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Lots of people are high in anticipation of the Cyber Monday deals on the latest devices in the market right now. No wonder since it’s the perfect opportunity to finally get their hands on top of the market laptops, smart TVs, and phones. Some, however, are more excited about the Cyber Monday deals on home security.

Of course, you want your loved ones to be safe all the time, particularly at home. And one way to do that is to keep your home intruder-free. We’ve gathered some of the amazing home security systems and tools that are available during this Cyber Monday sale that you should take advantage of.



Blink Outdoor + Solar Panel Charging Mount

With the Blink Outdoor wire-free smart security camera, you can see and hear what’s going on around your property. It has high-definition day and night vision features and motion detection sensors to give you a heads up. Then there’s the two-way audio feature which you can use to talk to your guests or scream into to scare unwanted visitors. All these can be done through the Blink Home Monitor app.

Blink Solar Panel Charging Mount harnesses the sun’s energy to keep Blink Outdoor charged and rarin’ to go. As long as the sun shines, you shouldn’t worry that much about your home security system.

The Charging Mount gives you flexibility as you can place your solar panel up to two feet from your camera. It’s also detachable and can swivel so you can point it where the sun shines most.

Blink also offers a free 30-day trial of their subscription plan wherein you can try their feature that allows you to save and share clips in the cloud or with a Sync Module 2 and USB drive.

The plan also includes motion detection alerts that are sent to your phone so you can stay aware of your home’s security even if you’re out. The easy-to-set-up home security system is compatible with Alexa so you can use your voice to monitor your home through supported Alexa-enabled devices.

It normally retails for $139.98 but thanks to this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on home security, this Blink Outdoor set is now available for only $99.98. That’s an impressive $40.00 (28%) worth of savings.

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Blink Outdoor 5 Cam Kit Bundle with 2nd Generation Echo Show 5

The Blink Outdoor 5 Cam Bundle watches over your home when you can’t. It’s like having 5 extra sets of eyes. The bundle includes 5 Blink Outdoor Smart Security Cameras and a 2nd Gen Echo Show 5.

Blink Outdoor comes with infrared night vision to better protect your home day and night. When it spots or senses something moving, the system will provide you with alerts sent directly to your phone via the Blink Home Monitor app. The app also lets you view and hear through the cameras in real-time. That means you can talk with visitors through Blink Outdoor.

The cordless high-definition cameras are powered by two AA lithium batteries each. You can place these weather-resistant security cameras outdoors without having to change the batteries for up to two years.

The home security system is compatible with Alexa so you can use your voice if you want to check on your property. You can save your photos and video clips in the cloud if you take advantage of the Blink Subscription Plan.

The Blink Outdoor home security system costs $464.98 but with the Cyber Monday deal, it’s selling for only $229.99 or $234.99 (50%) cheaper.


Ring Alarm 8-Piece Kit with Ring Video Doorbell and Echo Show 5

You’d think intruders wouldn’t be dumb enough to go through your front door but you’ll be surprised. Not only that, some thieves are bold enough to steal stuff left near the front door. This is quite common for packages left by shipping services. If you want to avoid these crimes, put up a Ring Alarm with Ring Video Doorbell.

The Ring home security kit includes a base station that keeps your system online. It also comes with a keypad, 4 contact sensors, a motion detector, and a range extender.

The Home mode turns the inside sensors off while leaving the ones outside still in operation. If you’re going out, set your system to Away mode. You can also disable the Ring Alarm to turn the sensors off when you enter and exit the house. 

The plug-and-use system can be set up in a few minutes. There’s no need for special tools or skills. Just plug the base station, activate your system using the Ring app, and install the sensors. Use Alexa to equip and disable the system whenever needed.

This $424.98 Ring Alarm bundle is on sale now until Cyber Monday. It can be had for a discounted price of $229.98 or $195.00 (45% off) cheaper.

How to Fortify Your Home for Cheap
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EZVIZ CTQ2C-BK 1080p Smart Home Camera

You’re no omniscient being so you can’t see everything all at once. The EZVIZ Smart Home Camera can be your extra pair of eyes that lets you see what’s going on in and around your home even if you’re not there.

The EZVIZ CTQ2C is equipped with a motion detector that instantly tells the system to capture a picture and send an alert to your smartphone. That feature alone makes it a great thing to have in your child’s room and around the house. You can do chores or other tasks and be alerted when your baby wakes up or when your toddler goes around the house.

The smart home camera captures full high definition 1080 pixel videos that cover a wide area. The night vision feature lets you monitor your home even if it’s dark. This also allows you to sleep in your room while your baby or child sleeps in theirs. The night vision can reach up to 25 feet so it’s also a good camera to use outside your home.

