21 Survival Gear Superdads Need To Protect Their Loved Ones


As the man of the house, your top priority is always the safety and well-being of your family. In a world full of uncertainties, being prepared for potential dangers is essential. With so many different kinds of threats to your safety, it can be quite difficult to be ready for any situation. One way to be as prepared as possible is to have different survival gear and tools that you can use to better protect your loved ones.

By equipping yourself with survival essentials, you can approach any potentially life-threatening situation with confidence and ensure the safety of your family, no matter what challenges may arise. Join us in exploring 15 crucial survival tools and gear that every superdad like you should have in your arsenal.



1. Weapons

When it comes to survival tools for protecting your loved ones, the first thing that comes to mind is weapons. Dads, as super as they are, don’t have adamantium claws like Wolverine or magic hammers like Thor. What they lack in supernatural strength and powers, they can compensate for with the right set of weapons.

Firearms are an obvious choice for self-defense. You need to gradually build your arsenal by legally purchasing firearms and ammunition. Start with the basic types such as a handgun followed by a rifle and a shotgun.

Make sure to take the necessary safety courses and practice shooting your firearms regularly. The more shooting practice you get, the more effective you’ll be when the need to use them arises. Secure your firearms properly to prevent accidents. Get a trustworthy gun safe to store your firearms in and be sure to properly maintain and clean them at all times. You want your guns to work properly when the time comes.

Bladed weapons such as knives, machetes, axes, and even swords are also great options for self-defense. They’re also useful tools for surviving in the great outdoors or during an emergency. Blunt weapons are some of the oldest and most versatile tools that man has ever used. Examples include bats, clubs, crowbars, hammers, and even improvised weapons like lead pipes, broom handles, and frying pans. Invest in other weapons such as crossbows, traditional bows, or throwing stars if you feel like adding some variety to your arsenal.


2. Personal Protection Device

Personal safety is of utmost importance when it comes to protecting your family. A personal protection device can provide an added layer of defense when faced with potential threats. It empowers you to take action and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

One prime example of a personal protection device is pepper spray. It’s a common self-defense tool that can temporarily incapacitate an attacker by causing severe irritation to the eyes, throat, and respiratory system. It provides a means of creating distance and escape from potential threats.

Stun guns are another effective form of personal protection and they offer an even greater level of incapacitation than pepper spray. The powerful jolt of electricity temporarily disrupts the muscles and sensory functions, helping you escape from a hostile situation.

A high-decibel personal alarm is another popular tool for self-defense that every member of your family should have. This device emits a loud, piercing sound that can startle and disorient an attacker giving you a bit of time to run away or disable the threat further. Imagine Banshee from the X-Men and you get an idea of how ear-piercingly loud a personal alarm can be. This loud sound from a personal alarm can draw the attention of anyone nearby, which can be helpful in getting assistance.

Other self-defense tools worth considering include tactical pens, knuckle dusters, batons, and kubotans (small metal rods used for striking pressure points). Invest in a few of these and practice using them regularly to be able to make the most out of them.


3. Emergency Whistle

Similar to personal alarms, emergency whistles can be used to scare off attackers and attract the attention of other people when you’re in trouble. This lightweight survival tool is a must whenever you or your loved ones go out. It’s particularly useful when you’re lost or hurt while hiking or camping. Keep one in your pocket or attach it to your keychain and make sure the rest of the family has their own whistles, too.


4. Home Security System

What do the Avengers Tower, Batcave, Hall of Justice, and the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning have in common? They’re all headquarters for superheroes, obviously. They’re not only home to superpowered members, these places also store valuable equipment, dangerous weapons, and highly sensitive information. It’s no wonder that these places are usually equipped with advanced security systems.

When it comes to your own HQ, otherwise known as your humble abode, your loved ones are the most valuable assets that need protecting. Investing in a good home security system is a great way to keep your family safe.

