12 Top Emergency Lights to Include In Your Everyday Carry Kit


When building your everyday carry kit, you should never forget about emergency lights. There will be times when the power suddenly goes out or you have to pass through somewhere dark. A flashlight will do wonders during these times. You should not limit yourself to just one emergency light, though. If you can pack more than one lighting tool in your EDC kit, go ahead and do so. Check out the ones listed below to give you an idea of what to get not just for your EDC kit but for your other emergency kits, as well.



SureFire G2X-C-BK Tactical Flashlight

The name alone makes you want to include the SureFire G2X-C-BK Tactical Flashlight in your everyday carry kit. If you have this in your kit, you’ll be surely prepared for blackouts and other emergencies.

The tactical single-output LED flashlight measures a mere 5.2 inches but has an impressive light output of 600 lumens. Its white beam can even reach as far as 187 meters.

The weatherproof SureFire flashlight utilizes 123A batteries, which last up to  2.5 hours for every charge. The light-emitting diode does not have a filament, which is known to burn out or break easily. Because of this, the diode can last for thousands of hours.

Since it’s a tactical flashlight, the SureFire G2X can also be used for self-defense. Its super strong Nitrolon body allows you to use it as a blunt weapon. Plus, the bright light can disorient or temporarily blind a person.

Its Type 3 Hard Anodized Aluminum Bezel has a diameter of 1.25 inches, which should fit in most holsters. It is also equipped with a tactical tailcap click switch and a patented switch lockout, which keeps you from accidentally activating the flashlight.


Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA Ultra-Compact Flashlight

The Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA Ultra-Compact Flashlight is smaller and has fewer lumens than the SureFire G2X but it is still one of the best emergency lights for your everyday carry kit. At only 4.25 inches long with a bezel diameter of 0.95 inches, the Streamlight ProTac flashlight fits perfectly in your pocket or bag. Its light output is pretty good as it ranges from 40 to 350 lumens depending on the setting or mode.

The C4 LED flashlight has low, high, and strobe light modes. You can also program the survival light to High-Strobe-Low, High Only, or Low-High settings using its TEN-TAP programmable switch. It produces a white beam that can reach up to 160 meters away.

The Streamlight ProTac Flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with an anodized finish while the lens is fashioned from Borofloat Glass. This survival tool can withstand high temperatures, impact from 2 meters high, and being submerged in 1 meter of water for half an hour.

This everyday carry kit must-have comes with a removable pocket clip, a nylon holster, 1 AA battery, and a CR123A battery. It may be small but you get more than you bargain for with the Streamlight ProTac 1L-1AA.

How to Use Your Tactical Flashlight to Survive | Photo by NorGal/Bigstock


Nitefox e1 Mini Keychain Flashlight

The Nitefox e1 Mini Keychain Flashlight is the epitome of small but terrible. It measures a tiny 1.2 inches and weighs just 0.2 ounces but it does more than just be cute. The mini keychain flashlight offers 15 minutes of light which should be enough to let you see in the dark.

The Nitefox e1 is powered by LR41 coin cells. It is capable of up to 12 hours of light though it will decline as the batteries die. Thankfully, you’ll get extra batteries in the set.

The waterproof emergency light is available in different colors and materials. The gold one is made of copper while the silver is stainless steel. The white and black flashlights are made of aluminum alloy.

The e1 flashlight is the perfect emergency light when you’re walking to your car. You can use the flashlight to see where you’re going while already holding your car keys. This will make it easier and faster for you to open your car.

The tiniest of all emergency lights on this list, the Nitefox e1 certainly deserves its place in your keychain. It’s also the perfect everyday carry gift or token you give anyone, especially your loved ones.


HydraLight Mini Water-Powered Flashlight

If your battery is drained and there is no way of recharging your emergency light, you can dip it in water instead. Well, that‘s what you would do if you had the HydraLight Mini Water-Powered Flashlight in your everyday carry kit.

