Amazingly Cheap Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas

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The holiday season is a great time for preppers. That’s because lots of survival gears and other items necessary to prepare yourself for emergencies are currently on sale. Of course, these amazing sales don’t last that long so you should get busy and start looking for cheap prepper Christmas gift ideas.


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Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas Under $10

Safety Weatherproof Matches

Knowing how to start a fire with nothing but a couple of sticks, some stones, or a magnifying glass is one of the most important survival skills one could learn. But having ample supply of fire starters will make things a whole lot easier. And if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for preppers that are on the cheaper side, fire starters are it.

Waterproof matches such as the Safety Weatherproof Matches from Frog & CO takes up little space but are very useful. Plus, they work even in wet and windy weather. The twenty matches in the waterproof case can each light up for 15 seconds, which should be enough to start your fire.


Elements Magnesium Fire Starter Fire Rod

The weatherproof matches and the Elements Magnesium Fire Starter Fire Rod, also from Frog & CO, are relatively cheap. This means you can get both as Christmas presents for your prepper friend since the more survival gear you have, the better chance for you to be prepared for any disaster.

The magnesium fire starter is more reliable than matches and even lighters. Plus, it does more than start a fire. It’s a 3-in-1 tool as it also comes with a built-in 150-decibel emergency whistle and compass. The 4.75-inch long fire rod can last 15,000 strikes, which is way more than what other brands can offer.


Pocket Stove Folding Camping Stove

If you’re into prepping, you know the importance of bug out bags. When things go wrong at home and you have to evacuate, you’re first instinct should be to grab your BOB before scooting out of your home. These grab bags need to have all the necessary items you need to survive at least for a few days until you find a better situation.

A camping stove should be one of the survival items in your bags. You can always make bonfires and cook your food or boil your water over it but this process takes time and energy, which are important in survival situations. With a portable stove such as the Pocket Stove Folding Camping Stove, all you need is to set up the stove and light up the hex fuel tablets that come with each purchase.

The Pocket Stove is lightweight at only 3.8 ounces. The aircraft-grade aluminum camping stove measures 0.8 x 3.9 x 3 inches when folded so it takes up very little space in your pack. For every purchase of the Pocket Stove, you get six smoke-free fuel tablets along with a small pouch to keep your portable stove.

Each fuel tablet lasts for 9 minutes, which means you have 54 minutes of cooking time with the fuel tablets included in the set. To make sure you have enough fire burning, get one or more extra packs of Hexamine Fuel Tabs by Frog & CO.

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Pocket Stove Hexamine Fuel Tablets

A pack of twelve fuel tablets weigh a total of only 2.4 ounces and takes up little space in your bug out bag. You can also hoard as many as you wish in your home for emergency purposes. During times when you don’t want to attar attention, say during a civil unrest when you must stay hidden, the smoke-free cooking will be important. The fuel tablets last for hundreds of years so they’re something preppers will truly appreciate.


Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas Under $20

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

In any emergency situation, there are three main things you need in order to survive. If you’re lost in the woods or stranded on a deserted island, for example, you need to find food and shelter to keep you going until you’re rescued. Most important, perhaps, is to find a source of clean water to drink. As many of you probably know, human beings won’t last more than four days without water.

Ideally, you should always have some water with you whenever you go on an outdoor adventure. You should also have ample drinking water at home in case of drought or a contaminated water system like what’s happening in Flint, Michigan right now. Aside from these, you also need a way to turn filthy water into something safe to consume.

This is where water filtration systems come in. The LifeWater Personal Water Filter is perhaps the most popular in its field. During filtration, 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.99% of parasites are eliminated. It also gets rid of fine particles reducing the water’s turbidity and making it more visually appealing.

Imagine being stranded alone and you’re only source of water, aside from the occasional rain, is a muddy pond. With a personal water filter, you can at least increase your chances of not dying of dehydration for at least a year. LifeWater can provide you with up to 4,000 liters of clean water, which is what one person needs for a whole year.

The LifeWater Personal Water Filter is made of ABS plastic that’s pretty durable. It measures 8.8 inches and only weighs a couple of ounces so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t carry it anywhere you go. It also looks good in cheerful Christmas wrapper.


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Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas Under $30

LifeShield® Essential Basics Kit w/ Warmth, Fire, Light & Cooking by Frog & CO

If you’re looking prepper Christmas gift ideas for just under $30, you can end your search. The LifeShield® Essential Basics Kit from Frog & Co comes with some basic survival gear, particularly those that provide warmth, light, fire, and a means to cook.