Since you don’t have x-ray vision, you can depend on security cameras instead to see everything going on in and around your property. They allow superdads like you to keep an eye on the premises, detect potential dangers, and review footage in case of incidents or suspicious activities. A home security system also helps detect and even prevent internal dangers such as fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and water damage.


5. Fire Extinguisher

Aside from intruders, you also need to protect your home from fire. There are numerous ways you can keep your home from being a fire hazard and none involves having the power to control weather and make it rain. A more realistic solution is to have a reliable fire extinguisher in every corner of the house, as well as in your vehicle.

Learn how to operate a fire extinguisher properly so that you can put out a fire before it gets too big. Make sure that the rest of the family knows where to get the fire extinguishers and how to use them.


6. Communication Devices

Unlike Professor Charles Xavier, you can’t communicate with your loved ones through telepathy. You need reliable communication devices to stay in touch with them to make sure they’re safe and provide assistance when needed.

Make sure all your smartphones are always fully charged so that you can contact each other in case of an emergency. Invest in two-way radios or walkie-talkie sets, too. Unlike smartphones, these old-school communication tools will still work after an EMP attack. Plus, you can use them when there are no cellular towers nearby or internet connection.

A satellite phone is another great option for keeping in touch with your family during disasters and other difficult situations where conventional communication devices are not available. This invaluable tool allows you to communicate with the outside world even when you’re in the middle of nowhere.


7. Emergency Radio

Knowing is half the battle. That’s what G.I. Joe thought kids (and cartoon-loving adults) in the 80s and 90s. As a superdad, you need to be up-to-date with the latest news and weather information to make sound decisions when it comes to protecting your family. Invest in a good emergency radio that can receive AM/FM, shortwave, NOAA Weather Band broadcasts, and even HAM or CB (Citizen’s Band) frequencies. Choose one that also has plenty of other useful features like a built-in flashlight, emergency or SOS signal lights, siren, compass, and ports for charging small devices.

Your emergency radio should have multiple power sources, including hand cranks, regular batteries, internal rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and solar panels. That way, you’ll always have access to vital information during a crisis.


8. GPS Device

Daredevil, blind as he is, can “see” thanks to his echolocation capabilities brought about by his enhanced senses. Unfortunately, you don’t have that superpower. Unless you’re an actual bat, dolphin, or whale that has learned how to read and surf the internet. Seriously, though, you need to have a GPS device handy to make sure you can always find your way back home or assist other members of the family in times of need.

A GPS locator beacon, also known as a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) or Emergency Locator Beacon (ELB), is a distress signaling device used primarily for emergency situations. These devices transmit distress signals, which can be detected by search and rescue authorities. They’re typically activated in life-threatening situations, such as when a person is lost, injured, or in need of immediate assistance in remote or hazardous environments.

A GPS tracker is similar to Cerebro, the device used by Professor X to look for fellow mutants. This device uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine the precise location of an object or person. A GPS tracker monitors and tracks the movement and whereabouts of the device or person it is attached to.



9. Portable Solar Charger

Did you know that Superman gets his power from the sun? In the comic books, the Man of Steel gets his superhuman abilities, such as super strength, flight, and heat vision from the electromagnetic radiation found in the sunlight of Earth’s sun.

Since humans are not from Krypton, we only get a good dose of Vitamin D from the right amount of exposure to the sun. However, we still benefit from the sun in other ways. Take solar chargers, for example.

In a world heavily reliant on electronic devices, a portable solar charger becomes invaluable. This device allows you to harness the power of the sun to charge your phones, tablets, and other essential gadgets. It ensures you can stay connected, receive updates, and communicate with emergency services even when power sources are scarce.


10. Tactical Flashlight

Some superheroes turn to the dark side but as a superdad, you should be the beacon of light in your family, literally and figuratively. A tactical flashlight is a must-have survival tool that will help illuminate dark paths or areas. When the power goes out, you need a flashlight and other lighting tools to show your little ones that there’s nothing to be scared of. And if there is some kind of threat lurking in the shadows, a tactical flashlight can help you see it so you can act as you see fit.

