What Would I Do If I Was Lost In The Jungle (Part 3)


It’s morning time. The night went by without any incidents save for the howling of some wild animals from afar and mosquitoes having a field day on my skin. It wasn’t too cold last night so I managed to get some sleep. I still felt weak, though. I really need to eat something other than a few berries and an energy bar to keep me going.

I’m glad I’m still alive but I need more. I got up to check on my traps. Lucky me! I caught a rabbit in one of them. I skin and clean the rabbit as best as I can with the blade in my multi-tool. It’s not perfect but it’ll do. I quickly started a fire and cooked it. Rabbit meat tasted really good! This is a good start. I’m feeling good about today. I’m sure I’ll find my way out of this wretched jungle in no time.

Now that I’ve had a decent meal, I feel a lot better. I’m ready to face another day of challenges. After eating my fill, I wrapped the rest of the meat in some leaves and put it in my backpack. I’ll need it later. I put out the fire and made sure there was no amber left. I don’t want to start a wildfire. That’d be bad for anyone who’s lost in this jungle and trying to find their way back to safety.

10 Camping Safety Tips For First-Timers
10 Camping Safety Tips For First-Timers

I packed the rest of my things and checked my map and compass to get my bearings. Even with the river to guide me, I had to make sure I was going in the right direction. As I walked, I kept an eye out for any landmarks that could help me orient myself further. The sun was high in the sky, giving me plenty of light to see. And the terrain has gotten more manageable too. I think I can definitely find my way out today!

I found some more berries and some nuts. I ate them with some of the rabbit meat when I stopped for lunch and some rest. I had a couple of gulps from my water bottle. I can stretch my water to last the day but I wished I could drink more. I’ve been constantly thirsty since I got lost in this jungle.

After a few more minutes of rest, I went on and continued to find my way. The river was always by my side, guiding me. I’ve been walking for a couple of days now. It’s a matter of time before I find my way out.

I walked for a few more hours before coming across what looked like a path. My heart started thumping. This is it! I’m finally getting out of this place! My head filled up with thoughts of what I would eat once I’m out of this place. I was also giddy in anticipation of seeing my family and friends again. I’ll be sure to hug each of them tightly.

I quickened my pace and followed the path. It led me to what looked like an old campsite. I finally found help! I shouted for help as I ran towards the camp. My heart sunk with what I saw. The camp was abandoned. It looks like it hasn’t been used in a while.

I sat down on one of the logs in defeat. I guess my luck has run out. I can’t believe this is happening to me. I was so close to getting out! What am I going to do now?

I need to think. Perhaps, I’ll find something that’ll help me get out of this jungle. Maybe there are some food and other useful stuff here. Seeing a tent and some camping gear, I was also curious about who camped there and what happened to them.

I stuck around to investigate. I rummaged through the campsite, careful not to miss anything. I also kept an eye out for poisonous snakes or other dangerous creatures that might sneak up on me. I took my hatchet out just in case.

It seemed like the last people to camp here left in a hurry. A tent was still up though it was in pretty bad shape. It was torn apart, probably by some wild animals. I don’t think I can use this as shelter tonight. There were the remains of a campfire and a toppled pot near it. I see some plates but whatever was left on them has been rotting for quite a while now.

I have a bad feeling about this.



I checked the pot and figured if I could clean it well, I can use it to boil water. I spotted a cooler but its contents have been spilled on the ground. There were some half-eaten packs of food but they don’t look that appetizing. I can’t risk getting food poisoning, especially with this situation I am in right now.

I looked under what was left of the tent and found a couple of sleeping bags and a backpack. So there were at least two campers. I hope they’re not missing and are safely back home with their loved ones. Though it’d be really strange if they just went home without taking all their stuff with them.

I opened the backpack and found some clothes, a working flashlight, batteries, a Ferro rod firestarter, and a knife! I was doubly happy with the clothes. I could finally get out of these dirty and stinky clothes.

