Fourth of July Outfits for the True American Patriot


Not everyone can join the United States Armed Forces and fight for the country. Some find their calling serving the nation as part of the local or national government. Then there are the philanthropists that use their wealth and power to uplift other Americans. There are numerous ways to show national pride. The simplest perhaps is to wear your colors proud. Below are some Fourth of July outfits you can wear to show your love for dear ol’ Uncle Sam.

Admittedly, it’s easier for women and children to dress up. Some guys simply don’t like the idea of dressing up for the occasion. With that in mind, we have chosen simple Fourth of July outfits that’ll work for all men. We also threw in a few adorable yet cool Fourth of July outfits for children that dads will love.



Hanes Men’s Graphic T-Shirt – Americana Collection

Hanes makes some of the best shirts in the world. That includes their iconic white shirts as well as their graphic tees. Their American Collection features designs that lets you show off how proud you are to be an American.

The particular design shown in the photos is that of Uncles Sam rocking a pair of aviators. The phrase “Because Merica” is printed in bold right under Uncle Sam.  This is reminiscent of the iconic poster where Uncle Sam is pointing at the reader and telling them to join the U.S. Army.


Marvel Captain America Men’s 80’s Captain America T-Shirt

Of all the popular superheroes, Captain America best personifies patriotism and nationalism. It’s a no-brainer then that you should include a Captain America shirt among your Fourth of July outfits.

The Marvel merchandise is 100% cotton so comfort is no issue unlike the body hugging costumes that the fictional heroes wear. Pictured here is the navy blue version though it is also available in distressed blue, royal blue, royal heather, and distressed navy blue.


Pacific Surf Patriotic American Flag Stars All Over Tank Top Shirt

It’s already summer and it’s getting quite hot in some parts of the country. A tank top shirt seems like a good idea right now. Fortunately for dudes who sweat easy or are more comfortable wearing less on hot days, they can still express their nationalism with a tank top.

The Pacific Surf Patriotic American Flag Stars All Over Tank Top Shirt is 100% polyester so it easily wicks away sweat.  The tight fit tank top collection comes in a variety of designs inspired by the US Flag. The one pictured here features vertical stripe and full stars on the upper half of the tank top.


Pirates Will Be Pirates Mask

How about showing your patriotism and love for pirates at the same time? That’s certainly possible with the Pirates Will Be Pirates Mask. The non-medical face mask comes in bright red with a skull and crossbones printed in front via sublimation printing. It’s made of two layers of 100% brushed polyester with over-ear elastic straps.

If you plan on taking a stroll outside and see whatever celebration has been allowed in your area, make sure you follow social distancing protocols. Also, wear a mask as part of your Fourth of July attire this year.

Cool Coronavirus Outfits to Keep You Safe and Stylish | Photo by Edmond Dantès/Canva


Alexis Leroy Checked Canvas Men Espadrilles

If you rather be a little subtle with your Fourth of July look, this pair of Alexis Leroy Checked Canvas Men Espadrilles should do the trick. Espadrilles became popular in the United States back in the 1940s when Lauren Bacall wore an ankle-laced pair in Key Largo. The wedge espadrilles hit the market in the 1970s courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent and were revived in the 1980s thanks mainly to Don Johnson’s Miami Vice character.

The Alexis Leroy pair is made of soft canvas with a flexible rubber sole with a platform measuring .25 inch. The red, white and blue checked design gives it that American flag look without drawing too much attention. The comfy shoes pairs well with Fourth of July outfits you can think of.



Shaderz American Flag Aviator Sunglasses

There’s just something about US Air Force pilots and their Aviators that make them look like real American patriots. It may have something to do with how Tom Cruise and the film Top Gun inspired Americans to sign up with the Air Force Academy and become pilots themselves.

Take it one step further by wearing the American Flag Aviator Sunglasses by Shaderz. This pair of aviators is made up of a metal frame and non-polarized plastic lens with a width of 55 millimeters. It also protects your eyes from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The patriotic sunglasses sport the American flag on the lens, which may slightly compromise your vision. Be extra careful while wearing it and take it off while driving or doing tasks that require clear vision.


Shaderz American Flag Classic 80s Clear Frame Sunglasses

If aviators are not your thing, maybe this pair of Shaderz Classic 80s Clear Frame Sunglasses will look better on you. This pair resembles Ray Ban Wayfarers, which became extremely popular in the 1980s. It appeared in films such as The Blues Brothers, Risky Business, and The Breakfast Club and the music video for Sunglasses At Night. Shaderz American Flag version of the classic pair is made of plastic frame and non-polarized plastic lens. If these sunglasses existed in 1776, the cool folks would surely be wearing these patriotic sunglasses.


Juvale American Flag Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are strangely popular nowadays. Young folks are wearing them with pride unlike before when you were considered a geek if you had one. That’s good thing though. This means you can wear the Juvale American Flag Fanny Pack without worrying if someone is snickering at you. Besides, this American flag-inspired fanny pack should go well with the rest of your Fourth of July outfits.

The fanny pack comes with three compartments that are spacious enough to store all your valuables along with a water bottle and a hand sanitizer. These are essential if you’re going out to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities if there is one nearby. You can also wear it at home while having your backyard party. The patriotic fanny pack is made from durable canvas with cotton strap and nylon lining. The buckle is made of ABS plastic.


Ergodyne Chill Its 6615 Dew Rag

Do-rags are popular with people trying to grow dreadlocks or braids. It also gives you a different look. If this is the look you want to go with your Fourth of July attire, get yourself the Ergodyne Chill Its 6615 Performance Dew Rag.

This do-rag is made of quick-drying fabric lined with terry cloth headband. The Stars and Stripes design is perfect for Fourth of July celebrations though it is available in other designs such as plain black and camo.


The Fighting Forces American Flag USA Snapback Cap

Donald Trump’s MAGA hats have been quite popular the past few years but if you’re looking for something a little less bright red, the Fighting Forces American Flag USA Snapback Cap should do the trick.

The snapback cap comes in army camo, heather gray, navy blue, and black. Prominently displayed in front is Old Glory herself. The American-made mesh cap fits all sizes. Every time you buy a hat, Fighting Forces donates a portion to the PTSD Foundation. The charity helps veterans and active personnel with their mental health and other issues.


Fourth Of July Gift Ideas For The True Patriots | Photo by Free-Photos–242387/Canva

When planning your Fourth of July outfits, you must remember not to overdo it. While all the items in this list look great, a head to toe red-blue-and-white ensemble may be a tad too much. For example, you can wear the black Uncle Sam shirt with a pair of denim or light-colored shorts. Finish your summer look with the espadrilles and a pair of US flag-themed wayfarers. And if you’re going out, don’t forget the red face mask. Follow Gentleman Pirate Club to get more tips on how to celebrate Independence Day.


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