Father’s Day Picnic Ideas


Thanks to the vaccines, it has become safer to go out and live as normal a life as possible. Once vaccinated against the coronavirus, you have the option not to wear a face mask in public. While it’s still ideal to wear one, you can now at least breathe a little more easily and feel freer than we’ve all been in over a year. Now is the perfect time to go on a Father’s Day picnic not only to celebrate your newfound freedom but to celebrate the hardworking dads in your life. Here are some ideas and tips on how you can fully enjoy a Father’s Day picnic.



How to Plan the Perfect Father’s Day Picnic

Plan Early

Lots of people will likely have the same idea and spend Father’s Day having a picnic somewhere. You can’t blame them for wanting to take advantage of the coming holiday to have some outdoor fun. Make sure you plan your adventure now so you don’t end up rushing things. You need to plug all holes now so there’s a higher chance you can get a nice spot for your Father’s Day picnic celebration.


Find the Right Picnic Spot

The local park is perhaps the most logical and practical place to have your picnic. It’s free and the view is nice. A picnic at the beach is also nice since you can dip in the water if you wish. However, these places tend to get too crowded.

If that’s the case, you’re better off finding a picnic spot not many people know of. You can also have your picnic at your parent’s home and celebrate with your dad, as well. If all else fails, you can always have your Father’s Day picnic in your backyard.


Check the Weather

You don’t want the weather to rain on your parade. Check the forecast to see what the weather will be like on Father’s Day. If there’s a chance of rain, you should choose a picnic place that has cottages or other structures.

One option is to have the picnic in your or a relative’s backyard so you can move the party indoors if it rains. You may also want to move your Father’s Day picnic to another day if it’s sure to rain on that day.


Be Ready for Anything

While doing your research on the best picnic spots, find out if the place is secure and if there are medical services nearby. Determine the best route to the nearest hospital and police station in case you have an emergency.

Bring a first aid kit for medical emergencies and non-lethal self-defense tools just in case. That’s not a license to confront rowdy picnickers, though. Do your best to avoid any confrontation. You’re out to enjoy Father’s Day not to get in a fight.

Top Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons You Need

Prepare for sudden changes in the weather, too. Bring umbrellas and place them somewhere easy to reach. They’ll also be useful if it gets too hot. Prepare your stuff in a way that you can quickly and easily pack them. If it suddenly rains, you should be able to keep them from getting wet.

It may also get too hot. The umbrellas will do but it would be annoying to hold one all day. A beach umbrella that you can stick to the ground is better. The best thing to do is set up your picnic under a shade. More importantly, put some sunscreen on. Aside from accidents, rude people, and changing weather, you should also be ready for insects. Bring bug spray.


Plan the Activities

It’s certainly fun to just wing it but it doesn’t hurt to have some activities lined up. Just think of stuff to do and prepare for them in case everyone else wants to join in on the fun. You don’t have to stick to a strict schedule. Remember, you’re having a Father’s Day picnic to have fun, relax, and celebrate the important men in your lives.


Prepare the Father’s Day Feast

Ask everyone to help you figure out what picnic recipes to make so you can buy the ingredients beforehand. If you plan to order certain dishes or pastries, make arrangements now. The closer it gets to Father’s Day, the busier stores and restaurants will be.

Easy Picnic Recipes to Make Your Valentine’s Day Date Awesome

Make sure you have all the ingredients at least a day before the big day. This should give you enough time to prepare what can be prepared. If you’re grilling meat, for example, it’s best to marinate them the night before so they’ll turn out really flavorful once cooked.


Think of A Theme

Picnics are fun on their own. A simple set-up, nice food, and good company are enough to make your picnic memorable. But if you want to take things a step further, why not think of a theme that the dad will love?

A pirate-themed picnic party seems like a good idea. How about a Star Wars-themed picnic for the Jedi dad? You have plenty of choices. You don’t have to go overboard, though. There are simple DIY picnic crafts that will give your Father’s Day picnic a little more oomph. 


