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It is fun going to the movies but sometimes, you’d be better off staying at home and turning on the boob tube. For one thing, you save money when you watch a film at home. When you go out, you have to pay for the movie tickets, snacks, and the ride to the theater. Also, you have to deal with the crowd. If the movie is a sure-fire hit, expect lots of people lined up at the cinema. You may also have to plod through heavy traffic just to get to the theater. Another disadvantage is that you don’t get to eat what you really want to munch n while watching. Popcorns and hotdog sandwiches are fine but don’t you rather have some burgers and steaks like what you’d have at a backyard barbecue? Fortunately, you can make your own backyard cinema so you can sit back, relax and truly enjoy the movies.


Building Your Backyard Cinema

Preparing the Backyard

The first thing you need to do for your backyard cinema is research. Find out the local regulations on what the home owner’s association says about noise, particularly those coming from one’s backyard.

The next thing you need is space. If you have a large enough space in your backyard then you’re off to a good start. If not, you may need to free up some space by rearranging your garden furniture or dismantling some structures. You may also need to trim the grasses, trees and shrubs.


Choosing Your Portable Projector

Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector

Of course you need some device to play the movie. A portable projector is ideal for some outdoor movie fun. Before heading out to purchase a projector, measure the distance between where the screen and projector would be. Check the lumens and the resolution of the projector to see if they’re perfect for the particular distance.

Dr. J Professional HI-04 1080P Supported 4Inch Mini Projector with 170″ Display

Another thing to consider before buying a projector is the content format. Make sure it is capable of playing whatever format you usually have, some of which are Blu-ray and external hard drive, among others.

Apeman Mini Portable 3500 Lumen LED Video Projector With Dual Built-In Speakers

Never use your indoor TV set for your DIY backyard cinema. You risk damaging your set every time you take it out to your yard. A sudden downpour will also damage your TV. Is easier to pack your portable projector and screen and bring it inside when the weather decides to rain on your parade. The good thing, though is you can still continue watching the movie by setting up inside.



The Big Screen

Visual Apex Projector Screen 120HD Portable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Theater Fast-Folding Projector Screen

Quite obviously, it’s not a backyard cinema if there’s no screen to watch from. You’d want a huge screen for your DIY outdoor theater. A 120-inch diagonal screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio is perfect for movie watching, according to Popular Mechanics. Nobody likes seeing the background light so get a screen that has a black layer under the white face.

Mdbebbron 120 inch Projection Screen

This kind of screen may cost you a bit. In the long run, however, you get to save from all the trips to cinema you didn’t take. As long as you take care of your screen and projector, you’ll be enjoying your backyard cinema for quite some time.



Most affordable projectors don’t come with built-in speakers. Others have them but are not quite at the level worthy of a John Wick or Avengers flick. For both cases, you can purchase external speakers to get quality sound with your quality viewing.

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker

There are different kinds of speakers. You have Bluetooth speakers that are pretty useful and ideal for your backyard cinema since you don’t have to deal with wires, which can be hazardous if there are children running around in your yard.

OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) Bluetooth Portable Speaker

A sound bar speaker is okay, too, as long as it is compatible with your projector. Another option is to invest on a high-quality speaker set so you can fully enjoy the movie even when you’re outdoors.



The reason why you’re setting up your own backyard cinema is you want to feel comfortable while watching films. You’ll need comfy seats for this.

Crates and Pallet Half Pallet

If you have a patio, you can use it to sit your guests while the screen is out in the yard. Just provide cushion or pillows to make them feel comfortable.

You can let your creative juices flowing for your backyard cinema seats. If you have experience with hammers and saw, why not make seats out of reclaimed wood or wooden pallets. Take a look at this DIY pallet sofa by Instructables. You’ll also need cushion for your wooden benches. Either have them customized or use pillows instead. Don’t forget to bring the cushions or pillows inside after movie night just in case it rains.

Milliard Memory Foam Seat Cushion

Another option is to just spread picnic mats or blankets on your trimmed yard. Get some pillows as well for ultimate comfort. The problem with this, which isn’t really a problem for all you tired souls out there, is that you may fall asleep while lying down on the grass and watching the film.


Brick Oven

You’ve got everything you need for your backyard cinema. Now, it’s time to splurge a bit. If you have the extra moolah, build your own brick oven in your backyard for some amazing pizzas and other delicious meals you can enjoy while watching films.


Other Backyard Cinema Needs

You’re basically all set with your projector, screen, speakers and seats. You also went a little extra with your very own brick oven. So what else do you need for your backyard cinema.


Snacks and Drinks

Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

Snacks and cinemas have become sort of synonymous, Many people just can’ help but much on stuff while enjoying a movie. His is entirely up to you. But if you’re having guests over, it’s good to have snacks to serve for your movie night. Go with the classic popcorn or make something nice using your brick oven. You can even have ice cold beer with your homemade pizza.


Insect Repellent

Repel Plant-Based Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

You’re spending the day outdoors so you’ll surely be dealing with mosquitoes and other bugs. Have a bug repellent ready for your guests to use when the mosquitoes come.

These Are The Best Herbs To Jumpstart Your Spring Garden – Photo by mythja/Bigstock

You and our guests will certainly have a grand time with your own backyard cinema. Just make sure you get the best films so you won’t end up with a lousy movie night. Check out The Gentleman Pirate for other things you can do with your backyard. A spacious yard is a homesteaders dream so you better not waste this treasure.

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