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Backyard Makeover Ideas for Spring

Spring is the perfect time for a backyard makeover! The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and you can nally start spending more time outside. If your backyard is looking a little lackluster, now is the time to freshen it up. Below are a few backyard makeover ideas to get it ready for spring

How to Turn Your Yard Into A Survival Garden

The last time the population was so enthralled in becoming self-sufcient, the world was at war. Victory Gardens became popular during World War I and again in World War II as the government encouraged their citizenry to grow their own food. This was partly to help fund the war since the government spent less on food security for the people back home.

Homemade Booby Traps to Protect Your Property

Burglars, intruders, invading enemy forces, wild animals, and zombies. These are just some of the reasons why you need to fortify your home. You want to protect your family and all your assets that you worked so hard for from such threats. One way of doing this is to setup homemade booby traps around your property.

EMP Preparedness: What To Do To Survive An EMP Attack

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is a high-intensity burst of electromagnetic energy that can disable or destroy electronic equipment and disrupt electrical power systems. EMP attacks can cause widespread blackouts, communication disruptions, and other detrimental effects on critical infrastructure.

How to Prepare for World War 3

Just when things are nally looking up, the world is now staring at the possibility of another global war. People are now starting to prepare for World War 3 just in case the violent conict spills over from Russia and Ukraine. If you haven’t been prepping yet, you should start now because the repercussions of war can reach you even if you are thousands of miles away from the warring countries.

St. Patrick’s Day Safety Tips for the Ladies

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and people are gearing up for one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year. With all the restrictions that happened in the past few years because of the pandemic, people are expected to go out in droves, lling the streets and packing all the bars and pubs this year.

Non-Perishable Emergency Foods To Buy In Bulk

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic likely made you think about building your prepper pantry and what kind of non-perishable emergency foods to buy in bulk. Hopefully, you already have an emergency food supply and just looking to add more. If not, you should start building your supply right now.

Are you cool enough for this?

Whether it’s keeping cool in summer or staying safe at night, you need the right tools for the job. Remember, being prepared by having the right gear is tantamount to you surviving whatever problem you may face.

On-the-go ☀️ power for all your devices!

Summer fun under the sun takes a whole new meaning with the help of solarpowered devices. Enjoy the usual outdoor activities like cooking, grilling, drinking cold beer, and even sipping on hot coffee with devices that use solar energy to do the job.