Pack Everything

Make a list of all picnic essentials. Aside from the food, make sure you have your condiments, plates, eating utensils, bottle opener, corkscrew, and everything you’ll need to fully enjoy your Father’s Day feast. You may need to bring a portable stove or solar oven to cook or reheat your meals.

The GoSun Sizzle Solar Oven lets you cook a meal for 5 people in just half an hour. The huge parabolic reflector allows the Sizzle to reach high temperatures cutting the cooking time. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about fire or smoke. Also, you can still cook your Father’s Day dishes even if it’s cloudy or raining.

Keep your beverages cold by bringing a cooler. Use it to keep your food from spoiling, too. If you’re using a regular cooler, you’ll need plenty of ice. A better option is to go with something like the GoSun Chill Electric Cooler. It uses the power of the sun to keep things cold inside. You don’t need ice for this.

You want everyone to be comfortable. Aside from a picnic blanket, you can also bring a tent and foldable chairs. Don’t disregard your safety. Bring a first aid kit and other tools you might need in case of an emergency.

Bring food-grade containers to keep your leftovers. Use trash bags for scraps and food waste. Make sure to separate the recyclables and biodegradable trash.

You’ll need water for cleaning up. Bring a collapsible water container with a spout so you can have water at your disposal. Use it for washing your hands, and rinsing dishes.

Bring stuff for entertainment. Listen to some background music with a radio or play the guitar or other instruments. You can also use the time to read a book, do crossword puzzles, or do other more laid-back activities.


Have Your Vehicle Checked

It’s nice if there’s a picnic spot near your home. That way, you can just walk to your favorite spot and enjoy your Father’s Day celebration. If you need to take the family car, however, you should make sure it’s up to the challenge.

Take your vehicle for a check-up to ensure you won’t encounter any problems while on the road. Fill her up the day before so you don’t have to stop by the fuel station. Also, make sure you have your car emergency kit on board.


Record Your Memories

Don’t forget to take your camera phone out to take photos and videos of your Father’s Day celebration. You can also use instant cameras and DSLR cameras if you have them. A camera drone would also be nice and fun.

You Should Bring These Affordable Drones On Your Next Hike
You Should Bring These Affordable Drones On Your Next Hike


Family Picnic Activities

Play Board Games

A Father’s Day picnic at the park will be more fun if you bring some board games with you. If you’re still wary of the coronavirus, you can just stay in one spot and avoid getting too close to other picnickers. Board games or card games will help keep things fun without moving around that much.


Go Fishing

You can have your Father’s Day picnic near a lake so you can do some fishing. This is a brilliant picnic idea if the dad is an angler or someone who loves fishing as a hobby. He’ll be doubly pleased if you join in on the fun and ask him to teach you how to catch fish. Aside from being a useful survival skill, learning how to fish is a great way to connect to your fisherman dad, or husband.

Bargain Fishing Gear Guaranteed To Make Your First Outdoor Adventure An Awesome One
Bargain Fishing Gear Guaranteed To Make Your First Outdoor Adventure An Awesome One


Take A Hike

Most of you probably think a picnic is all about lying down on a blanket and enjoying a nice home-cooked meal. That’s stupendous as it is but you can also take the opportunity to get some sweat going while enjoying the outdoors.

Find a picnic spot near a trail so you can go hiking. Make sure you bring some hiking essentials so you won’t get into trouble later on. For a short hike, you will need a small hiking backpack filled with food, water, navigational tools, a multi-tool, a fire starter, and a first aid kit. Bring your phone and power bank so you can call for help in case something goes wrong.


Go for A Ride

Your cyclist dad will love to get those gears going on Father’s Day. While he may love to go on a long-distance ride with his cycling buddies, he will surely be happy on a short bike trail with the whole family.


Do Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is another form of exercise in which both mind and body are taken care of. Since you’re already outdoors, this would be a good time to do some yoga and meditation. Turn it into a family affair by bringing yoga mats for everyone. Ask them to do yoga poses with you and a few minutes of silence afterward to meditate. This should help everyone feel physically and mentally better while being more appreciative of the things around them.