A tactical flashlight is more than just a source of illumination. It can also be used as a self-defense tool. The super bright light can be used to blind and disorient the enemy. You can also use the flashlight to signal for help by shining it in a specific pattern to alert others of your location.

It can also be used as an impact weapon in close combat situations. Like the mutant Colossus with his metal skin, a tactical flashlight is made of strong and durable material. Its sturdy construction makes it an effective striking tool, which hurts like a super punch when you hit someone with it.


11. Portable Lantern

Green Lantern’s powers are courtesy of the Power Ring. Portable lanterns, meanwhile, are powered by various sources, including batteries, solar energy, gas, USB-rechargeable batteries, or hand-cranked mechanisms.

Having a portable lantern around during emergencies will help not only light up dark spaces but also provide peace of mind knowing that there’s a reliable source of light in case the power goes out. So make sure you get one that can be powered by as many means possible.

You want a portable lantern with lots of other features like multiple modes and adjustable brightness settings. This way, you can adjust the output depending on your needs. Moreover, pick a lantern that is water-resistant and shockproof to ensure it remains operational even when used in harsh outdoor conditions.


12. Fire Starter Kit

Fire is essential to survival. Our ancestors managed to survive living in caves by learning how to start a fire with sticks and stones. While this primitive survival skill is something everyone should learn, you can make it easier on yourself by investing in a fire starter kit. Besides, when it boils down to life or death, you don’t want to fumble around trying to find the perfect twig and stone.

Since you can’t create and spew fire like The Human Torch, you’ll need a fire starter kit to get a fire going quickly and efficiently. First, you need a fire-starting tool such as weatherproof matches, lighters, flint and steel, or a Ferro rod. Your kit should also have fire-starting tinder such as cotton balls dipped in petroleum jelly, dryer lint, and pieces of wood shavings. You can also keep a magnifying glass in your fire-starting kit. In case you can’t use the other tools, you can start a fire by concentrating the sun’s rays on some tinder using the magnifying glass.


13. Portable Stove

A superdad makes sure there’s food on the table. Aside from working hard to earn money to buy food, you can also learn how to farm, hunt, fish, and forage. You should also have the means to prepare and cook delicious meals for your loved ones.

That’s where portable stoves come in. When you’re camping or having an outdoor picnic, you’ll need a portable stove to feed the family. When you’re dealing with a disaster or the power is out and can’t use your microwave or electric ovens, a portable stove will come in handy. Plus, you can also boil water on a camping stove so you’ll have clean water without having to get it from unsafe sources.


14. Emergency Food Rations

Speaking of food, you should have an ample supply of emergency food stored at home and in your emergency kits. That way, you and your loved ones will have something to eat in case you can’t reach the grocery store or when food sources become scarce.

Emergency food rations come in various forms, from vacuum-sealed packs to self-heating meals that don’t require any cooking. Non-perishable food items with a long shelf life are the best options for your emergency food stash. You also want the lightweight and compact ones so they won’t take up too much space in your prepper pantry or add too much weight to your bug out bags.

Even if you’re as good a cook as the Green Arrow, the little ones may still refuse to eat the food when SHTF. And since you’re an awesome father, you should know what your children like and consider that when stockpiling food for emergency situations. It’s necessary for people to enjoy some comfort food during chaotic situations to help lessen the stress.



15. Portable Water Filter

Clean drinking water is vital for survival. You’re no Aquaman who can survive in seawater so you need to drink clean and safe water every day in order to stay alive. And when you don’t have access to potable water, you’ll need a portable water filter for your family’s survival.

There are different types of portable water filters but all feature built-in filters that remove bacteria, parasites, and other contaminants from water sources, making it safe to drink. The most popular one is designed like a straw that you can use to drink directly from freshwater sources. There are water bottles with built-in filters, too. You can simply fill them with water from the source and let the filter do its thing. For camping trips with the family, you can use a portable water filter with a larger container.


