The Best Bug Out Vehicles To Survive an EMP Attack


Some people believe that a major EMP attack is one of the possible reasons that could trigger an end-of-the-world scenario. This isn’t entirely impossible since North Korea has been blabbering about staging a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse attack on the United States. Hopefully, the Supreme Leader and the Donald will finally put an end to their immature war of words and push through with their supposed face-to-face. With any luck, they come out holding hands and singing kumbaya.

If an EMP attack does occur, electronic systems will be damaged causing widespread chaos. With power out, it may be wise to move to a safer place. You’ll need a way to get to your destination as safely and as fast as you can. This is where old vehicles, the ones with no high-tech electronic features, come in handy.


1. 1978-1983 Toyota Hilux 4×4

An old Toyota Hilux Pickup Truck (Photo by nitinut380/Bigstock)

Old pickup trucks are great for your bug out vehicle, especially if you’re bugging out alone or with a companion like your trusty canine. You can sit at least two passengers and you can pack supplies in the bed. Best of all, trucks made in the 70s and 80s like the 1978-1983 Toyota Hilux can withstand an EMP attack. It runs on diesel and has little electronics. The 4×4 version is great for off-road driving, which you will likely find yourself doing when SHTF and you’re running away from zombies, aliens, or Immortan Joe.

Max Ellery’s Toyota Hilux/4 Runner Diesel 1979-1997 Auto Repair Manual

Your bug out vehicle, whether a Toyota Hilux or not, will be your home while you’re on the move. Take care of your home by knowing the ins and outs of your bug out vehicle. Learn how to do repairs on your BOV or at least have an instruction manual handy to help you keep the vehicle in tip-top shape.


2. Sand Rail or Dune Buggy

Green Dune Buggy

Speaking of Immortan Joe, the dystopian film franchise Mad Max used a number of vehicles that apparently survived an EMP attack or some other catastrophic event that caused a societal breakdown. Dune buggies or sand rails were among the pimped-up rides in the film not just because they run well on sand.

Empi High Poly Seat Cover, Black, Dune Buggy Vw Baja Bug

Sand rails are light, travel fast, and are easy to maneuver. They also come in a diesel version. The only issue is that it has little space for supplies and other survival gear.


3. Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle (CUCV)

Chevy Blazer (Photo by ermess/Bigstock)

The CUCV is another vehicle popular among preppers. These military pickup trucks were fashioned from the Chevy Blazer. They were manufactured in the 1970s, which means they will not be affected by an EMP attack. A CUCV usually comes with a diesel power plant, a four-wheel drive system, dual alternators, a blackout switch, pintle hitches, brush bars, and tow hooks, among other prepper-friendly features. Those not familiar with a CUCV may find it difficult to drive. Otherwise, this bug out vehicle is an EMP attack survivor with ample space for supplies and drives well off-road.

YOT 1973 – 1989 M1009 CUCV Blazer BLACK manual Tailgate Crank Handle with lock, 2 keys & clutch

4. 1979 Jeep CJ5

Jeep CJ5 (Photo by Artzzz/Bigstock)

The “Willys jeep” was a popular vehicle used by the military during World War II. Its civilian version, the Jeep CJ, is a favorite among preppers for its effectiveness against an EMP attack. The Jeep CJ is lightweight, reliable, and drives well off-road. Just make sure to get a unit manufactured before the 1980s as Jeep started putting more advanced electronic features in the CJ after 1979.

EAG Stubby Front Bumper With D-Rings for 76-86 Jeep Wrangler CJ

5. Toyota Land Rover

Land Rover (Photo by The Guitar Mann/Bigstock)

The pre-1990 Land Rover not only boasts of having rugged good looks but is also built to survive an EMP attack. The Land Rover of the 80s comes in a diesel engine and has enough space to pack eight people along with lots of supplies and survival gear. Its cross-country features are also incomparable.

Land Rover 90 – 110 – Defender Workshop Manual 1983-1995 MY


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