How to Hold A Pirate Halloween Party


Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up as anything you want.  It’s also the best time to throw a pirate Halloween party.

As with any kind of party, preparation is vital. Make plans on what you expect your pirate Halloween party to be like. Make the necessary decisions with regards to where you’re holding the party, who’s coming, what’s to eat and drink, and how to keep things fun and interesting.

Pirate Halloween Party Decor and Accessories

Treasure Map Pirate Theme Birthday Party Invitation

Start off with the invitations. You can go pirate crazy and send your invites in empty bottles of rum. That would be cute but could be more expensive than just printing invites and sending them your guests’ way. The message-in-a-bottle thing may work if you’re only inviting a handful of friends over, though.

What Is Your Pirate Name, Pirate Decoration

Make things fun and interesting as soon as your guests arrive. Let them get into the pirate spirit by assigning them new swashbuckling monikers. This amazing What’s Your Pirate Name party decor from Zazzle will surely get the party started. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself and meet new friends at the party.

There are lots of other pirate-themed decors you can find in stores, both physical and online. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to squeeze out the remaining creativity in you, go ahead and make your own decor. You can find a number of DIY pirate projects online.

Pirate Grub and Grog

Throwing parties can be messy. Lessen the stress of cleaning up by using paper plates. But don’t just use any paper plate. Go with your pirate Halloween party theme by providing your guests with these cute Pirate or Mermaid Paper Plates. They’re available at Zazzle for $1.50 a piece.

Pirate or Mermaid Paper Plate

A party is not a party without some booze, particularly in a pirate Halloween party for grownups. But before you empty that bottle of rum as you sing “yo ho ho,” make sure you assign a buddy as the group’s designated driver. Better yet, control your alcohol consumption and take a cab home if no one will drive you. Remember, don’t drink and drive.

Pirate Skull and Crossbones Custom Beer Label

While we’re all about safety, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. These customized beer labels will start the ball rolling and make for an interesting conversation starter.

Pirate Flags Coffee Mug

If some of your guests will stay the night, keep the pirate Halloween party theme until they wake up in the morning. A hot cup of Joe in a Pirate Flags coffee mug is just what the captain ordered for your hangover.

Pirate Costume

Kid’s Pirate Flag Gypsy Costume

No pirate Halloween party will be a success if no one comes in their best pirate attire. Put a little effort into dressing appropriately. There are tons of pirate costumes available online or in physical specialty stores.

Captain Blackheart Pirate Costume

If you prefer not to spend on a costume, you can make your own. Look for DIY pirate costumes on the internet.

Owl Pirate Earflap Hat Pattern

You can wear something simple if you don’t want that full pirate look. This owl pirate earflap hat is a great way to stay within the theme and yet stay as comfy as you wish. Plus, it gives you an excuse to do some crocheting.

Baby Crochet Pirate’s Hat

You can let your little infant join in on the pirate Halloween fun by making this adorable crochet pirate’s hat. This pirate hat offers protection from the sun if you’re partying outside. It’s also great for cold weather and, of course, Halloween parties. There are patterns available for babies 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and 6-12 months.

Pirate Games

If you’re throwing a pirate Halloween party for, say, an orphanage, you shouldn’t expect the kids to be in their own costumes. What you can do is to provide each one of them with their own pirate costume.

Polyester Pirate Vests

These polyester pirate vests from Dollar Tree only costs a dollar each for a minimum order of 24 pieces. They’re perfect as giveaways for your charitable party and will surely put a smile on the children’s faces.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy your pirate Halloween party even more if you have some games and activities all planned out. One popular activity is a treasure hunt. Hide some prizes before the guests arrive and have them look for your hidden bounty using a treasure map and some clever clues.

For a little downtime, you can tell the kids a pirate story. One of the popular ones revolves around Captain William Kidd and his lost treasure.  Captain Kidd was hanged on the orders of the King of England but not before he hid the vast treasure he collected from years of pillaging. Legends say the treasure has yet to be found. You can lie low on the killings and violence when you’re telling the story to little innocent children.

There are lots of other ways you can make your pirate Halloween party a party to remember. Go to The Gentleman Pirate to get more tips on anything and everything pirate such as transforming a boring nursery into a pirate-themed paradise. If you have suggestions on how to make a pirate Halloween party a success, feel free to share in the comments section.

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