11 Solar-Powered Products You Need to Celebrate Christmas in July Outdoors


With everything that has been going on in the past couple of years, you definitely deserve to celebrate the holidays twice. Since it’s a lot safer to go out these days, why not celebrate Christmas in July by taking the whole gang on a nice outdoor adventure.

Hit the beach, go on a road trip, or take the family camping for a few days so you can reconnect with nature. Pretty sure you missed the outdoors after being cooped up in your home for so long. Plus, it’s nice to spend the summer days under the sun. We’ve listed down some solar-powered products you’ll need for a successful Christmas in July celebration outdoors.



GoSun Fusion Pro Hybrid Solar Oven

Any occasion is best celebrated with a nice feast. When you’re out camping, it’s a good idea to cook your food over the fire to get that nice smoky flavor. However, it’s possible the weather might ruin your plans.

Make sure you get to cook your meals by bringing a solar oven on your camping trip. The GoSun Fusion Pro is a hybrid solar oven. That simply means you can cook with it using electricity or solar energy.

The Fusion Pro can be used day or night and even in different weather conditions. All you need is a 12-volt power source, which you can likely find in your car, RV, or boat. GoSun also has its own PowerBank, which you can use to power your solar oven and other electrical devices. Of course, your Fusion Pro will work when the sun is up and shining.

The Fusion Pro is capable of cooking 4 to 6 meals per load. It can generate up to 550 ºF of heat, which makes cooking faster than you could imagine. The solar oven bundle includes the Powered Cooking Tray, PowerCord, SolarDial, 6 Fusion Baking Pans, AC adapter, and the Fusion carrying case.


GoSun Sport Solar Oven

Your choice of GoSun solar oven will likely depend on how many people you’ll be cooking for. While the Hybrid cooks for a group of up to 6 people at a time, the Sport is perfect for couples. It roasts, bakes, and steams a meal for two in as fast as 20 minutes.

Unlike the Hybrid, the GoSun Sport can only use the power of the sun. Its temperature can go as high as 550 ºF if you point it towards the sun. The easy-to-use all-weather camping must-have will cook your meals even when it’s cloudy, raining, or snowing.

The portable and collapsible Sport measures 24″ x 16″ x 12″ when unfolded and only weighs 7.5 pounds. Take the GoSun Sport on your Christmas in July camping date with your special someone. Or set up a nice barbecue picnic at home and enjoy the day with just the two of you.


GoSun Go Portable Solar Oven

If you’re camping solo to celebrate Christmas in July, the GoSun Go should be enough to ensure you always have a nice, hot meal during your trip. Measuring 14.17″ x 7″ x 3.37″ and weighing only 2 pounds, it’s the most portable among all GoSun solar ovens so it shouldn’t be an issue if your goal is to pack light.

The Go Solar Oven is great for roasting, steaming, baking, and boiling thanks to the power of the sun. It even works during cloudy and rainy days and even when it’s snowing. You do have to do all the cooking before nightfall since you don’t have the option to use electricity like the GoSun Fusion.

The GoSun Go can get as hot as 550 ºF, which makes it possible to cook or boil as fast as 20 to 30 minutes. Even if it’s that hot inside, the exterior is still cool to touch.] so you don’t have to worry about getting burned. Also, the water stays hot inside the vacuum tube as long as you keep it closed. This means you can make coffee or tea for up to 12 hours without reheating the water.

The Go Solar Oven comes with 4 silicone cook pans, a cooking tray, a cleaning brush, universal action mount, and a GoSun Dial. The set also includes a cookbook and a drawstring carry case. It’s definitely a nice tool to have when you go camping or are just tired of cooking at home.


GoSun Chill Electric Cooler + SolarPanel 30+ 30W Solar Charger

Hot meals and cold drinks make any outdoor feast more enjoyable. The solar ovens will take care of the hot meals. As for the cold drinks, you need something like the GoSun Chill Electric Cooler.

The Chill is not your everyday cooler. It doesn’t need ice to keep its contents cold. Instead, it makes ice. Since the Chill does not need ice, you get more space inside for food and drinks.

The solar cooler utilizes electricity to keep things cold inside. It can be powered with a 12V DC or 110V AC source or by harnessing the sun’s energy using the GoSun Power 144 or SolarPanel 30+.


GoSun Flow Solar Water Purifier + Pump

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re hiking, camping, or just having fun under the sun. Aside from the cold water in your GoSun Chill, you should also pack tools that will purify contaminated water.

The GoSun Flow water purifier gets rid of 99.99% of pathogens from water using solar energy. It comes with 6 and 9-inch hoses and a water pouch for easier drinking. The set also includes a filter and pump along with the GoSun PowerBank.

The Flow is a handy tool to have when you’re having your Christmas in July celebration outdoors. You can never be sure of the quality of water available where you are. Aside from bottled water, make sure you have the GoSun Flow with you before heading out on your next adventure.

5 Proven Ways to Purify Water | Photo by Lum3n/Pexels


GoSun Flow Pro Filter + Sink + Shower

When you’re out camping for more than a day, you still need to clean yourself up. It’s easy to get dirty and sweaty while outdoors. A nice shower to end the day would be nice, right?

Fortunately, GoSun has come up with a way to purify water and make it safe for bathing or washing up. Of course, you can also drink the water after it is filtered by the GoSun Flow water purifier.

