1. Thai Cooking Master Class

Learn to how cook better than restaurant Thai food as you discover new ingredients and elevate your cooking skills. What you’ll learn:

  • Cook better than restaurant Thai food at home

2. INDIAN SNACKS & APPETIZERS- Restaurant style cooking course

Learn – Base marinades (red, yellow, green and white) and snacks like tandoori chicken, paneer tikka, malai tikka, seekh. What you’ll learn:

  • Kababs, Tikkas, Tikkis & Snacks cooked with master marinades

3. Essential Cooking Skills

Cook like a pro, master the basic techniques used in the World’s culinary industry! Key Techniques – Part 1. What you’ll learn:

  • Master basic cooking techniques which can then be used to create an endless variety of dishes.
  • Understand the HOW of cooking, before thinking of the WHAT to cook.
  • Learn the ABC of cooking to international standards. The basic skills covered in the course are: chopping and blanching vegetables, butchering a whole chicken.

4. Cooking Italian for Beginners

A basic Italian cooking course for the homecooked, aimed at introducing beginners to the simple art of cooking Italian. What you’ll learn:

  • will be able to cook authentic Italian recipes in their own kitchen
  • cook much loved recipes like ravioli, pizza and pesto from scratch
  • You will master the intricacies of many Italian ingredients, their uses and substitutes
  • You will be able to confidently experiment and create your own Italian dishes!

5. Cooking With Xin

Cooking with Xin is Cooking with heart!

  • Chinese home cooking
  • Hand noodles and simple toping recipes like Eggs and Tomato, Vegetables and Tofu, Chicken and Mushroom, and ginger chicken
  • Baozi (steamed buns), Joazi (Chinese dumplings), and simple natural bread
  • And advanced dishes like coke chicken, braised pork ribs, spicy fish and more

6. Easy, Healthy, Crockpot Cooking! Cooking Lessons for Dad!

Cooking Lessons for Dad will help you master your crockpot or slow cooker! Learn how to cook easy, healthy recipes! What you’ll learn:

  • Cook many easy, healthy delicious recipes in a crockpot or slow cooker
  • Recognize the many benefits of cooking in a crockpot
  • Adapt favorite recipes for crockpot cooking
  • Understand how a crockpot works
  • Follow a recipe and cook it in a crockpot
  • Select the crockpot or slow cooker that is best for the student
  • Serve your family and friends healthy food everyday!