16. Water Purification Tablets

Unlike Namor who can survive in water and on land, humans won’t last without water. In particular, most people will max out in three days and succumb to dehydration. It’s necessary to have access to clean drinking water at all times. And during those times when you can’t find any safe source, you’ll need different ways to make contaminated water drinkable. Water purification tablets serve as an emergency alternative when you don’t have access to a portable water filter and other means of purifying water.


17. First Aid Kit

You don’t have the healing factor like Wolverine or the regeneration abilities of Deadpool. What you can do is learn first aid so you can treat any ailment or injury when the doctor is out. You’ll be better equipped to handle any minor medical emergency by having a comprehensive first aid kit in your home, car, and bug out bags. Each kit should include basic supplies such as bandages, gauze, adhesive tape, alcohol, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, scissors, safety pins, thermometers, pain relievers, and other medicines for different illnesses.

Make sure you also have items to treat more serious injuries like fractures, stab wounds, and bullet wounds. A tourniquet, sutures, compression bandage, and chest seals are essential for dealing with major trauma. It’s also important to have a CPR mask on hand in case you need to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


18. Multi-Tool

To be a superdad, you need to be like Inspector Gadget and be a master of different trades. Of course, you can’t have rotor blades coming out of your head or springs in your legs but you can always have a multi-tool. This handy survival tool allows you to perform different tasks with its numerous features, which usually include a small knife, pliers, scissors, screwdrivers, can and bottle openers, a saw, and a file.

Multi-tools are light and portable, so you can easily fit it in your pocket or attach it to your belt loop. With this tool by your side, you can fix broken items like furniture or do simple repair jobs yourself without having to call for help. More importantly, multi-tools will come in handy in emergency situations like when you need to cut a seat belt off trapped passengers or build a shelter in the wild.


19. Emergency Shelter

Other than food and water, shelter is also necessary for survival. When you’re in the wild, you need some form of shelter to stay safe from harsh weather and avoid succumbing to hypothermia. No dad wants that to happen to his family so it makes total sense to invest in a high-quality tent, emergency bivvy, all-weather sleeping bag, waterproof tarp, and other survival gear that will keep everyone safe and dry when SHTF.


20. Emergency Blankets

Like Doctor Strange, Wong, and other Masters of the Mystic Arts, emergency blankets provide protection from danger. While the sorcerers can create a mystic shield to protect them from enemy attacks and falling buildings, you can use an emergency blanket to keep you safe from the elements.

Emergency blankets are made of durable, lightweight material such as Mylar which helps insulate your body heat. They’re designed to keep your body warm and dry in cold environments or during emergencies like when you’re stuck outdoors in a storm or blizzard. Also known as space blankets, this lightweight and waterproof survival gear can also be used as a shelter to protect yourself from wind, rain, and snow.

When you run out of drinking water, you can also use a space blanket to collect rainwater, which you can boil and sterilize or drink straight with a portable water filter. It’s also an excellent reflective signal when you need to attract the attention of rescue teams or passing planes.


21. Rope or Paracord

Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth is more than just a tool for truth-seeking. It also comes in handy when she needs to bind her enemies, climb up walls, swing from lightning, and get out of difficult situations. While you don’t have the magical lasso, you can always keep some rope or paracord with you as they offer many of the same advantages, except that one with the lightning.

A strong and versatile rope or paracord is an essential tool for numerous survival purposes. Whether it’s building a shelter, securing gear, creating a makeshift clothesline, or assisting in emergency situations, having a length of durable rope can prove incredibly useful.


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Superdads don’t need a cape to safeguard their families from harm. What you need are the right survival gear, skills, and knowledge to prepare for any emergency situation. By investing in these items and having a plan in place, you can be the hero your family needs when SHTF.

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