Play Some Music

Did your father ever dream of playing in a band and performing to thousands of screaming fans? It may be too late for that dream but he can still play his music. In fact, your Father’s Day picnic is the perfect stage for him to serenade your eager ears.

On the other hand, if someone else in the family has the talent, they can play their music as their Father’s Day present. It’s nice to have a musical surprise all planned out but you can make do with just bringing some instruments and let anyone willing to play music.


Watch A Concert

If concerts are already allowed in your area, you might want to check out if there’s one scheduled on Father’s Day. Look for one that’s held in a large open area so you can still practice social distancing.



Father’s Day Picnic Recipes

You can’t have a picnic without delicious food. Since you’re celebrating the dads in the family, prepare some of their favorite dishes. You can also surprise them with Father’s Day recipes you haven’t tried before. But if you prefer to be on the safe side, try the classic dishes below.


New York Steak

You can never go wrong with steak. Any dad will be delighted to chomp on some juicy steak while enjoying a Father’s Day picnic. Except for vegans and vegetarians, of course.

The New York Steak is hand-carved from strip loin and wet-aged for 3 weeks up to a month. You can choose between USDA Prime or USDA Choice, though, you can be sure you’re getting quality domestic beef whichever you order.

You can pre-cook the steaks at home and probably heat them before eating. However, it would be more fun to do the grilling at your picnic spot. Choose a place that allows cooking so you can enjoy hot and juicy steaks on your Father’s Day picnic adventure.


Steak Burgers

Aside from steak, you and the family can also enjoy burgers on your Father’s Day picnic. Don’t settle for ordinary burger patties, though. Take things up a notch by serving Stock Yards Steak Burgers on your Father’s Day picnic.

The gourmet burger patties are handmade from 100% Black Angus Chuck. Such high-quality meat makes it seem like you’re biting into a juicy steak thanks to its flavor and tenderness.


Chicago Franks

There’s nothing more American than a hotdog on a bun. Celebrate the dads in your family with grilled Chicago Franks also courtesy of Stock Yards. The franks are made of quality domestic beef seasoned with a secret family recipe.


Sausage and Cheese Platter

Dads who know their wines will appreciate some nice sausages and cheese. Put a smile on his face with The Father’s Day Lucca & Sons Sausage & Cheese Box to go with his favorite bottle of dry, white wine. The smoked garlic and beef summer sausage also pairs well with dry, red wine.

Also in the gift box are spreadable parmesan herb cheese, wholesome flatbread, and sweet & spicy gourmet mustard dip. All these come in a rustic, wood-like box. The Lucca & Sons Sausage & Cheese Box can be enjoyed as is but your dad or husband will likely enjoy the items more with wine. Just make sure he doesn’t drink too much if he’s driving.


Picnic Desserts

A picnic without sweet treats?! You gotta be kidding. Don’t forget to prepare some nice snacks and desserts. You can also order from your favorite dessert shops if baking is not in your genes.


Stock Yards Happy Father’s Day! Chocolate Chip Cookie Jar

It’s not a picnic without something to munch on. Chips are popular choices but you can bring something sweeter like a large jar of chocolate chip cookies from Stock Yards. The resealable jar is decorated with a dark blue and white ribbon and a nice Happy Father’s Day label. The mini-chocolate chip cookies are available in quart and half-gallon jars.


Stock Yards Happy Father’s Day Treats Tower

Surprise your dad or husband with some of his favorite snacks on your Father’s Day picnic at the park. Gift him with Stock Yards’ roadster-themed Treats Tower. The plaid tower includes Bavarian Pretzels, The Popcorn Factory® Kettle Popcorn, Harry & David® Super Party Snack Mix, and Walkers® White Chocolate Raspberry Biscuits.


Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dads Who Don’t Want Anything

When it comes to Father’s Day picnic ideas, you should let your imagination crank. You’re in the best position to know what your father or husband would like on their special day. Hopefully, this list would help in case you’ve run out of ideas. See more Father’s Day celebration tips over at Gentleman Pirate Club. You’ll also find tips on how to safely celebrate outdoors.


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