How to Build A Survival Kit for Women


The current pandemic is opening the eyes of many to the importance of emergency preparedness or prepping. One important aspect of being prepared is to build emergency or survival kits. Since we’re at the tail-end of this year’s International Women’s Month, we thought it would be a good idea to feature some of the items that should be in every survival kit for women.

There are different kinds of emergency preparedness kits. You have your bug out bag, which is necessary in case you have to evacuate your home. A get home bag will help increase your chances of getting back to your family if you’re at work or somewhere else when disaster strikes. You should also have a car emergency kit that contains items to help you get your vehicle running and to keep you alive in case you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Every person should also have an everyday carry kit. These EDC kits include survival gear or tools that you can bring anywhere you go.


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Everyday Kit Essentials

While many of us are at home safe from the dangers lying outside, the frontliners are risking their lives for us.  Hopefully, the criminals still have some humanity in them and are not out preying on the few who choose to go out and help.

Still, you should never let your guard down. Our frontliners, especially the women, must pack their everyday carry kit so they have something to use in case they get in some kind of predicament.

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Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight is a must in every survival kit for women. In fact, everyone should have at least one in each of their emergency kits. Aside from providing light, tactical flashlights can be used for self defense.

The GearLight S1000 LED Tactical Flashlight is a popular choice and for good reason. Its ultra-bright LED bulb can light up objects as far as 1,000 feet away. It has five different light settings including strobe and emergency SOS modes.

The waterproof GearLight tactical flashlight is the definition of indestructible. In fact, it can withstand a 10 foot drop. It also lasts for hours. Because of its low battery consumption, one full charge can last for hours. It also works with three AAA batteries so there’s less risk of running out of juice when you need it most. Make sure you have extra batteries in your pack, though.


Tactical Pen

Every prepper will agree that you should have a reliable pen and a small notebook in your EDC kit. It’s a good way to remind yourself of anything that you can think of – reminders, to-do lists, names and phone numbers of people you meet, and the plate number of the car that seems to be following you.

When you’re out camping in the wild, it’s also a good idea to jot down what you’ve been doing, thinking and feeling. You also need your pen and paper to leave notes for other people to find. This will provide clues to rescuers in case something happens to you.

When it comes to your choice of pen, a tactical pen should be on top of your list. Aside from being a writing instrument, it’s also a tool for self defense. There are tactical pens that you can use as a kubotan while also acting as a glass breaker. The video above shows you how to use this particular tactical pen to defend yourself.

The Tactical Pen Knife from Frog & Co, formerly Survival Frog, is an actual pen with a blade inside. You just have to take the cap off to expose the serrated knife with a sharp point. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum so it won’t bend or snap easily.


Fire Starter

It doesn’t matter if you’re a smoker or not, you should always have a lighter or any kind of fire starter in your everyday carry kit. You may find yourself in a situation in which you’ll need fire to survive. This is true if you’re trapped somewhere cold and the chances of hypothermia is high. Fire is also a great way to light up a dark place, keep wild animals at bay, and signal for help.

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You need a lighter that’s tough enough to withstand the elements. The Tough Tesla Lighter 2.0 utilizes plasma dual arcs to create fire even in wet or windy conditions. You can use it up to 300 times for each charge, which should only take two hours. The neck lanyard is made of paracord and has a 120 decibel whistle attached to it.


Emergency Whistle

You shouldn’t have any problems taking the Micro Scream Whistle with you all the time. It comes with a keychain ring so you can simply attach it to your car keys. This bright orange emergency whistle produces 100 decibels of sound that can be heard from a mile away. You just have to blow on the pealess whistle if you need help.

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Survival Mirror

Women in the workplace look at the mirror an average of eight times a day, according to HuffPost. Mirrors have other important uses aside helping you look good. You can use it as a signalling device. Just use it to reflect light, especially during the day. The flash can be seen from miles away.

