Valuable Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters

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Halloween is just around the corner and you’re probably busy making costumes for your little darlings. It’s admirable how much time and effort you are putting on your kids’ costumes but you should also take the time to set the ground rules and tell them about Halloween safety tips they should take to heart when they go trick or treating.

Trick or treating is a great opportunity for the young ones to learn about independence and responsibility but you should also put premium on safety. Your children will be out at night knocking on the neighbors’ doors. While it’s easy to think that nothing bad will happen to them since there are a lot of other kids and some parents outside, you should still take the necessary precautions to keep your young ones safe. This is why your kids should take the Halloween safety tips that you laid out for them seriously.

Choosing the Right Costume

Choosing the right costume is perhaps one of the most overlooked Halloween safety tips. Most people want something fancy or scary without thinking of safety.

Your little trick or treaters should wear something that are visible at night, especially if they’re going without adult supervision. Avoid dark costumes. If they really have to wear something black, at least put some glow-in-the-dark accents so they can still be spotted in the dark, especially by passing cars.

A League of Their Own Dottie Child’s Costume

Your child should also be able to see clearly. Some costumes require masks or something else that covers the face. You want your kid to be fully aware of their surroundings so they can avoid tripping and other potential risks. This will be difficult if their line of sight is partially covered. Breathing may also be become an issue if their face is covered.

Star Wars Story: Solo Han Solo Child’s Costume

Avoid accents or accessories that could hurt or injure the wearer. If you or your child is going as an anime character, make sure your ginormous sword is not hard and pointy enough to hurt someone. If you bring a replica Mjolnir, don’t use it to bonk someone else’s head even if it’s just made of plastic. Make sure your child understands that these props can still cause inures if used the wrong way. In fact, refrain from using plastic pails for the sweets. Use those made of soft fabric instead.

Halloween Pumpkin Bags

Make sure they wear comfortable shoes. They’ll be doing a lot of walking. If their feet become sore from wearing uncomfortable shoes, there’s a chance they would be left behind by the other kids.

Talk to Your Kids About Halloween Safety Tips

So you’ve already warned the little ones not to hit others with their fake magic hammers. Now, you have to talk to them about pedestrian safety.

First, make sure your children understand that they have to look after themselves since you won’t be going with them. They are responsible for their own and each other’s lives.

Most Halloween safety tips suggest using the buddy system. It’s a great idea if you have two kids. If not, make arrangements with the neighbors for the kids to go trick or treating together. Make sure they understand to never let their buddy out of their sight.

Plastic Treasure Map Party Accessory

They should also stick to a planned route. Map a route that is not too long and far so the kids don’t get too tired and frustrated. Take a quick trip around the neighborhood to show the children where they should go. By going from point A to point B, it will be easier to track them. Also, tell them to stick to the sidewalks. If they have to cross the street, look both ways and don’t run.

Supervise the Kids

The older kids would want to go trick or treating by themselves. You should let them as long as they know about pedestrian safety and that they look after each other. For the younger ones, particularly the kids under 12, it’s better if you accompany them. If you can’t go, at least have someone you trust and is well-versed in the different Halloween safety tips to take them trick or treating.

Halloween Survival Kit

If you’re tasked to be the grown-up who will accompany the young trick or treaters, you should be prepared for anything. It’s not enough to just be there to supervise. You should be equipped to handle emergencies. Of course, we don’t want anything bad to happen but it won’t hurt to be prepared.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Only All-purpose First Aid Kit

Bring a first aid kit. Children will be running around and there’s a chance your kids will trip or bump against another. It’s important to treat wounds immediately so infection doesn’t set in. The children will also not like it if you have to drag them back home just to have the wound cleaned up and treated. Pack a first aid kit so you don’t have to do that.

Warm Clothes

NEWCOS Pink Ladies Jacket for Child

Winter is coming so it’s a good idea to bring warm clothes for your kids. Keep them in a bag and just whip them out if they start complaining about the cold.

Light Source

Seasons Rustic Old Fashioned Light Up Lantern

You’ll be out at night so there’s a chance you’ll walk by a place that’s not well-lighted. Bring a flashlight, lantern, headlamp or even a glow stick to brighten things up. Make sure you have extra batteries.


You can’t tell if there are people with bad intentions mingling with the Halloween crowd. Some may even be lurking in the dark and waiting for unsuspecting children. This is indeed such a sickening thing to think about during such a festive event but with so many bad things happening all around us, it’s best to be prepared for the worst.

SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray

Bring something that you can use to defend yourself and the children. A licensed firearm may be too much, especially with all the children around. Your best option is to bring pepper spray or mace. A stun gun will also do wonders when you’re attacked. Keep them hidden but well within your reach. Don’t use it for showboating. You should also consider learning self-defense tactics or martial arts. You’ll never know when these will come in handy.

VIPERTEK VTS-989 Heavy Duty Rechargeable Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

If you’re children are trick or treating by themselves, you should make them carry some emergency gear. It wouldn’t be wise for them pack a stun gun. There are also some reservations on letting the young ones bring a pepper spray. The older kids can perhaps be trusted with these.

Homey Product Set of 5 Extra Loud Whistles

One thing they can bring is an emergency whistle. Each of your kids should have a whistle they can blow on when they’re in trouble. This will get the attention of other trick or treaters and their companions.

No one wants to be called the paranoid parent but that’s better than dealing with a child that was hurt while out trick or treating. The Halloween safety tips listed here exist to ensure your child will come home safe after a night of fright, fun, and a bag full of delightful sweets.

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