1. Empowerment Self-Defense Life Coach Certification ACCREDITED

Train coaching clients to avoid confrontation w/ de-escalation, setting boundaries, safety planning & self-defense tools. What you’ll learn:  

  • Strategies, tools, and choices to better equip yourself to teach students and coaching clients these violence prevention strategies.
  • Coaches will learn ways of offering opportunities for their students to grow at the pace that student would like to go.
  • Coaches will open up and learn their “Why” for wanting to teach students and clients self-defense and empowerment.
  • Teachers will better understand their own boundaries, choices, and way of walking through the world.
  • Teachers who are just learning these skills will have a better understanding of Trauma Informed activities and how to support their students going through chang
  • Teachers will gain a better understanding of their clients, the history which has brought them through the door, and what may be holding them back from living

2. Learn Military Close Combat Training | Captain Chris Pizzo

Military Hand-To-Hand Self Defense System Lets You Humiliate Younger, Tougher, BIGGER and More Experienced Attackers. What you’ll learn

  • Technique & Targeting Fundamentals: The biggest difference in the street/battlefield is not only how and where you hit, but more importantly…when you hit.
  • The Forward Drive: The methodology and critical importance of driving in and through your attacker.
  • Shoulder Smash & Irish Whip: Escape, evade, or continue the attack until you are out of danger.
  • Fight Finishers: Survival is kill or get killed. Learn the full gamut of finishing techniques that will disable your attacker from harming you or others.
  • The Ranger Choke: Banned in every combat sport including UFC, this is the ultimate shortcut fight move.
  • The Chin Jab: With no defense available, learn THE most dangerous hand-to-hand combat technique ever created in history.
  • Dirty Ground Fighting: Learn how to eliminate your fear of being down on the pavement, and turn the tide of battle back to your favor.
  • Fight To Win: How to use Close Combat in real life to ABSOLUTELY dominate any possible violent encounter.

Advanced Close Combat Training: Scientific Self Defense

How To “Download” the world’s deadliest self defense moves directly into your brain. What you’ll learn

  • A scientifically proven way (discovered by Isaac Newton) to hit with more force and pressure. (Regardless of your size or speed now.)
  • A military “insider” secret way to deflect knife, bat or gun attacks using just the edge of your hand.
  • The one-and-only-proven-effective way (straight out of “Dracula”) to get someone who pins you to the ground to jump off you like a frog out of boiling water!
  • How to cripple someone twice your size and weight using nothing more than the of tips of your fingers!
  • A secret to taking out an attacker’s knee caps with one simple movement. (Surfers naturally do this move to stay on their boards in rough surfing conditions.)
  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to hit someone that’s the equivalent of 10-15 punches. (Works even if you’ve never thrown a punch in your life!)


Best of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Martial arts, How to learn Self-Defence while burning FAT and getting fit. What you’ll learn:

  • How to learn Self-Defence while burning FAT and getting fit
  • This program has something for any level learners.
  • What you will learn;fight stances, How to throw impactful punches, bone breaking kick techniques, elbow and knee strikes
  • Total of 12 different exercise programs, , basically you will get fit, burn fat and learn how to fight!
  • This program includes;3 different levels BOXING training ,3 different levels KICKBOXING training, 3 different levels MUAY THAI, 3 different levels KICK training
  • You will also learn how to become more flexible by STRETCHING training lessons,
  • If you put the time and effort, it is possible to achieve split legs with these lessons.
  • As you trainer, I will be available for your questions and I will do my best for you to succeed with your goals!

5. Self-Defense For Women

Become Fearless, Empowered & Safe. No Matter Your Size Or Strength
What you’ll learn

  • How to identify a potential threat – even when it’s someone you know
  • How to make sure you’re never chosen as a victim
  • How to de-escalate a situation
  • The basic principles of self-defense & how martial arts training is NOT self-defense
  • Effective techniques that work, no matter your size, strength, age or fitness level
  • Exactly where to strike an attacker for maximum impact
  • How to throw a man off you if he’s pinned you down on the ground


More than 90 exercises and at least 10,000 strikes with your baton. What you’ll learn

  • Basic techniques needed for protection with a telescopic baton (strikes/drawing/carrying/opening/movement)
  • Solution strategies, utilizing the element of surprise, communication, and distraction of adversary
  • Advantages of a telescopic baton – speed and strength – that empower you while facing a knife attack or multiple opponents
  • The most common mistakes while using a telescopic baton that could endanger your life
  • You’ll find out how to train on your own without equipment but you‘ll also learn how to train with your sparring partner
  • You’ll learn to regulate the intensity of its use – a telescopic baton enables you to decide how much harm you want to cause to the attacker.
  • Discover the unique system of self-defense from Europe that is known by just a few fighters in your country