10 Survival Movies Every Prepper Can Learn Survival Skills From


Survival movies are more than just entertainment. Although most are based on fictional stories and plots, the scenarios are usually realistic and ring true in real life. Certainly, there’s more to them than just fear-mongering as we can all watch how these people manage to survive when SHTF, teaching us legit survival skills along the way. Whether it’s a plane crash or a doomsday scenario, you will learn a thing or two from these survival movies we think every prepper should watch! Get the movies by clicking on the links to Amazon Video and DVD formats.


1. Life of Pi

An Indian boy finds himself stuck in a lifeboat after the ship he was in capsized. As if trying to survive the rough seas with the little provision isn’t hard enough, he also has to learn how to survive being on the same boat with a Bengal tiger. Available on Amazon Video or on DVD.


2. Backcountry

Based on a true story, this movie chronicles how a couple will have to face more than just the wild during a camping trip because now they’ll have to deal with a man-eating bear. Available on Amazon Video and on DVD.


3. Cast Away

A plane crash leaves a FedEx systems engineer stranded on a remote island. Now he has to learn how to get through with little to no provisions and tap on man’s basic instinct to survive. Available on Amazon Video or on DVD.


4. The Book of Eli

If it’s hard for you to imagine what America looks like post-apocalypse, this movie will let you in on what could be and how a man survives amidst lawlessness, chaos, and a warlord who is so desperate to steal the last thing that could bring society back to order. Available on Amazon Video or on DVD.


5. The Postman

It is the year 2013 and America is in shambles after World War III broke out. This post-apocalyptic movie shows just what it takes to restore a country that was and to survive by all means possible. Available on Amazon Video or on DVD.


6. 28 Days Later

A virus transmitted through a drop of blood has infected the whole country in just 28 days. A coma patient who just woke up to the chaos must now survive, along with the others, and fight their way to survive the outbreak. Available on Amazon Video or on DVD.


7. Jungle

An Amazon jungle adventure gone wrong leads a young man and two friends to fight for survival in the vast and dangerous wilderness. Available on Amazon Video or on DVD.


8. The Survivalist

A man who has managed to survive on his own in a forest post-apocalypse must now have to deal with two women who are eager to survive too. Available on Amazon Video and in Blu-Ray.


9. Alive

An oldie but a goody, this story is based on real-life events. A team of rugby players try their best to survive after their plane crashed deep into the Andes mountains. Battling harsh weather conditions and each other, these tough men test how far they will go in order to survive. Available on Amazon Video and on DVD.


10. Into the Forest

After a massive power blackout, two sisters must learn how to survive on their own in their isolated home in a forest. Available on Amazon Video and on DVD.


Have you seen any of these survival movies? Let us know in the comment!

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