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Every man dreams of having his very own man cave. It may be a room in your home, basement, garage, or attic. You can even go beyond the walls of your home. Find the perfect spot in your backyard to build a small structure for your man cave. Once you have the right place, you can start decorating your personal space however you like it. One popular theme you may want to consider is a pirate man cave.


There are a lot of essentials every man cave should have. Of course, one’s preference differs from another but in general, men want the same things. Some of these man cave essentials include a large flat screen high definition TV, superior surround sound system, the latest game console and tons of games, a refrigerator and wine chiller, and a comfortable sofa.

Most dudes like games. That’s why pool tables, ping pong tables, Foosball tables, and dartboards are popular among many cave owners. There are a few that follow a certain theme such as s sports bar, game room, casino club, and hunting cabin. For this post, we’ll show you how to make your pirate man cave.


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Moby Dick Captains Quarters Nautical Plaque

Show your pirate-y ways right at the door. Get yourself this Captains Quarters Nautical Plaque from Moby Dick and proudly display it on the door or anywhere you wish. You decide since it’s YOUR pirate man cave. The plaque is made of aluminum and antique brass. It measures only 4 x 7.5 inches.


Household Essentials Wooden Arch Storage Chest

A wooden trunk doubles as a coffee table and a treasure chest where you keep some of your stuff. The Wooden Arch Trunk or Storage Chest from Household Essentials has a flat lid so it’s perfect as a small table. You may want to use coasters before placing your ice-cold beer on them though.

The wooden storage chest measures 24.75 x 12.5 x 14.375 inches and weighs 18.5 pounds. It is made of MDF wood while all sides are finished. Decorative arches also wrap the chest around.


Beachcombers Pirate Ship Home Décor

It’s not a man cave if there isn’t one purchase that you’re really happy with but your wife thinks is a useless piece of … pirate trash. That distinction will go to this gorgeous pirate ship home décor from Beachcombers.

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The miniature all-black pirate ship is made of wood while the black sails are made from cloth. There are also ropes or strings to complete the look. This pirate man cave must-have measures 9.5 x 9.5 x 4.8 inches so it won’t take up that much space yet is big enough to be ogled by your guests.


InterestPrint Love Nature Sweet Home Modern Collection Custom Flag of Pirates Area Rug

No matter how “manly” you are, it’s always nice to put your feet on something soft and comfy. No, you’re not walking on clouds but on this gorgeous 7′ x 5′ piece Flag of Pirates indoor area rug by InterestPrint.

The machine-made area rug is made of durable high-density and low-profile nylon pile. The complex design of the Jolly Roger printed over planks of wood is made possible by using a modern color pallet. It’s pretty lightweight and can easily be folded and stored when you plan on having a party in your man cave.


Uphome Sea Theme Memory Foam Bath Mat

A pirate man cave needs its own head. That’s toilet in pirate speak. You don’t want your scurvy guests scampering around your home looking for the toilet, do you? Have one built in your fortress of solitude so the wife will not be scolding you about dirty and muddy floors.

Of course, you need a bath mat to keep your feet dry, But don’t just settle with any bath mat. You want the sea-themed memory foam bath mat from Uphome.

The 100% microfiber mat comes with this pretty design of a huge octopus with little prints of ships, sea creatures, and the beach. The nautical mat is made with three layers – soft coral surface, breathable and absorbent foam middle, and skid-resistant runner backing.

The ultra-soft and absorbent sea-themed bath mat features an upgraded TPR stripe backing. The durable and waterproof backing keeps the mat in place, keeping you from slipping and hurting yourself.

A shower curtain that matches the bath mat is sold separately.


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Ambessone Old World Map Tapestry

From the floor to the wall, a pirate-themed man cave can never run out of anything pirate. Decorate your boring wall with the Ambesonne Old World Map Tapestry, which features a copy of an old world map.

The 80 x 60-inch tapestry is made of lightweight imported satin fabric with hand-sewn finished edges. The design is printed using state-of-the-art digital printing technology, which explains the realness of the world map.


Royal Decanters Skull Shaped Glass Whiskey and Liquor Decanter Gift Set

A man cave without the right supply of alcoholic beverages is simply a cave, a primitive one. Alone or with friends, you can get the party started in your pirate man cave by owning the skull-shaped glass whiskey and liquor decanter set from Royal Decanters.

The 75 mL skull decanter and 4 bar glasses along with the wooden stand are carefully crafted by hand. That fact alone should be enough for you to appreciate it and consider getting this gift set as a, well, gift to yourself.

It would be nice to come home from work, relax a bit with the wife and kids, then head into your pirate man cave and go straight to your personal bar to enjoy a glass of whiskey or any liquor you wish to pour into the skull decanter.


Atlantic Collectibles Pirates of the Caribbean Seas Mug

Most men love to take a swig straight out of the beer bottle. But there are times you want to drink it from a mug or cup. During such times, use the Atlantic Collectibles Pirates of the Caribbean Seas Mug.

What makes this fantabulous beer or coffee holder a pirate mug is the mug of a dead pirate prominently displayed on the side. A scary-looking hand-painted high-quality polyresin skull draped in a pirate hat and red bandana gives off this toothy smirk while a flintlock pistol and cutlass are crossed right under it.

Beyond the resin design is a stainless steel liner that can hold 12 ounces of liquid courage. The Pirate mug, which stands 4.25 inches tall, will definitely make your mates envious.

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Magnetic Pirate Refrigerator Bottle Opener

If you’re more of a beer guy, you need a bottle opener. Take your love for pirate stuff to a whole new level by getting the Magnetic Pirate Refrigerator Bottle Opener from Pirate Bottle Opener.

The pirate bottle opener, which measures 4.5 x 2 x 0.75 inches, is made of metal and stoneware while a magnet is situated at the back. This way, you can stick your bottle opener onto the fridge so it’s within reach every time you need a beer fix.


Pirate Magnetic Poetry Kit

Some of you may be taken aback upon seeing the word “poetry.” First of all, poetry will not lessen your manhood whatsoever. Second, the Magnetic Poetry Kit is a great way for you to learn pirate speak. Lastly, you can stick them to the fridge. How cool is that?

The Pirate Magnetic Poetry Kit contains more than 200-word tiles featuring popular pirate speak and other regular words. Use these 0.375-inch word tiles to create poems, haikus, quotes, or even simple notes and reminders. You can even get into a fight using these magnetic tiles just like the couple in the video below.

The magnetic word tiles are packed in a 4.75 x 3-inch box similar to other themed magnetic poetry kits. Other themes include Geek, Happiness, Love, Story Maker, and the Original Edition Magnetic Poetry Kit, of course. You can purchase as many of these kits as you want to have an endless supply of words.

How to Turn Your Nursery Into A Pirate-Themed Room This Labor Day Weekend
How to Turn Your Nursery Into A Pirate-Themed Room This Labor Day Weekend

There are lots of other ways to turn your man cave into a pirate’s cove. If you have suggestions on how to make the perfect pirate man cave, please feel free to do so in the comment section. Also, follow us on Gentleman Pirate Club to get more stuff about pirates.

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