Survival mirrors like the Helenbac Signal Mirror can also be used to start a fire. Use this survival hack in case you don’t have a fire starter. Check out the video below to know how.



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Pepper Spray

Every survival kit for women should have a pepper spray in it.  That’s because pepper sprays are effective tools for self defense. They’re portable, easy to use, and legal in most states. Also, they can immobilize multiple attackers without really hurting them, which is good if you’re not into violence.

The Sabre Red Pink Pepper Spray Keychain for Women is one of the most popular in the market tight now. In fact, police officers and U.S. marshals use them.


Surgical Mask

It took a deadly pandemic for people to realize how easily one could catch a virus. It also opened their eyes to the need for surgical masks and N-95 respirators. While these items are in short supply nowadays, you should stock up once things settle down.

How to Survive A Deadly Pandemic
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Keep both in your EDC kit if possible. Use the face mask if you’re sick or you encounter someone who is. The N95 respirator, when worn properly, is useful in case of a fire, dust storm, or collapsing building. Remember, though, that these masks cannot filter toxic fumes.


Phone, Charger, Power Bank

Most people are so addicted to their phones that they probably wouldn’t survive without them. Well, in case of building a survival kit for women and men alike, phones are a must-have. You should always have a way to communicate with someone in case you need help. Thanks to technology, you can find directions or help other people find you when you’re lost.

Don’t forget your charger or power bank. The QuadraPro Solar Power Bank allows you to charge your phone and other small devices even without a wall socket. You do need to charge it initially in a power outlet before using its solar features.


Bug Out Bags and Other Survival Kits for Women

Bug out bags, get home bags and other emergency kits are necessary no matter what your gender is. Perhaps the only difference between a man and woman’s grab bag that you’re probably thinking of right now is the color and style of the backpack. Some of you are probably thinking that a colorful and more “lady-like” backpack is the way to go. That’s not entirely correct.

First of all, at this day and age, women can choose whatever they want. If they prefer the so-called manly stuff, there shouldn’t be any problem, especially if we’re just talking about survival kits.

A military-style backpack, one that uses the Molle system, is a good choice since you can pack lots of important survival stuff. Plus they’re extra durable. However, you’ll attract attention in a SHTF situation if you use one with a camouflage pattern or something that shouts, “I’m a prepper and have lots of survival stuff in my bag!” Desperate people will definitely be eying your backpack.

A navy blue backpack like the WindTook Laptop Backpack pictured above is better than a khaki or olive green one. It looks normal but dark enough to not be seen at night. Remember, it’s best to not attract attention when SHTF. The less you stand out, the better your chances of surviving.


Food and Water

Aside from the EDC items mentioned above, a bug out bag should have at least three days’ worth of food and water.

For your food supply, you can pack canned goods if you can handle the weight. Just don’t forget the can opener. Better yet, pack those with easy-open lids. Another option is to pack ready-to-eat emergency meals like the ones Wise Food Company makes.

The Wise 84 Serving Breakfast And Entree Grab And Go Food Kit should be enough for a family of three as long as they eat twice a day. This emergency food supply kit includes different pasta dishes, soups, and breakfast meals kept inside Metallyte pouches. If you want more variety, Wise Food Company offers other entrees.

Each person needs at least half gallon of drinking water a day. That means you should carry at least 1.5 gallons of water in your grab bag.

Invest on a collapsible water bottle or a hydration pack. These survival items take up as little space as possible. Combine those two with emergency drinking water pouches. Datrex is just one of the companies that produce these water pouches specifically for disaster preparedness and survival. Each case contains twelve 125-ml packets. These compact and lightweight drinking water pouches have a shelf life of five years.


Best Survival Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

The items listed here are just a few of the many tools or gear you need to build a survival kit for women. Check out Gentleman Pirate Club to learn more. If you have any suggestions on what to include in an emergency kit, please feel free to share them in the comment section. These days, everyone definitely needs a little helping hand.



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