23 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Homesteading Moms


Mother’s Day is coming up! If you’re looking to make the homesteading mom in your life feel a little more special, which she deserves, you should definitely get her something nice. Lucky for you there are plenty of Mother’s Day gift ideas you can choose from that will help with her work around the farm. Here are some great gift ideas for homesteading moms that will make their day:


Coffee Press

For moms who start their day with a nice cup of coffee, a coffee press is a great Mother’s Day gift idea. It will save her time and money in the long run, and she’ll be able to enjoy fresh, homemade coffee every morning.



If tea is more her, well, cup of tea, then a nice teapot would be a great Mother’s Day gift. There are so many different kinds and styles to choose from but one with an infuser should be a good choice.


Herbal Tea Sampler

For the mom who loves tea, an herbal tea sampler would be a great Mother’s Day gift. This way she can try out a bunch of different kinds and find her favorite.


Cooking Knives

A good set of knives is a must in any kitchen, and the homesteading mom who loves to cook will appreciate a nice new set. They don’t have to be the most expensive knives on the market, but they should be good quality and durable.



Cast Iron Skillet

A cast iron skillet is an essential piece of cookware for any homesteading mom. It’s durable, versatile, and can be used for so many different recipes. Plus, it will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.


Dutch Oven

Another great piece of cookware for homesteading moms is a Dutch oven. It’s perfect for cooking large meals or for slow-cooking meats. And, like a cast iron skillet, it will last a lifetime if taken care of properly.


Solar Oven

Homesteaders prefer to use renewable energy whenever possible and a solar oven is a great way to cook without using any electricity. They’re perfect for cooking in the summertime when it’s too hot to use the stove or oven. It’s also useful during power outages or when you’re camping out.


Air Fryer

Cooking is a huge part of a homesteader mom’s day but sometimes, it takes up too much of her time to do other important tasks on the homestead. An air fryer is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the homesteading mom who loves to cook but doesn’t always have the time. It’s a fast and convenient way to cook food with little to no oil, so it’s healthier, too.


Food Dehydrator

A dehydrator is a great gift for any homesteading mom since it’s really useful in preserving food. It can be used to make dried fruits and vegetables, as well as jerky and other meats.

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Canning Supplies

If the homesteading mom in your life likes to can her own food, then canning supplies would be a great Mother’s Day gift. This way she’ll have everything she needs to get started on her next canning project. Mason jars, for example, are always a necessity. She’ll need lots of them as she continues to grow her own food and preserve it for later.


Food Processor

A food processor is a nice thing to have in the kitchen. It makes food preparation and preservation a whole lot easier. It’s really useful for making quick work of chopping vegetables or fruits, and it can also be used to make sauces, dips, and spreads.



A blender is another great kitchen appliance for the homestead. Similar to food processors, they help make cooking easier and faster. It can be used to make soups, sauces, smoothies, and so much more. Plus, it’s really handy for making baby food and healthy snacks.



Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a great gift for any homesteading mom, especially if she loves to bake. It’s a big-time saver and will make her baking projects a lot easier. A mixer is necessary for mixing bread dough, cake batter, and more. Plus, it comes in handy for other tasks like mixing up homemade laundry detergent or body lotion.


Alternative Power Source

Are you willing to break the bank to make the homestead mom in your life truly happy? Get her an alternative power source to help her be more self-sufficient. If you can, have a solar power system installed in the homestead. Other options include a wind turbine and a small hydroelectric system. If those are out of your pocket’s reach, you can get her a portable power source as her Mother’s Day gift this year.


Homebrewing Kit

For the homesteading mom who loves to drink beer, a homebrewing kit would be a great Mother’s Day gift. This way she can brew her own beer right at home. There are kits available for all different kinds of beer, so you can find one that she’ll love.

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Wine Making Kit

If beer is not to her liking, she can make wine instead. A wine-making kit is a great gift for the homesteading mom who enjoys drinking wine. For one, DIY wine is much cheaper than buying one from the store. This present also gives her one more hobby to enjoy. She can also sell her homemade wine or give them out as gifts.

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Garden Tools

Every homesteading mom knows that a good set of garden tools is essential for getting the job done right. Some of the must-have tools include a shovel, hoe, rake, and watering can. Take a peek inside her tool shed and see what she needs. Better yet, get her a brand new one that’ll inspire her more and make it easier to do some gardening.

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Essential Tools for Your Survival Garden


Compost Bin

Most moms don’t like it when things go to waste. So help her out by getting her a compost bin. This way she can recycle things like eggshells, coffee grounds, and fruit and vegetable scraps. Not only is it good for the environment but it’ll also be great for her garden. It’s a great way to reduce waste and recycle nutrients back into the soil.

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You can get her a small compost bin for her countertop so she can easily discard and collect kitchen scraps for her garden. If she already has one, get her a larger compost bin she can keep outdoors. She can dump the contents of her countertop compost bin in here if she doesn’t have a compost pit already.


Chicken Coop

Thinking of something grand for Mother’s Day? How about a chicken coop? It’s literally huge compared to other Mother’s Day gift ideas on this list. Plus, it’s definitely something a homesteader mom would appreciate, especially if you’d help out with raising the chickens. Just make sure you get a good quality chicken coop that’s big enough for her to comfortably house her chickens in. And don’t forget the chicken feed and other supplies she’ll need to get started.


Essential Oil Kit

Moms always worry about their family’s health. So help her out by getting her an essential oil kit. This way she can make her own natural remedies for common ailments like colds, headaches, and stomach pains. Essential oils are also great for calming the nerves, which she may need after a long day of homesteading. Plus, she can use them to make her own cleaning products, which are much safer and healthier than store-bought ones. Aside from the essential oils, your gift can include carrier oils, a diffuser, and some spray bottles.


Emergency Food Supply

Most homesteaders are also into prepping. So an emergency food supply would be a great Mother’s Day gift for her. This way she can be prepared for anything that comes her way. When picking out the food, make sure to get non-perishable items with a long shelf life. You can also include some water purification tablets or a water filter in your gift.

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Homemade Gifts

One of the best gifts you can give a homesteading mom is something you made yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but the thought and effort that goes into a homemade gift will be much appreciated. Some homemade gifts you can consider include a bouquet of flowers, a potted plant or herb, or homemade jams and jellies made from your own garden. If you have skills with needles and sewing machines, why not make her a knitted scarf or hat or a homemade quilt or blanket. Baked goods like cookies, pies, or bread and handmade greeting cards from your kids will always be a hit with moms.

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A Day Off

Don’t have the means to get her a nice gift? Give her something priceless no money can buy. Let the homesteading mom in your life take a break from her work with a day off. She can use this time to relax, read a book, take a walk, or just enjoy some time to herself. This is a gift that she’ll definitely appreciate, and it will give her a chance to recharge her batteries.


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These are just some of the great Mother’s Day gift ideas for homesteading moms. So if you’re still stuck on what to get her, then hopefully this list has given you some inspiration. Visit Gentleman Pirate Club and learn more about homesteading so you’ll have a better picture of what she needs in her homestead.


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