Cheap Survival Gear Gifts to Give Co-Workers This Holiday Season

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Here’s a common dilemma come Christmas season: you want to give your co-workers nice presents but you can’t afford to go all out and break the bank. You don’t have to be a rich man to show your appreciation to your friends at work. Being a cheapskate also doesn’t mean you don’t care at all about the people you interact with almost every day. The best way to express how much you appreciate your co-workers is to get them affordable yet useful survival gear gifts this holiday season.

When you say survival gear gifts, we’re talking about things that will come in handy during emergencies. These kinds of Christmas presents tell them you care enough to make sure they get home safe and sound. The best part is that you don’t have to spend that much for these holiday giveaways. This particular list includes survival gear gifts you can have for $20 or less.


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SLFORCE Personal Alarm Siren $25

One of the worst feelings in the world is when someone dear to you is going through some rough times and you didn’t know anything. It gives you a feeling of defeat that you weren’t there to help out.

When it comes to the safety of your family and friends, there is a way you can make sure they’re safe even if you’re miles away.

The SLFORCE Personal Alarm is a small device that let out a “scream” once pressed. That scream is actually a 130 decibel siren that should scare away any threat and attract the attention of other people. The personal alarm is also equipped with an LED flashlight to help you in the dark. You can also use this to signal for help, especially when you’re trapped somewhere dark.

Use the key ring to attach the SLFORCE Personal Alarm to your keychain, bag, or purse. This will make it easier to grab it and pull at the hand strap to activate the siren.

The personal alarm is worth $25 for five pieces per purchase. That means you get them for only $5 each. They also come in different colors.

Photo by Dudarev Mikhail/Bigstock

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Elk Ridge Pink 3.1 Inches Folding Knife $19.97

It may scare some people to receive a knife for Christmas. But if your co-worker goes home alone at night, he or she could use something to defend themselves when they are attacked.

The Elk Ridge Folding Knife is perfect for ladies who love “girly” things but can kick ass when necessary. Now when we say “girly,” we didn’t mean it in a negative way. It’s just that the folding knife comes in camo and pink, the latter color most people associate that color with the ladies.

Of course, men can also rock this pink knife from Elk Ridge. What’s important here is you give your co-workers a chance to scare away or strike a threat.

This piece of survival gear features ambidextrous thumb studs that allow you to open the knife as quick as possible. This is an important feature, particularly when you’re in an emergency situation. Once the black 2.25-inch 440 stainless steel blade is out, it stays secure courtesy of the liner lock mechanism.

The manual folding knife measures 5.5 inches when the blade is out and 3 inches when closed. It weighs 2.56 ounces and comes with a pocket clip. At $19.97, the Elk Ridge Folding Knife is affordable enough to give to your closest friends at work.

Photo by zwer/Bigstock

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Frog & Co. Survival Neck Knife with Sharpener, Fire Starter & Compass $19.97

When it comes to survival gear gifts you can give your co-workers, you can opt for something multi-functional. As a matter of fact, the kinds of survival gear are those that serve more than one purpose.

Take the Survival Neck Knife from Frog & Co., for example. It’s a knife, compass, and signal mirror in one. That’s not all. It also comes with a lanyard, which is useful in many tasks.

The fixed blade is made from 440c Stainless Steel. It’s also 2.9 inches long and 3mm thick. The blade is safely kept in a nylon fiber knife sheath, which can be worn on the neck using the lanyard. The total length of the neck knife is 5.5 inches, which should be comfortable to wear regardless of the wearer’s height.

Of course, you can’t go about your day at the office wearing the neck knife. They’re better off stashed in their bags or purses during work hours and then wear them once they check out. Your friends will appreciate having such a survival gear that they can depend on when the going gets tough.


Frog & CO Tactical Pen Knife $14.97

You’re probably wondering what our deal is with knives. Just to be clear, we’re not trying to start a knife gang of some sort. We’re just putting the option of using knives for self defense on the table.

Only knives that have blades not longer than three inches are allowed be carried in most states. These everyday carry items, as mentioned, are used mainly for self defense. One such knife is the Tactical Pen Knife by Frog & Co.

The Tactical Pen Knife is an actual pen that writes with a 2.5-inch serrated blade hidden under the cap. The whole thing measures 5.5 inches long and weighs only 0.6 ounces. What’s even more impressive about this piece if survival gear is that it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which is pretty tough, to say the least.

Photo by Nuei57/Bigstock

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Frog & CO Mini Rechargeable Tact Flashlight $14.97

Everyone should have a flashlight in their bag or pocket at all times. If you finish work late, you need your flashlight to see things in the dark in case you parked far from the light or if you have to walk home.

A tactical flashlight such as the Mini Rechargeable Tact Flashlight from Frog & Co. is a better option since it’s made for more rugged tasks such as hitting an attacker on the head. The said survival gear must-have is made of durable aluminum so it won’t break easy if you have to use it as a weapon.

