Food Storage Tips for Small Homes


Preppers know the value of having enough space to keep food, water, and other supplies. However, not anyone has the luxury of owning a huge home. Don’t worry, though. Those with tiny spaces to live in can still go into prepping. All you need is to be a little creative and follow these food storage tips for small homes.


Under the Bed

Store your food and water in boxes or plastic containers then line them up under your bed. Arrange the boxes in a way that you can easily access the ones that are expiring first.

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You can also use bed risers. If you can raise your king-sized bed up another eight inches, you get around 29 square feet of additional space. That’s a lot, especially for a small home or apartment.


Under and Behind the Couch

The space underneath the couch may be a lot less compared to your bed but the fact is there’s still storage space you can use. If you can raise your couch by a few inches, you can do so. Otherwise, simply keep your food and other supplies in proper containers before sliding them under the couch. Just tell the kids they can’t jump on the couch anymore.

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Move your couch a little to create enough space between it and the wall. Use that space to hide jugs of water or canned goods.


Under the Stairwell

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If your tiny home has a staircase, you’re in luck. There’s a lot of potential when it comes to food storage tips. Take out everything you managed to squeeze under the stairs. You probably don’t need a lot of them anyway.

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Now summon your inner Handy Manny and build shelves under the stairwell. If you can’t hit a nail without hitting your thumb, you can at least place your supplies in a stackable container and place them under the stairs. Just make sure you cover them up nicely so guests won’t be able to see them. Remember, you don’t have to let anyone know you’re stockpiling food, water, and other valuable resources. In case of an emergency, these people will be flocking to your home, or worse, you’ll be the target of looters.


Under the Sink

The space under the sink is often neglected. Most probably, you only keep your cleaning materials in there. It’s quite understandable why food storage tips such as this may bring a bit of cringe but since you have limited space in your small home, you have to make do with what you have.

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Clean the area as much as you can. You can build a small shelf if you wish. Seal your food well in a Ziploc bag or in an airtight box before placing them under the sink.



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Check your bookcases. Is there a little space you can use behind the books themselves? If yes, start taking out all the books and then line the back with some of your stockpile. Ideally, hide the ones in thin boxes or pouches such as MREs. Once done, simply put back the books.



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Another one of the food storage tips that are often neglected is the use of the closet. Your closet likely has lots of extra space. Like with the bookcase, there’s probably space behind your clothes. Use that space to keep more of your supplies. The top of your shelf is also a great place to keep your food and water. Clear the top of junk and use it accordingly.


Furniture with Built-in Storage Space

If you’re purchasing new pieces of furniture, go for the ones which offer hidden storage spaces. You can also have them customized so you can maximize their potential to carry your supplies.



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Many people have a set of luggage they use for traveling but not everyone gets to use them regularly. If you have suitcases gathering dust in your home, make better use of them. Empty them and fill them with your food supply instead.


Build Shelves on Dead Spaces

Above the Washer and Dryer

This one is a little tricky. It’s not ideal to store food right above the washer and dryer because of heat and humidity. However, since you’re dealing with food storage tips for small homes, you can make use of this space. Build a shelf for your supplies but remember to check on them and rotate them regularly.


Above the Refrigerator

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It’s not advised to place anything heavy on top of your refrigerator. This will keep the heat from escaping thus causing damage to the compressor in the long run. What you can do is build a shelf above with a bit of space for the hot air to escape.

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You can also use the space at the side of the fridge. A pull-out storage cart like the one pictured above fits perfectly between the fridge and wall or another part of your kitchen.


Outside Your Home

Food storage tips for small homes are not limited to the inside of the house. If you’ve maxed out the space in your tiny home, you can store your supplies outside. Invest in a standalone locker, which you can place somewhere outside your home. Of course, you have to secure it so no one can easily come by and steal what’s in it. You can also use a clean garbage bin to hide your goods. Though you have to make sure the garbage collector doesn’t take away your stuff by mistake.

Keeping your goods in the laundry area is one of the best food storage tips around. They are hidden from plain sight so potential looters won’t be targeting them anytime soon.


One trend that’s taking the world by storm deals with getting rid of as much unnecessary stuff as possible. The KonMari Method by organizing expert Mari Kondo provides numerous tips on decluttering that leave you with almost nothing. That’s not a bad thing actually. Once you’re able to clean up and rid your tiny home of all the junk, you’ll be surprised to see so much space to store your supplies.


Share away if you know of other food storage tips for small homes. As for what kinds of food should you store in preparation for disasters and the apocalypse, take a look at The Gentleman Pirate. There are tons of prepping stuff you can learn there.

Food Storage Tips to Prepare You for Disasters

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