Bug Out Bag Essentials for New Moms


Taking care of yourself during a disaster is difficult enough. Having children to think of during such tumultuous times is, well, a horrifying thought. Now imagine you’re a new parent when disaster strikes. Are you prepared for this possibility? Can you confidently say that you can protect your baby and the rest of the family? Increase your chances of keeping everyone safe by taking disaster preparedness seriously and gathering bug out bag essentials for new moms.



Bug Out Bug Checklist for Baby

A typical bug out bag contains food, water and other supplies that will help you stay safe for at least 72 hours. Kids may have their own go bags though they can only carry a few supplies. Infants, however, can’t carry anything at all, obviously. You need to pack a separate bug out bag for your baby to go with the emergency kit for new moms.


Baby Bag

You need the right kind of bag for your bug out bag essentials. There are three popular types of diaper bags, namely tote, messenger, and backpack diaper bags. In an emergency situation, you want complete use of both of your hands. A backpack diaper bag allows this convenience.

If you’re carrying your own go bag, which is very likely, you’ll need to put the backpack diaper bag on your front. If you’re already wearing the baby carrier and carrying your bug out bag, it would be better to use a messenger diaper bag. The family needs to determine who will be carrying the baby and her bug out bag. This will prevent confusion when SHTF and you need to evacuate.

Homestead Lady suggests using three small and separate bags for the baby stuff. This way you can separate the items accordingly. Place food, water, baby bottles and other items related to feeding in one bag. Another bag contains the diapers, other hygiene items and baby clothes. Use the other bag for medicines, first aid kit and other baby items you think are necessary.

Make sure the three bags come in different colors so it will be easier to get what you need. You can stuff them in a bigger backpack or use carabiners to attach them to your regular bug out bag.


Baby Food

When you have an infant, you’ll need to think about what she needs. The most basic of all bug out bag essentials for new moms is baby food. Ideally, infants should be breastfed exclusively for as long as their mothers can. Prolonged breastfeeding benefits both the mother and the baby. Unfortunately, not all moms can produce as much milk as they want.

Stress is a common factor why some moms cannot produce breast milk. Since disasters and emergencies are pretty stressful, nursing moms may find it difficult to breastfeed her baby. In these situations, it’s okay to give your child baby formula or powdered goat milk.

Your choice of baby formula will depend on the child’s age. There are infant formulas suited for babies 0 to 3 months old and there are those that are best for one-year-olds. As your child grows older, you should replace the infant formula in your bug out bag with more age-appropriate ones. In case your baby is lactose intolerant, you can feed her powdered goat milk. Pack at least 48 scoops of baby formula or goat milk. Also, don’t forget to regularly check the expiration dates of the baby formula and baby food if she’s eating solids already.

Don’t forget your BPA-free baby bottles. A couple of bottles would do if you have limited space in your bag. Use a milk dispenser so you don’t always have to struggle with scooping the formula every time she gets hungry.

Some baby foods go bad in heat. Invest on a solar-powered cooler so you can keep baby food from spoiling. You can also keep your food and bottled water in the cooler so you can enjoy a fresh meal and refreshing drink.



Water is obviously an essential need, particularly for babies who are more susceptible to dehydration. You need water to prepare your infant formula. As your baby grows older, she’ll eventually drink water. It is also necessary for baths and for cleaning up after her. You also want to use clean water for sanitizing her bottles and other baby items.

Moms also need to stay hydrated and healthy to produce milk and have the energy to care for their child. Pack the right amount of bottled water and water pouches that both of them will need. Each person needs at least one gallon of water per day. A 6 to 12 month old baby, meanwhile, needs 4 to 8 ounces of water just for drinking or feeding. The older she gets the more water she requires.

Pack water purification tablets as well as a portable stove, stainless steel pot, and fire starters for boiling water. Invest on a portable water filtration system, as well. With all these, you should be able to procure clean, drinking water if your stock runs out.