Light is produced when you dip the bottom of the HydraLight in water for 10 seconds. The energy cell will be activated by the water to produce up to 10 hours of illumination. Once the energy cell is drained, you just have to dip the flashlight again. It’s that simple!


Streamlight Stylus Pro 90 Lumens LED Pen Light

Another one of the emergency lights that you can keep on your keychain, the Streamlight Stylus Pro LED Penlight is the perfect EDC gear. It’s only 5.3 inches long but it definitely packs a punch.

The penlight produces a beam with a light output of 90 lumens that lasts for as long as 7.5 hours. The keychain light is equipped with Streamlight’s proprietary Micro Optical System (MOS). This new system utilizes “Battery-Booster” electronics that allow their new 0.5-watt high flux LED light to give off up to 30,000 hours of super-bright white beam.

The Streamlight Stylus Pro Pen Light is pretty durable with its anodized aircraft aluminum outer body that has a Type II MIL-SPEC rating. This basically means the military-grade aluminum is resistant to corrosion and can withstand a six feet drop. Plus, the O-ring seal makes it waterproof.

Inside the Stylus Pro, you’ll find a polymer body liner that further increases the penlight’s durability. It comes with a rubber push-button tail cap switch encased in shockproof housing. Then there are the polycarbonate lens and pocket clip, both deemed unbreakable. Each package includes extra AAA batteries and a nylon holster.


Goal Zero Torch 500 Multi-Purpose Light

The Goal Zero Torch 500 looks nowhere near your regular flashlight. It’s the angular design that gives it an edge over other emergency lights. The good things don’t end with its futuristic look, though.

The handheld flashlight’s angular body lets you set it on its sides or stand on its end. The Torch 500 also comes with hooks that pop out from both ends, which can be used to hang the light. 

The Torch 500 has spotlight and floodlight functions, both of which provide 300 lumens of illumination. Both can also be set to low, medium, or high light modes. The flashlight can last for 3 to 7.5 hours depending on which light setting is used.

The built-in 1.2-watt solar panels allow you to charge the survival light even without an electrical outlet. It’s a lot faster when you use its USB cord, though, as it takes only 4 hours for its 5200mAh Li-ion NMC battery to be fully charged. The Torch 500 also functions as a charger.

The 12.8 oz Torch 500 flashlight is certified IP67 water-resistant, which means it can survive being dropped in three feet of water. It can also withstand dust, sand, and debris.

One thing that Goal Zero should have retained with the Torch 500 is the hand crank recharging feature. Its predecessor, the Torch 250, had this feature, which many people prefer in their emergency lights. Still, the Torch 500 should make it to the top of your list of emergency lights to consider for your everyday carry kit.



Petzl Actik Headlamp

A headlamp will come in handy if you have to do some repairs on your car at night. In such a scenario, you need both hands to work on your vehicle. A lantern will do but if you want to see what you’re doing clearly, a headlamp will do a better job.

The Actik headlamp provides 350 lumens of bright light through wide and mixed beam patterns. It features different white brightness levels and a red light that helps preserve night vision. It even comes with a reflective headband for low light visibility. If you need help, the hybrid headlamp has an emergency whistle to call the other people’s attention.

The Actik headlamp is comfortable to wear at only 92 grams and is also weather-resistant with an IPX4 rating. The emergency lighting tool is powered by a trio of AAA/LR03 batteries. It’s also compatible with the Petzl 1250 mAh CORE rechargeable battery, which is sold separately.


Petzl Tikka Headlamp

Headlamps are also useful during power outages, when jogging at night, or walking home in the dark. The Tikka headlamp, also from Petzl product, gives off 300 lumens of light projected through a wide beam. Like the Actik, the hybrid Tikka headlamp sports a reflector on its removable and washable headband.

The hybrid headlamp is also rated IP X4 weather-resistant, which means it won’t be affected by splashing water. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries and also compatible with the rechargeable CORE battery. The Tikka headlamp is available in four different colors: white, black, red, and green.