Photo by NorGal/Bigstock

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The 4-inch long super bright LED flashlight comes with three different light modes – regular front facing flashlight, emergency flashing light, and flood sidebar light. The everyday carry item also boasts of a 400 mAh battery capacity and comes with a USB to mini-USB, plastic carrying case, and a lanyard.

The Frog & Co. Mini Rechargeable Tact Flashlight is worth $14.97, a great deal and an even greater survival gear gift for your co-workers this Christmas.


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Resqme 04.100.09 The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool $13.99

Most people who work in office building drive to and from work. Some take the train or bus. Then there are those who drive big rigs, cabs or other vehicles to earn their keep. These people will appreciate survival gear gifts that would help keep them safe while on the road.

The Resqme Keychain Car Escape Tool is a multi-function survival tool. It’s a seatbelt cutter and window breaker in one. In case you get in a vehicular accident, there’s the possibility of the fuel leaking and causing the car to explode or go up in flames. The car escape tool will help you cut your seatbelt land break the window so you can get out of the wreckage as quickly as possible.

The EDC tool is made of ABS plastic and stainless steel. It comes with a detachable clip you can use to attach to your keychain.

Each purchase includes two pieces of Resqme Original Keychain Car Escape Tool. The set normally retails for $16.79 on Amazon but it is currently available for $13.99. That puts each piece at a shade under $7 each. That’s a pretty good deal if you’re getting everyone at work one Christmas gift each.


EIOU Self-Defense Key Chain $9.99

One self-defense tip that experts teach us is to use your keys as a weapon. It is wrong, however, to put your keys in between your fingers. If you do this, the attacker will be too close before you can do some damage, that is if you manage to get a shot out.

The correct way to use your keys to defend yourself is to put them on a kubotan. A kubotan is a keychain derived from a small self defense weapon made of bamboo invented by karate master Takayuki Kubotan. The kubotan has since been produced using steel, hard plastic and other strong materials.

The EIOU Kubotan Key Chain is made from aviation grade aluminum. The attack head is hard and pointed allowing power to be concentrated on this end.  The other end holds the key ring while the body sports a thread design for better grip.

Aside from using the key chain to counterattack a threat, it can also be used to break windows in case you’re trapped. This anti-wolf keychain is pretty compact. It weighs 0.085 pounds and is small enough to hide on your body.

Each purchase worth $9.99 includes five kubotan key chains. It comes in pink, purple, silver, blue and black, which makes these the perfect survival gear gifts for everyone at the office.


Frog & Co. SafeWallet RFID Shield Credit & Debit Card Blocker $9.97

You and your co-workers slave it out day in and day out. Then here comes these tech savvy thieves with their scanning devices out to steal from you and you don’t even know it until it’s too late. Give your co-workers the gift of peace of mind with the SafeWallet RFID Shield Credit & Debit Card Blocker by Frog & Co.

The Safe Wallet Shield utilizes advanced technology similar to what the government uses to keep valuable information from being compromised by hackers. Simply put, your debit cards, credit cards, and other important data will remain safe.

These survival gear gifts are made of space age alloy yet weighs a mere half an ounce. It’s designed specifically to fit in your pocket or wallet. In fact, it can hold standard-sizes credit cards and IDs.


Sabre Red Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release $9.97

For just under $10, you’re helping make sure your friends, especially your female co-workers, are safe wherever they are. They can use it when someone tries to sneak up on her while on her way to her car or while walking somewhere. She can take it with her when she goes out for a nightcap or goes for a jog in the park.  In other words, a pepper spray should be in your everyday carry kit.

The Sabre Red Pepper Spray Keychain is one of the most effective survival tools for self defense. It’s so effective, even law enforcers use it. The pepper spray uses professional-grade OC Spray with a 10-foot range. It is capable of 25 burst, which are five times more than other brands.

The Sabre Red comes with a Quick Release Key Ring that allows you to use it as quickly as possible to thwart an attack. Each purchase of the Sabre Red Pepper Spray includes training videos and safety tips.

Photo by mulderphoto/Bigstock

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Frog & Co. Micro Scream Whistle $2.97

If you’re a little short on cash but still wish to give everyone at the office something for Christmas, there’s still hope. Get them cheap survival gear gifts such as an emergency whistle. These things may be low-cost but they’re definitely useful.

The Micro Scream Whistle from Frog & Co. is only $2.97 but it sure packs a wallop. It produces 100 decibels of sound that can be heard from a mile away. This can stop an attacker in his tracks and attract attention from would-be saviors. In case you get lost while out on a hike, the bright orange emergency whistle can help rescuers pinpoint where you are.

The pealess whistle is also pretty durable for its size. It is made of ABS plastic that’s strong enough to withstand impact. The non-corroding EDC kit must-have weighs an amazing 0.2 ounces and is designed to be as flat as possible so it won’t take up that much space.


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Do your co-workers right this coming holiday season by getting them presents. But don’t just go for any kind of present. Get them survival gear gifts to make sure they’ll be safe from harm.  Follow Gentleman Pirate Club for valuable tips on how to stay safe in this dangerous world.

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