I looked around the camp further and a small radio too but it was broken into pieces. I can’t use it even if I wanted to. There’s also a hatchet not too far away. It had a dark stain on the blade. Looks like it was used to butcher an animal and they didn’t have time to clean it up. Either that or someone used it to fight something off, most likely a wild animal. I also found an old knife that’s still in decent shape. I was glad to find them. They’re way better than my DIY hatchet and multi-tool in defending against threats.

I saw what looks like a couple of bear bags hanging from a tree near the tattered tents. This is good. The animals didn’t get to whatever food they kept in those bags. One bag had a bar of soap, a small tube of toothpaste, a toothbrush, and some floss. Having clean teeth and fresh breath is the least of my worries but that refreshing feel should help me boost my morale. Plus, I could use them for emergencies. I can use the floss as a fishing line or for stitching open wounds. I can disinfect cuts and scrapes and treat bug bites with toothpaste. I also found a first-aid kit. I can definitely use these.

I opened the other bag and couldn’t help but shout in excitement. I hit the jackpot! There were canned goods, packs of freeze-dried food, and a couple of bottles of water in there! There were also Ziploc bags inside. One contained some trail mix while the others had what looked like sandwiches or what’s left of them inside. Good thing they were kept in Ziploc bags. There’s less chance that the rotten sandwiches contaminated the other foods. Based on the condition of the sandwiches, they’ve been left there for a few weeks now.

I checked the cans and freeze-dried foods. None of them were damaged or expired. What a relief! The trail mix seems okay, too. Normally, trail mix should be fine for a month in an airtight Ziploc before the nuts turn stale or rancid. Though rancid nuts should still be okay to eat in this situation, I should try a little first.

The water looks safe to drink, too. I opened one bottle and took a swig. My parched throat was immediately relieved. I’ve been rationing the water I boiled yesterday so it felt good to finally drink a lot more.

I sat down and rested for a bit. I was so tired from all the walking and the lack of food and water has also taken its toll on my body. It’s a good thing I found this old campsite. I might not make it much further if I didn’t.

I took out the rest of the rabbit meat and had a go at it. With the food I found, I can last for a few more days with proper rationing. I also finished the water I boiled. I’ll save the rest of the water I found for later. Also, I need it to prepare the MREs.

After having my snack, I checked the time and calculated that I had a couple or so more hours before it starts to get dark. That should be enough time to build my shelter, start a fire, and boil more water.

But something was bothering me. With how the camp was, I’m not really sure if it’s safe to stay the night. I might be risking my safety by staying here. But then again, I don’t know if it’s safe to venture further into the jungle at night. There could be wild animals lurking about, ready to pounce on their next meal — me.

I need to make a decision now. Do I continue trekking to find my way home or should I stay here and camp for the night? If I stayed, I could explore the area more tomorrow and see if I can find anything else of use. I may also find some clues to solve the mystery of the missing campers. If I leave, I might be able to find my way home sooner. With the campsite here, civilization shouldn’t be too far away. But then again, I may need to find a place to set up camp if it gets dark before I get out of this jungle.

The campsite is perfect for spending the night but the mystery surrounding the missing campers keeps nagging at me. But if they are indeed missing, rescuers may be looking for them. That means they’ll be checking out this campsite. Hopefully, someone’s looking for me, too.

I decided to spend the night here. I can leave early tomorrow morning and continue my journey. I could also stay here longer and wait for rescue. I have to make a decision tonight. But first, I have to set up camp and start a fire.

First, I gathered some branches and other things I could use to build my shelter. I used the tent poles to make the frame and then built the walls with the branches I found. I then placed the rainfly over it then covered it further with leaves. I took both sleeping bags inside my makeshift shelter. I’ll use one as ground cover and squeeze inside the other when it’s time to sleep.

I started making my fire but remembered that I need to clean the pot and gather water first. I can’t believe I almost forgot one of the most basic camping safety tips — never leave a fire unattended. It’s not smart to start a fire now and leave it to go to the river. If something goes wrong, I may not make it back in time to extinguish the fire.