Luci EMRG Solar Lantern

The Luci EMRG camping lantern gets its power from the sun, which basically means you’ll always have a way to light up the dark. Of course, you need to keep this solar lantern charged during the day. Speaking of, a full charge, which takes about 8 hours of sun exposure, gives you up to 7 hours of light,

The Luci MERG solar lantern is equipped with 4 LEDs that produce 25 lumens of bright white light. It has 5 light modes: low, high, flashing light, white and red S.O.S. lights, and steady red light.

The pocket-sized Luci MERG is only 2.6 ounces light and measures just 1 inch tall and 4 inches wide when deflated. There shouldn’t be any problem packing it in your EDC kit. It is IP67 rated, which makes it completely waterproof when submerged up to 3 feet. The sealed emergency light should float to the surface if you accidentally drop it in the water.

The Luci MERG is one of the top survival lights for your everyday carry kit. It’s also a good tool to have when camping, doing car repairs at night, or dealing with power outages and other emergencies.


Pocket Light 2.0 Collapsible Solar Lantern

The Pocket Light portable lantern is more apt for outdoor activities such as camping or backpacking. It’s also a good emergency light to have in your car and bug out bag.  Since the telescopic Pocket Light folds into a smaller size, it should fit perfectly in your EDC kit.

The Pocket Light 2.0 solar lantern provides a light output of 25 and 63 lumens of light at low and high settings, respectively. It also has a flashing light setting that is useful during emergencies when you need to signal for help.

The 5 oz. portable lantern sports a powerful 800mAh Li-Ion battery that provides up to 15 hours of light on one full charge. You can plug the Pocket Light into a USB connection to charge fully in less than two hours. You can also leave it under the sun and let its built-in 4.8V solar panel do its job.

The Pocket Light 2.0 solar lantern comes with a detachable handle. This is useful when your car breaks down at night and you need to do some repairs. It’s perfect for tents, too, as you can hang it inside to light things up.


MPOWERD Luci Pro Series Original Solar Inflatable Light + Mobile Charger

You have limited space in your EDC kit so you better be smart about the tools you choose to bring every day. The Luci Pro Series solar inflatable light also functions as a charger. That’s two essential devices in one!

The inflatable lantern provides up to 150 lumens of light. It has four light modes, particularly, low, medium, high, and flashing. When set low, the solar lantern can last for 50 hours. The solar charger utilizes a 2000 mAh battery that’s capable of up to 50% emergency charge on your phone.

Portability is another vital aspect of any everyday carry tool. The waterproof Luci Pro Series lantern only weighs 5.5 oz and measures 1.8 inches when deflated. That barely takes up space in your bag.


Redfora Solar Charger + Light

Your EDC kit will contain more than one electrical device. There’s your phone, of course, along with your tactical flashlight, portable lantern, and probably a GPS tracker. All these need to be charged all the time.

It’s bothersome and potentially dangerous if one of these devices runs out of juice when you need them most. To avoid this problem, always bring a solar charger or power bank in your EDC kit.

Everyday Carry Essentials To Keep Your Lady Love Safe | Photo by photoboyko/Bigstock

The Redfora Solar Charger + Light charges your devices using solar power while also doubling as an ultra-bright flashlight. It’s capable of charging two devices at the same time. The devices are charged wirelessly or via USB outlets.

The Redfora charger itself can be charged by a wall outlet using the included USB cord or by sunlight with the three solar panels. Each full charge can power the largest phone twice before the charger itself needs recharging.

As for its light function, this Redfora product has three light modes. The steady mode is a super bright floodlight. The SOS and strobe modes, meanwhile, are more for emergencies. This everyday carry item is protected by a shock-proof and rain-proof case.


Emergency Light Sources You Need To Own | Photo by Luke Stackpoole/rawpixel.com

The purpose of having an everyday kit is to be prepared for anything, including power outages and late-night walks. An EDC kit is therefore not complete without emergency lights. Make sure you have more than one kind of emergency light in your kit just in case. Check out Gentleman Pirate Club to know more about everyday carry kits and personal safety.


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