1. Trout Fishing: A Simple Method For Catching More Trout

Catching Trout is Easy Once You Know How to Apply a Few Basic Principles. What You will Learn:

  • Students will understand why they may have struggled catching trout in the past and be able to catch them consistently now. In addition, they will understand a formula for fishing.

2. Fishing School: Unlock The Secrets of Catching Fish (2022)

LEARN FISHING IN UNDER 60 MINUTES > Stop Wasting Your Time On Endless Video Courses & Get On The Water. What you’ll learn:

  • Cast a fishing rod
  • Fighting the fish
  • How to read the water
  • Fish Biology & Water Education
  • Knowledge about baits, rigs and knots
  • What you need to fish legally in your country
  • How to Unhook and kill the Fish
  • How To Use the gear properly

3. Peak Performance Fishing Techniques Ultimate Fishing Video Course

What You Will Learn:

  • Peak Performance Fishing was founded with the goal of bringing quality freshwater fishing instruction videos to the web, enabling Fishing enthusiasts at all levels to enjoy learning (or re-learning) skills, techniques, and tips that will make them the best Anglers they can be.  Learn about Fly Fishing,  Bass Fishing, Catfish, Reels, Rods, Jigs, Line, Bait Tips and more!

4. The Basics of Fly Tying!

How to tie the fishiest flies! What You will Learn:

  • In this course we will go over some of the basic tools used for tying flies for fly-fishing, the techniques that are unique to fly-tying and some basic terms in order for students to discover for themselves and further on there tying adventures! Also included, my top 5 patterns for learning how to tie flies, featuring patterns that can (and have) been used all over the world for multiple species of fish…and have found success!

5. Fly Fishing - The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Go from knowing NOTHING to CATCHING amazing fish on a fly rod. What you’ll learn:

  • The purpose of this course is for you to learn everything you need to know about fly fishing. I not only touch on the basics of fly fishing but I go into more advanced.

6. Learn how to Catch Fish and fill your freezer

  • Learn how to catch fish from a fisherman with over 50 years of fishing experience. You will be able to get more fish! What you’ll learn:

    • Catch more fish on a regular basis
    • Read a lake to find the best places to fish
    • Rig a line to present the best live bait
    • Learn about tackle and what is the best to have
    • All around fishing success!