the perfect partner for such a wonderful woman as her. You can also gift her this wonderful book by Dan H. Sullivan titled Homesteading for Preppers so she can learn more about prepping.

Prepper Gift Ideas for Him On Valentine’s Day

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