Hygiene Kit

Babies smell so good. You want to keep it that way even during the apocalypse. Make sure you pack everything you’ll need to keep your little bundle of joy clean and healthy.

Diapers are next on the list of baby emergency kit essentials. Even if you prefer using cloth diapers, you should keep disposable ones in your baby bug out bag. In an emergency situation, you don’t have the time or the right place to wash dirty diapers. If you’re in an evacuation center, for example, it’s better not to bother the others with your baby’s stinky cloth diapers. You also don’t want to waste water washing them.

Just make sure you get rid of disposable diapers properly. The problem with these diapers aside from being environmentally unfriendly is that they’re quite bulky. Bug out bags have limited space so you should make use of it wisely.

Your best option is to use both disposable and reusable diapers. Pack at least 3 days’ worth of disposable diapers along with some cloth diapers. A newborn uses around 8 to 12 diapers a day. That means a bug out bag for new moms should have at least 36 disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers are lightweight and take up little space. You can pack up to 36 pieces for newborn babies. Use them once you’re out of disposable diapers and can’t get your hands on new ones. Dispose of dirty cloth diapers properly if there’s no way to wash and reuse them.

Other bug out bag essentials for new moms are a changing pad, baby wipes, garbage bags, baby nail clippers, silicone finger toothbrush, and a nasal aspirator. The changing pad is necessary since you can’t be sure you’ll end up in a clean and sterilized place after bugging out. The changing pad will offer some comfort and protection for your baby when you have to change her diapers.

Baby wipes are for cleaning her up. Choose chemical-free and unscented hypoallergenic wipes, especially if she has sensitive skin. When you’re done cleaning up, place all trash in a garbage bag. Tie it up tightly and dispose it properly. Pack small garbage bags for your dirty diapers.

Babies tend to put their fingers in their mouths. Keep her nails short and clean. A nail file will also help soften the edges of her nails to keep her from scratching herself.

Babies who have started growing their teeth will need proper oral care. A BPA-free silicon finger toothbrush will help keep their teeth clean and healthy. You can also use a clean damp cloth or a gauze pad. Proper dental hygiene is important since rotten teeth can affect her speech development and overall health.

Your baby my find it harder to breathe through her nose if it’s filled with snot and dirt. Since she can’t pick her nose yet, help her out with a nasal aspirator. Be gentle when you use this, though. Her nose can easily get irritated if you’re forceful.



Baby Clothes

Pack extra sets of clothes. You should know how many times your baby needs a change each day. That should give you an idea how many sets you need in your bug out bag.

Don’t forget the seasonal clothes. Babies are too delicate that they can easily get cold. Include an insulated waterproof jacket, hoodie or sweater in your baby BOB. She’ll also need a beanie, hand warmers, and wool socks. Check your bug out bag before winter to see if you have these cold weather clothes.


Sleeping Gear

Newborn babies sleep a lot. If your child sleeps better when you carry her, you should have a baby carrier. On warm days, you can use a baby wrap or swaddle blankets. You can also use it as a nursing cover, a play mat, or an additional layer of protection if it gets really cold.


You can’t afford to carry and rock your baby all the time, though. In stressful situations, you also need to get some rest so it would be great if you can put your baby down every now and then. Make sure you have a sleeping bag for babies, sleeping pad, and blankets.


Medical Kit

Whenever you take your baby out, you risk exposing her to different illnesses. There’s also the possibility of getting physically hurt, especially from whatever disaster you’re facing. The chaos resulting from these emergencies can result to further accidents since everyone will be running for their lives, so to speak.

Pack a first aid kit in your go bag so you can immediately treat minor injuries. Get some training so you can administer first aid to your baby and the rest of the family. You should know how to perform baby CPR and other life-saving skills.

Aside from your first aid kit, you should also pack baby vitamins and prescribed medications. You may want to get a sunscreen lotion and insect repellents suited for a baby’s sensitive skin. Essential oils may help treat some medical issues and calm you baby’s nerves, as well as yours.


