The Most Dazzling Chicken Coops In The World You Will Love


Chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes. Some are flashy and some are more subdued. But, one thing is for sure- the most dazzling chicken coops in the world will make your backyard the talk of the town!

These beautiful chicken coops come in a variety of colors and designs. Whether you are looking for a traditional wooden chicken coop or something more modern, we have the perfect option for you.

These chicken coops are also designed with your chickens in mind. They will have plenty of room to roam and explore while also being protected from the elements.

So, if you are ready to have the most stunning backyard in the neighborhood, be sure to check out the amazing selection of chicken coops! Your chickens will thank you!


Credit Pinterest

The Aviary at Bunny Williams Estate

The Aviary at Bunny Williams Estate is the perfect place for your chickens to live a high life! Located on the gorgeous property full of gardens and ponds, your chickens will love spending their days exploring and taking in all the beautiful sights. This is truly a luxurious escape for any chicken, and with plenty of space to roam, they’ll never want to leave!


Credit Seeking Lavender

The European-Inspired Chicken Coop

Looking for a top-quality chicken coop that will make your backyard feel like a European farm? Look no further than our European Chicken Coops! These beautiful cedar structures are built to last, and will provide your chickens with a safe, comfortable place to call home.


Credit to Kings Lane

A Dream Chicken Coop

Looking for the perfect chicken coop? Look no further than A Dream Chicken Coop! This charming coop is designed by Brooke Giannetti and one like this is sure to make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. The beautiful design and evening lighting will give your backyard a romantic feeling that you won’t want to leave! The coop features plenty of space for your chickens to roam and a comfortable area for them to sleep. There is also a door that allows you to access the inside of the coop, making it easy to clean.


Credit Velvet & Linen

Greenhouse-Chicken Coop Combo

A chicken coop is a great addition to any greenhouse. Not only does it provide a place for your chickens to roost and lay their eggs, but it also helps to keep the greenhouse warm. The chicken coop is made of cedar wood siding with a corrugated metal roof, and it is attached to the greenhouse. The chicken coop has two windows, one on each side, which can be opened for ventilation. There is also a door on the side of the chicken coop, which can be used to let the chickens in and out of the greenhouse. The chicken coop is a great way to keep your chickens warm and safe, and it is an essential part of any greenhouse.


Credit Pinterest

The Castle Chicken Coop

Chicken coops come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s something about the castle chicken coop that just makes it absolutely adorable. Perhaps it’s the turreted roofs, but whatever the reason, this chicken coop is sure to bring a smile to your face. Of course, function follows form with this chicken coop, as it includes all of the necessary features to keep your chickens happy and healthy. With plenty of space for them to roam and plenty of ventilation to keep them cool, this chicken coop has everything you need to raise a healthy flock. So if you’re looking for a chicken coop that’s both functional and adorable, the castle chicken coop is the perfect choice for you.


Credit The Martha Blog

Martha Stewart’s Chicken Coop

As any chicken lover knows, a healthy and happy flock is essential for a productive farm. That’s why Martha takes such great care of her more than 200 chickens, including Cream Legbars, famous for their pretty pale-blue eggs; and Cuckoo Marans, which lay dark chocolate–colored ones. She invites us into their coops and shares advice—gleaned from five decades of experience—on raising a healthy and productive flock. From chicken feed to chicken coops, Martha has the experience and knowledge to help any farmer get the most out of their chicken farm. So, if you’re thinking about starting a chicken farm of your own, be sure to pay Martha a visit and pick up some tips!


Credit Paula Dean

Paula Dean’s Chick Inn

Paula’s chicken coop was designed by the same architect who built her house. The coop is close to the back entrance of her home, near the kitchen. Paula’s hens lay eggs daily, which she uses for baking and cooking. Her grandkids love the chicken coop; the first thing they do when they get to Ginny’s house is run to the coop to check for eggs.


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