So I got up and walked to the river with the pot and empty water bottle in tow. I also brought my new hatchet so I could wash the dried blood off. Also, I might encounter some trouble so the hatchet is necessary. It took some time to thoroughly clean the pot but I think I did a good job. I then filled the empty bottle and pot with fresh water from the river.

Back at camp, I started to make the fire using the Ferro rod and some tinder I scraped off a branch. Thankfully, I found some dried twigs and branches earlier. If it’s been raining, all the wood would be wet and hard to light up. It’s also a good thing the firestarter still works.

I set my campfire about 3 to 4 feet away from my shelter. That should be close enough to keep me warm. Also, I don’t want to wake up surrounded by flames in the middle of the night so I need to put some distance in between. I also gathered some stones and made a ring around the fire. I then cleared the space around the fire of dried leaves and grass. These should also help keep the fire from spreading.

I stuck two y-shaped branches on opposite sides of the campfire making sure they were sturdy and won’t easily fall or break. I then slipped a thick straight branch through the handle of the pot and placed it on top of the upright branches. As the water started to boil, I tried a piece of nut and dried fruit to see if the trail mix is still okay to eat. Seems like it. I ate half of the trail mix making sure I chew it well to make it easier for my stomach to digest it. This should be fine for dinner since I ate the rabbit meat earlier.

I finished my half-full bottle of water. The water has since cooled down so I filled the two empty bottles. This should be enough for tomorrow. I then squeezed a bit of toothpaste on my index finger, which I cleaned beforehand, and “brushed” my teeth. I rinsed my mouth with the remaining water. That felt great!



I unpacked my backpack and arranged everything to take inventory of what I had at this point. With the stuff I found, I’m in a better position to survive being lost in the jungle. I have a couple of canned tunas, a can of baked beans, three MREs, and a bag of trail mix. I also have the last energy bar from my stash. I can also forage and set up traps. And if it comes down to it, I can also catch fish.

I also have three full water bottles. There’s a pot that I can use to boil more water and prepare the freeze-dried foods. I have a Ferro rod I could use to start a fire necessary for boiling water. It should still work since firestarters are usually waterproof and shockproof.

I also have a flashlight and extra batteries. Then there’s my handmade hatchet, the hatchet and knife I found, and my multi-tool. They’re good enough for self-defense and other life-saving uses. My paracord bracelet is still intact as well as the built-in compass.

For warmth, I had the clothes on my back and the ones the missing campers left behind. The sleeping bags will help me survive the cold. The tent won’t do much though I could probably use the parts for something else. The rainfly is still intact so that’s good if it pours. I could use the tent poles as a frame for my emergency shelter. I could probably repurpose one into a fishing pole with the floss or paracord as a fishing line. The tent stakes will come in handy, too.

I checked the first aid kit next. Inside were Band-Aids, a roller gauze, some gauze pads, alcohol wipes, cotton balls, and antibiotic ointment. There are some pain relievers and diarrhea medicines, too.

I applied some of the scrapes and small cuts I got from walking through this jungle. I checked the wound on my head. It’s still a little sore but the bleeding has stopped. I still decided to cover it with gauze and medical tape to prevent infection.

The sun was starting to set so I got the vine that I’ve been using to set up my perimeter. I tied it around the surrounding trees but it wasn’t enough to circle the campsite. I couldn’t find any vines nearby so I got the dirty tin plates and placed them on the ground where the vine can’t reach. If someone or something walks through that area and steps on the plates, the noise should wake me up.

I still felt tired but my spirit was rejuvenated. I should go to sleep early so I’ll have plenty of time to think things over tomorrow. If I decide to go, I need to pack everything up. With two backpacks now, that shouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, I want to look around the camp further. I may have missed something I could use. I’m also really itching to know what happened to the last people to use this campsite.

It’s getting dark now and I’m getting sleepy. I’ll explore the rest of the camp tomorrow. For now, I’m just going to sleep. I feel a lot safer now that I have more weapons with me. I also feel better knowing that I have more food and water.

I’m still not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow but I feel like I’m one step closer to getting out of here alive. I still can’t believe I’m lost in the jungle but I need to hang on if I want to see my family and pet dog again. I need to stay strong.


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