This smart home device works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. If you get a bit uneasy, you can easily check on your child or your home by asking Alexa or the other virtual assistants.

It can easily be installed thanks to its magnetic base and mounting kit. It’s not wireless but it does come with a 10-foot power cable so you can place it as far as that.

The EZVIZ CTQ2C-BK 1080p Smart Home Camera is available during the Cyber Monday sale for $24.99 or $15.00 (38%) less its normal price.



August Wi-Fi (4th Generation) Smart Lock

One simple way to protect your home and family is to always keep the door locked. That may not be enough for intruders hell-bent on entering your home, though.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is no ordinary deadbolt. The smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere as long as your phone is connected to the internet. Since it has a built-in WiFi feature, connectivity issues shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The home security must-have’s Auto-Lock and DoorSense features automatically lock the door when you close it or after a particular length of time has passed. It also comes with an Auto-Unlock feature that automatically unlocks the door once you get home. There’s a hands-free unlocking option that you should consider.

The August app allows you to let people into your humble abode without giving them your key or leaving it under the doormat. Of course, you should only grant access to people you really trust. The app will also inform you if someone left the door open.

The August WiFi Smart Lock is easy to install. You just have to follow the instructions and you should be done in about 10 minutes. It’s the same size as a standard thumbturn so it should fit easily into any single cylinder deadbolts.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is normally listed at $229.99 though it’s currently priced at $179.97 thanks to Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals on home security.


Ultraloq U-Bolt Smart Door Lock

The Ultraloq U-Bolt is a smart door lock with a 5-in-1 keyless entry feature that gives it an advantage over similar home security products. The U-Bolt can be unlocked via its Anti-peep Keypad, Auto Unlock feature, or the Mechanical Key. Your smartphone can also unlock the U-Bolt. Use a smartphone app or simply shake your phone and let its Magic Shake feature unlock the door for you.

The Ultraloq Smart Door Lock locks and unlocks automatically when it senses you, particularly your smartphone, leaving and arriving.

The Ultraloq is also one of the toughest of its kind. It’s up to 35 times stronger and lasts 7 times longer than standard residential locks. It’s also weatherproof, dustproof (IP65 rating), and can withstand heat and cold.

The $109.00 Ultraloq Smart Door Lock is included in Amazon’s impressive list of Cyber Monday deals on home security devices. It’s now available for $71.51 after a $37.49 discount.

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Level Bolt Smart Lock

Replace that tired old deadbolt with something smarter and more reliable. The Level Bolt Smart Lock transforms your ordinary deadbolt into something you can lock and unlock with ease. The smart lock boasts a technologically advanced Bluetooth deadbolt that allows keyless entry.

The Level Bolt can be locked and unlocked using your smartphone or by voice. And yes, you can still use a key to open the door. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices such as the Ring and Apple HomeKit. You just have to own a HomeKit Hub or Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Sidewalk enabled.

The Level Bolt comes with a durable 6-gauge stainless steel gearbox that passes industry standards with flying colors. It’s also pretty easy to install using a screwdriver.

Thanks to Amazon’s Cyber Monday deals on home security gadgets, the Level Bolt Smart Lock only costs $149.00. Amazon graciously slashed $50.00 (25%) off its original price.


Level Lock Smart Lock Touch Edition

The tiniest and most advanced smart lock ever, the Level Lock Touch Edition is so unassuming that no one will know it packs impressive technology inside. The smart lock is designed to seamlessly blend in with your home. It doesn’t come in a box case that some consider an eyesore. More importantly, intruders won’t be aware that they’re dealing with a smart lock so they’ll have a harder time getting in.

As for you, the Level Lock will unlock with the touch of your finger so it’s easier and faster to get in. This is a good feature to have in case someone is tailing you on your way home. The smart lock can also be opened using a key card, an actual key, or your smartphone using the Level Home app.

The Level Lock can be accessed from anywhere as long as it’s connected to Ring or HomeKit though it requires a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and HomeKit Hub. It also works with both iOS and Android.

The smart lock can be easily installed thanks to the striking plate dimensions that follow the ANSI standard. Because of the Cyber Monday deals on home security, the price of the Level Lock is now only $246.75 from $329.00. A great deal considering you saved $82.25.


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Home is where the heart is. And like your heart, you want to keep it safe and protected from diseases and heartbreakers. These Cyber Monday deals on home security products are one great way to keep your home and family safe and secure. Discover more home safety tips over at Gentleman Pirate Club.


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