The bundle comes with a portable and collapsible sink that fits inside a backpack. It’s useful for washing your hands and face. There’s also the flexible faucet head and clamp that can also be used for hot showers. The Flow Pro set also includes the filter housing, filter pad, and power cable.

Don’t forget your GoSun Flow Pro when you decide on celebrating Christmas in July outdoors. Camping is definitely a lot more fun if everyone is clean and refreshed.



GoSun Brew Travel Coffee Maker

Yes, you can boil water in a GoSun solar oven but if you need your coffee fix real fast, the GoSun Brew Travel Coffee Maker is there to the rescue. The Brew is both an insulated travel mug, water heater, and French press rolled into one. It makes it easier to enjoy your coffee or tea, especially when you’re on the go.

Simply fill the 16 oz stainless steel cup with water, cover it, and plug it into your GoSun PowerBank. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the water to heat up then add the coffee grounds. Press, and voila! Easy peasy right? Plus you get to carry the Brew and enjoy your French press coffee anywhere you want.

The GoSun is pretty portable measuring 8.75″ x 2.75″ and weighing only 1 pound. It comes with an 8 ft cable with a DB-14 Connector. Take the GoSun Brew and PowerBank with you on your Christmas in July adventure so you can start your day right wherever you are.


GoSun Kettle Solar Water Boiler

GoSun also has the Kettle Solar Water Boiler for your boiling needs. The Kettle works with the GoSun Sport to boil water for your MREs, instant ramens, and other dehydrated meals. It is also the perfect piece of equipment for cooking rice and other grains. Of course, you can use boiling water to make coffee and other hot drinks.

The Kettle can boil up to 14 oz (400ml) of liquid in just 35 minutes. The stainless steel Sport accessory comes with a culinary-grade silicone cap to keep its contents from spilling.


GoSun SolarLamp 50 Solar Camping Light

Whether you’re playing cards inside your tent or fixing your car in the dark after breaking down on your way home, GoSun has you covered. The portable SolarLamp 50 gives off up to 50 lumens of light to help you see everything in the dark.

How to Prepare for Blackouts | Photo by Pheelings Media/Bigstock

The brightness can be adjusted to a lower setting of only 20 lumens, which is enough for reading and other activities. At this setting, the runtime can reach over 6 hours. The 6 oz solar lantern needs a full day under the sun for the battery to be fully charged. Take it out during the day so it’ll have enough charge come nighttime.


GoSun SolarLight Solar Assisted Flashlight

Want to do a Blair Witch Project and explore around your campsite at night? Don’t forget your flashlight. With the SolarLight by GoSun, you shouldn’t worry about your flashlight suddenly conking out like they usually do in horror movies.

The SolarLight can be charged using a USB cord, integrated solar panel, or the 10-watt solar phone charger. One full charge will give you up to 5 hours of continuous illumination. The solar-assisted flashlight doubles as a charger itself as you can also use it to charge small USB devices.

The SolarLight emits 280 lumens of light that can reach up to 1,000 feet. You can change the light settings from solar lantern mode to spotlight to a red emergency strobe light. The GoSun SolarLight also features a magnetic back so you can stick it to any metallic surface and free your hands.


GoSun SolarEnergy 144

Every time you go on an outdoor adventure, it’s wise to bring a solar charger. You’ll need it to charge your phone, GPS device, portable lantern, LED flashlight, and a bunch of other USB or 12-volt gadgets.

The GoSun SolarEnergy 144 is capable of doing all that. The portable solar charger is also compatible with the GoSun Fusion and Chill, two solar-powered products that you definitely want to take with you on your Christmas in July outdoor celebration.

The SolarEnergy 144 can charge or run up to 4 devices at the same time. You simply have to unfold the panels, plug in the devices, and aim at the sun. One full charge gives you up to 14 hours of solar energy to use when the sun goes down. The splash-resistant solar charger also comes with a DC carport and LED flashlight.


Car Camping Tips: What to Bring, What To Do and Where to Park
Car Camping Tips: What to Bring, What To Do and Where to Park | Photo by Wollwerth Imagery/Bigstock

Christmas in July apparently started in 1933 after Keystone Camp in North Carolina celebrated the holiday from July 24 to 25. In 1940, a film titled Christmas in July was released but it was in the 1950s when the concept became a genius marketing strategy every business has to take advantage of. Not that we’re complaining.

Having two Christmases a year is a nice way to remind ourselves to spend some quality time with family and friends. Plus, Christmas in July sales is plentiful. This gives you an opportunity to buy something you’ve been wanting for cheap. It’s also a chance to purchase gifts to give out on the actual Christmas Day. You know, the one we celebrate at the end of the year.

Camping Safety Tips for the Whole Family | Photo by monkeybusinessimages/Bigstock

If you don’t have the time to take the family on a camping trip to celebrate Christmas in July, you can still enjoy some outdoor time at home. Enjoy a camping-slash-barbecue party in your backyard. Invite close relatives over and have your first Christmas celebration of the year. Another option is to have a day picnic somewhere nearby. In both cases, you can still make use of the solar oven, cooler, and other sun-powered devices

Check out Gentleman Pirate Club for more tips on how you can enjoy the outdoors, especially this summer.


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