9 DIY Easter Decoration Ideas

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It’s time to take those old Easter decorations out of the box and celebrate one the most beloved holidays of the year. Better yet, why not keep your creative juices flowing and come up with new DIY Easter decoration ideas for the whole family to make? That’s definitely one fun thing the children will be enjoying at home where it’s safe.



Toilet Paper Roll Egg Holder

The popular holiday is just around the corner. If you’re busy planning and preparing for Easter Sunday, it’s easy not to prioritize decorating your place. Since you can’t spend too much of your time making Easter ornaments, just do some easy DIY Easter decorations that won’t require you to go out and buy materials.

The simplest perhaps is to use toilet paper rolls. You just need to draw and cut out the neck or body and bunny ears on the toilet paper roll. Paint the whole thing white or brown or any color you like. Once dry, paint the insides of the ears using pink or a different color from the body.

Paint the egg the same color as the body and then draw the face. Don’t forget the two huge front teeth. That’ll make your DIY Easter bunny a lot cuter. That’s basically it.


Origami Rabbits

Easter is not complete without rabbits. You can have rabbits for pets but they don’t count as Easter decorations. A traditional origami rabbit, however, is a simple and easy DIY Easter decoration that anyone can make.

It’s simple in the sense that all you need are pieces of origami paper or cardstock and a little patience. A penchant for following instructions will also help. You can also use googly eyes to add a bit more fun to your DIY Easter project.

Grab a piece of origami paper or a cardstock cut into 6 x 6 inch (15 x 15 cm) squares and follow the instructions in the video above. If you want to challenge yourself, try the jumping origami rabbit in the video below.


Origami Egg Cups

Since you already have some origami paper, why not make origami egg cups to display some of your Easter eggs. They will look great on your coffee table or as part of your center table display. You can even serve edible boiled eggs on the paper cups for a more enjoyable Easter feast.

As you can see in the video, the egg holders are quick and easy to make. You can do as many as you want in just one sitting. Use them to hold eggs or place-cards. They can still be useful after Easter as storage for trinkets and other small items. This will definitely be a fun DIY arts and crafts activity with the kids.


Egg Carton Wreath

The fun thing about handmade Easter decorations is that you can experiment with any material available to you. Even things that normally would be in the trash right now can be repurposed into something pretty and useful.

An egg carton, for example, is a pretty versatile piece of “garbage.” You can use it as soundproofing, bird feeder, organizer, or seedling trays. This time, however, you can use an egg carton for your DIY Easter decoration.

DIY Egg Carton Wreath by The Crafty Crow

The DIY Egg carton Wreath by The Crafty Crow is easy enough for the kids to do. All you need are empty egg cartons, wooden wreath ring or cardboard or paper plate, a pair of scissors, acrylic paint and paintbrush, and glue. You just need to cut out flowers and leaves of different shapes and sizes from the egg cartons. Afterwards, paint them in spring colors or any color you like. While waiting for the paint to dry, cut your cardboard or paper plate into a huge donut-shaped figure. This will be the base of your wreath. Alternatively, you can just use a wooden wreath ring like they did in the video below. Next, glue the flowers and leaves to the base. Hang your DIY Easter decor on your door or anywhere you like.


Easter Egg Tree

In Germany, it’s traditions to decorate trees with Easter eggs around this time of the year. The custom has since been adopted by many countries. You can do a simpler version of the Easter egg tree by creating one out of branches, a vase and some craft eggs.

Easter Egg Tree by Design Improvised

First, gather some fallen branches and clean them a bit. You can leave them as is or paint them a color you wish. Place the branches in the vase and hang the eggs on the branches. If the eggs don’t come with a string or lanyard, you’ll need to glue one on each so you can hang them on your Easter egg tree. That’s it!

If you don’t have craft eggs, just make Easter eggs out of paper, cardboard, wood, or any material you have. If you have plywood lying around, you can make some eggs using a jigsaw. You also need a drill to make a hole for the string. Design Improvised used ceramic Easter egg ornaments to go with some plastic ones for their tree. They just painted the pre-cut Easter egg ornaments and let them dry before hanging them on the branches.



Pipe Cleaner Easter Eggs

Paint and dye can be a tad too messy. If you prefer not to do much cleaning after your DIY Easter project, use pipe cleaners instead. Pipe cleaners come in vibrant colors. They’ll also give your Easter eggs a different texture. Plus, they’re easy to use.

Pipe Cleaner Easter Eggs Photo by Mike Garten

Simply apply glue on the egg and wrap the pipe cleaner around it starting from one end. One egg will need 3 to 4 pipe cleaners of the same color. If you want to go crazy, use different colors on one egg.


Pom Pom Bunny Easter Eggs

This DIY Easter décor is as simple as it gets. You will need yarn, pipe cleaners, hot glue, scissors, and eggs. You’ll also need a fork. The video below shows how to make tiny pom poms with the help of a fork.

Pom Pom Bunny Easter Eggs Photo by Mike Garten

Once you’re done making mini pom poms, cut the pipe cleaners in half. Shape each one into an “M” then twist the ends together. Glue the end to the pom pom. This should look like a bunny head with ears.

Next, attach the bunny head to the egg with hot glue. The egg will be the bunny’s body. This will be the base of your DIY pom pom bunny. Decorate the bunnies however you like. You can use paint, markers, buttons, and whatever you can think of.

Pom Pom Easter Bunny by Lia Griffith

Here’s a different version of the pom pom Easter bunny by Lia Griffith. Take a look at that cute little bunny above. Isn’t it adorable with its puppy eye look? You know deep inside that you want something like that to decorate your home this Easter. I mean, how can you say no to that?

Lucky for you, such pom pom Easter bunny is pretty easy to make. You just need white yarn, wool or wool blend felt, black beads, hot glue gun, and a pair of scissors.

To make one Easter rabbit, you’ll need pom poms of 3 different sizes. Use glue gn to attach all three pom poms together. The largest pom pom will be the body while the medium-sized one is the rabbit’s head. The littlest one will be the cute bunny tail. Cut the ears and nose out of the felt sheets then glue them on the head. The black beads will be the bunny’s eyes.


Easter Garland

Make the most your of your yarn and wool felt sheets by making an Easter garland. Use the Easter garland by DIY Candy to make bunny shapes out of the felt sheets. You can also use craft paper of you wish.

Next, make one tiny pom pom for each bunny. Glue the pom pom to the bunny to give it a fluffy tail. Finally, glue the bunnies by their ears to a piece of string to complete your garland.


Easter Fairy Garden

Most families do their Easter egg hunt in their yard where there’s more space for the kids to run around and more hiding places for the eggs. Since you’ll be spending some time in your garden, why not decorate the place for Easter.

If you’re fond of DIY fairy gardens, this Easter decoration will definitely put a smile on your face. All you have to do is give your fairy garden an Easter touch by adding rabbits, eggs, baskets, and other Easter-themed miniatures. Teelie’s Fairy Garden has a nice collection of Easter fairy garden miniatures.


Celebrate Easter While On Coronavirus Lockdown | Photo by kalim/Bigstock

If you look around, you’ll find hundreds of DIY Easter decoration ideas that will keep you and the children busy in the next few days. It’s all good, nonetheless, since such arts and crafts projects give you a chance to bond with the whole family. Don’t forget to prepare to prepare a nice meal and to hide the eggs before Sunday, though. Check out Gentleman Pirate Club for Easter recipes and other ways to safely celebrate the occasion.



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