Other Baby Items

Bring something that will help your baby feel comfortable. Aside from her baby blanket, you should also bring her pacifier and favorite toys. Some babies like it when you read to them. A few of her favorite books will also come in handy when she gets irritated or stressed.

When you have to evacuate your home, you may only have a second or so to grab her toys and books. If it takes you too long, this may endanger you and everyone else. Your best option is to have duplicates of her favorite items kept in your baby go bag or in your vehicle.


Bug Out Bag Checklist for New Moms

As mentioned, moms also need to take care of themselves. They are the ones who are best equipped to take care of an infant. Of course, the father and the rest of the family will do what they can to make sure the baby is safe but she needs her mother most, especially during stressful times.

Essential Survival Gear You Got to Get Mom for Mother’s Day | Photo by deagreez/Bigstock

Aside from the usual stuff found in a bug out bag, new moms also need to pack nursing bras, breast pads, and a breast pump. Since the world is still dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, you should include face masks, alcohol and alcohol-based hand sanitizers in your emergency kit. In fact, you should also have them in your everyday carry kit and other emergency kits.

20 Bug Out Bag Essentials You Definitely Need | Photo by AndyBadger/Bigstock

She’ll probably need lots of coffee so make sure you have a way to make some even if you have to evacuate your home. As mentioned, pack a portable stove and pot or kettle for boiling water. For now, skip the wine bottle. It’ll be difficult to carry it in your bug out bag.


Some Emergency Preparedness Tips for New Parents

In the 2013 disaster film Hours, the late Paul Walker’s character struggled to keep his newborn child alive after Hurricane Katrina. The baby was born prematurely so she needed to be kept in a neonatal incubator. However, the hurricane causes a power outage leaving the father to crank a generator every few minutes to keep the ventilator working.

This scenario may seem unbelievable but things like this happen in real life. You need a fool proof emergency preparedness plan to ensure your young family’s safety. This becomes more important if one of you, especially your baby, has a medical condition.

In the above situation, you have two major emergencies that the protagonists were not prepared for. First, the mother passed away and the baby was born prematurely. Second, the hurricane hit while they were in the hospital. Then they had to deal with the blackout caused by the storm.

This is a prime example that you need to be prepared for every kind of emergency, even the ones that seem so unlikely. According to SHTF Dad, you need to “identify what SHTF disasters” you should plan for. Take the time to study all potential emergencies so you can prepare for each one the right way.

Emergency Preparedness Tips for New Parents | Photo by Siriwat.jr/Bigstock

When you first learned you were pregnant, you probably started making plans on how you can make sure your child lives a happy life. It’s not enough to get the best doctor and to buy all the nicest baby stuff. You also need to think about the health and safety of your child in case disaster strikes.

That is why you should invest on a bug out bag for babies and new moms. Make a list of everything the mother and child will need in case they have to leave home for a safer place. Once you’ve completed your list, make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Another tip from SHTF Dad about purchasing bug out bag essentials for new moms is to consider your budget. There are items that you can buy for cheap while there are some that you shouldn’t skimp on.

Prepare more than one baby emergency kit. Aside from the bug out bug essential for new moms you have at home, you should keep another kit in your vehicle.



Mother’s Day Gifts to Prepare Your Mom for Disasters | Photo by pikselstock/Bigstock

Raising a child is difficult enough. Raising a child during the apocalypse is, well, a horrifying thought. As wonderful it is to be a parent, the fact that someone else’s life is in your hands may be a tad too much to bear, especially if you’re trying to outrun zombies. Ideally, new parents should be prepared emotionally, mentally and financially before conceiving a child. They should also be prepared for emergencies.

If you’re looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, these bug out bag essentials for new moms and babies may just do the trick. The ones listed here are just some of the basic baby items you need to be more prepared for whatever trouble that may come your way. You should also consider the specific needs of both the mother and infant when building their go bag. For more useful tips on prepping and survival, regularly check Gentleman Pirate Club.


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