Easy St. Patrick’s Day Decorations You Can Do


There’ll be no getting sloshed at this year’s St’ Patrick’s Day festivities. Instead of heading out to your favorite watering hole and enjoying lots of brewskies with your pals, why not spend the next few days at home with the family. Enjoy the coming holiday with lots of fun activities in the safety of your home. Start with decorating the place to give it a bit of Irish luck. Here are some easy St. Patrick’s Day decorations the whole family can make.



Luck of the Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece

Any table will look fancy with a nice centerpiece. The Luck of the Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece by 21 Rosemary Lane deserves to be the center of all attention just because of its sheer ingenuity. This St. Patrick’s Day décor uses an upside down pot to make a leprechaun’s hat. Simple yet brilliant, right?

Luck of Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece by 21 Rosemary Lane

First, find a green plastic planter with base or saucer. If you have a different colored one, just paint the pot and base green and the lip of the pot black. For terra cotta clay pots, you need to coat the parts with sealer first before applying paint.

Glue a buckle, preferably a gold-colored one, over the black strip. You can use a small picture frame as an alternative to the buckle. Cut the flower foam in the same shape and size of the bottom of the planter. Glue it to the top of the hat. Finally, stick some flowers onto the foam.


St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Table Runner

Make your St. Paddy’s Day feast a lot livelier by decorating your dining table. The St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Table Runner by We All Sew requires some time, effort and skill. Once you’re done with this DIY project, however, you’ll be beaming with pride as you enjoy your feast with this St. Patrick’s Day decoration.

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Table Runner by We All Sew

The table runner requires scrap fabrics with green as the main color, of course, and cut into squares and rectangles. You’ll also need thread, needle, paper-backed fusible web, a heart-shaped template, a stem template, a pair of scissors, a flat iron, and a sewing machine among other stuff.

Basically, you’ll sew 9 squares together to make a larger block. Then you’ll fuse the block to the heart template. Take the longer pieces of fabric then fuse each one to a stem template. You need 3 hearts for every stem. The hearts will make up the leaves of the shamrock.

Next, arrange and fuse the 3 hearts and stem to a white fabric. Make 4 of these then sew them to a long piece of fabric, which will be the base of your table runner. Check out the link above for more detailed instructions.



St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun and Shamrock Plastic Canvas Accents

Fill your home with Irish luck with gorgeous Paddy’s Day accents. The St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun and Shamrock Plastic Canvas accents are pretty easy to make. Just download the leprechaun and shamrock pattern from Leisure Arts and start stitching your worsted weight yarn on 7 and 10 mesh canvases. Use the finished St. Patrick’s Day decorations as plant pokes, buntings, coasters, or whatever you think of.


Lucky Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Wreath

Spread the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day with a simple yet charming wreath proudly displayed on your front door. The Lucky Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Wreath will definitely put a smile on the faces of people passing by.

Lucky Shamrock St. Patrick’s Day Wreath by Flamingo Toes

You can use your imagination and play with the design of your wreath. However, there’s just something spectacular about how simple this particular St. Patrick’s Day ornament by Flamingo Toes is. The minimalist wreath is made with a foam wreath, burlap, felt fabric, gold beads, straight pins, needle, green thread, and a glue gun.


To make this décor, you must first wrap the foam wreath with burlap. Glue the end of the burlap to the back of the foam to make sure it stays. Once done with wrapping, cut the burlap then glue the end to the back of the wreath.

Cut out heart shapes of different sizes from green felt. You can use different shades of green for a better effect. Cut out a “V” from the bottom tip of the heart. Sew the “V” together to make it a leaf. Cut out stems, too.

Pin the ends of 3 leaves and a stem together and onto the foam. Glue a gold bead at the center of the shamrock to hide the pin head and to give it a glittery accent. You can also use 6 leaves of different shades and sizes to give your shamrock more dimension. Pin as many as you like on one side.

Next, cut out diamond shapes using different colors of felt. Place each diamond on a piece of twine or string then fold it at the center. Glue the flaps together to make a triangle. Pin the two ends on opposite sides of the foam to hang your buntings. Finally, pin the gold beads onto the burlap for a glittery accent



Shamrock Bunting

If you don’t have much time to make a table runner or something a bit more complicated, do a simple bunting instead. If you have too much time in your hands, you can do both since the Shamrock Bunting by Typically Simple compliments the table runner above. This is actually a good idea since you already have scrap fabric for your DIY St. Patrick’s Day table runner.

Shamrock Bunting by Typically Simple

Aside from the scrap fabric, you’ll also need burlap, heat transfer fabric interfacing, twine, blade, cutting mat, flat iron, spatula tool, and a hot glue gun. To make your shamrock bunting, you must first cut the burlap into 4 1/2 x 4-inch pieces. Then cut 3 1/2-inch squares from the fabric and fabric interfacing.


Fuse the interfacing o the back side of the fabric using a hot iron. Use a shamrock template as guide while cutting fabric with interfacing. Finally, attach the burlap onto the twine.


DIY Paper Origami Shamrock Craft

Double the fun by getting your children to help you out in making this year’s St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Start with something pretty easy like the DIY Paper Origami Shamrock Craft by Design Improved.

For this enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day arts and crafts project, you need to get your hands on green and yellow origami paper or card stock, 18 gauge floral wire, floral foam, green and yellow paint, stencil or masking tape, foam brushes, and wood planters. Other tools you’ll be using include a pair of scissors, wire cutter, and hot glue gun.

The first step is to make the paper shamrocks. The video above shows how easy it is to make one. You can, of course, do smaller shamrocks by using smaller squares. For this DIY project, you want your paper shamrocks on the smaller side. Make about 20 shamrocks of different shades for each planter.

Next, cut the floral wire into shorter pieces. These will be the stems of your shamrocks. Twist one end to make a tiny loop. Glue the underside of the shamrock to the loop and let dry. Do this for all stems and leaves.

Decorate your wooden planters using stencil tape and paint. Let your imagination run wild with this one. Once the paint is dry, cut and place floral foam in the planters then stick the wire stems into the foam.


How to Host A St. Patrick’s Day Party At Home | Photo by Pixabay/Pexels

With only a few days away, you should be getting your St. Patrick’s Day decorations ready. Put them up early so everyone can enjoy them a bit longer. With the coronavirus pandemic and all, it certainly is nice to see such a festive mood in your home. Check out Gentleman Pirate Club for more DIY plans and arts and crafts projects you can do at home.


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