The set includes a pocket stove with six fuel tablets for your cooking and boiling needs. There’s also the set of twenty weather-proof matches in a weather-proof case. Both these items, as previously discussed, would be great prepper Christmas gift ideas by themselves. But if you wish for a more special Christmas gift for your prepper friend, this LifeShield Essential Basics Kit is a good choice.

Aside from the camping stove and matches, the kit includes an emergency bivvy bag and LED flashlight. The Tact Bivvy measures 7 x 3 feet and weighs only 2.7 ounces. It comes with a survival whistle, fire starter drawstring, and a stuff sack.

The 3.5-inch long survival flashlight, meanwhile, provides 150 lumens of bright light. It has three different light modes, particularly, high, medium and strobe. The flashlight uses CREE LED light bulbs and comes with an AA battery.


LifeShield® 1-Person Mess Kit by Frog & CO

Whether your friend is an avid camper or a bonafide prepper, he’ll surely appreciate the LifeShield® Essential Basics Kit for Christmas.

The set comes with all the basics for cooking and eating outside the comforts of your home or a restaurant. It includes waterproof matches and the Pocket Stove for your cooking needs. The P-38 can opener is, of course, for opening your canned goods, which you can then cook in your stainless steel cup. Once done, you can use your spork survival tool to eat your hot meal. There’s also a green ripstop fabric bag to keep all your gear.

Photo by champlifezy/Bigstock

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Prepper Christmas Gift Ideas Under $40

LifeShield® Light & Communications Survival Kit by Frog & CO

When there’s an impending disaster or emergency, it’s important to stay updated. It’s also vital that you have a way to attract attention if you need some rescuing. The LifeShield® Light & Communications Survival Kit by Frog & CO includes survival tools meant to do both.

The Kaito KA208 radio fits the palm of your hands so it’s a good tool to have in your gear. In fact, the radio alone should be a good holiday present for preppers but since you’ve set around $40 or less for your gift, you should get the whole kit.

Aside from the portable radio, the LifeShield kit also comes with an emergency candle, a green glowstick, a mini Tact light, and 20 matches inside a waterproof case. All these items are useful in lighting up dark spaces and signalling for help. The emergency whistle, meanwhile, is also effective in getting the attention of nearby people in case you need help.


LifeShield® Survival Grab Bag by Frog & CO

If you’re new to prepping, there are lots of things you need to know and to own. When  it comes to bug out bags or emergency kits, you can start with the basics then add more as you go along.

The LifeShield® Survival Grab Bag by Frog & CO should give you a good head start. It includes a tube tent that gits two persons. This will protect you from the cold and critters if you have sleep under the stars. The survival blanket keeps you warm while its reflective surface can be used to signal for help. Check out this post to know more ways to use the Mylar blanket.

Also in the kit is a 5-in-1 emergency whistle, which comes with a built-in compass, signal mirror, flint fire starter, and a waterproof container. The paracord survival grenade comes with 9 feet of 550 lb. paracord, a knife blade, fire starter, fishing line, fishing hooks, fishing weights, bobbers, swivels, tin foil, and tinder to help start fire for cooking fish.

The 11-in-1 Survival Card is a credit card-sized survival tool. Its features include a can opener, knife edge, slothead and flathead screwdrivers, ruler, bottle cap opener, 2- and 4-position wrenches, wingnut wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indicator, and a keychain hole.

Finally, there’s a pack of waterproof matches in their own waterproof canister and a deck of playing cards that’ll not only help you while away the time but also give you important survival tips.


LifeShield® Health & First Aid Kit by Frog & CO

A first aid kit as Christmas present? Some people may find it interesting to receive a first aid kit for Christmas but preppers are a different breed. They will definitely love it when they get something for Christmas that they can add to their emergency preparations.

The LifeShield® Health & First Aid Kit by Frog & CO is made up of 14 potassium iodate tablets, N-95 respirator, and a first aid kit with 34 items.

The potassium iodate tablets keep you safe from radiation while the respirator helps protect you from dust and diseases. The 34-piece first aid kit includes different kinds of bandages along with alcohol prep pads, antiseptic towelettes, cotton tip applicators, and a butterfly wound closure. The kit also comes with a cream for burns, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, Ibuprofen, and non-aspirin tablets.  For hygienic purposes, there’s the washcloth, sanitary pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental pick, soap, shampoo and conditioner, hand and body lotion, deodorant, comb, razor, and shaving cream.

Top Survival Gifts You Want For Christmas

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