How to Safely Lose Holiday Weight

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We’re almost halfway through the first month of the year and you’re probably still upset about the extra pounds you gained during the holidays. You are not alone. Lots of people are likely raring to go out and burn those pounds away. With the coronavirus pandemic still a thing, though, some are still not too keen on going out for a jog or hitting the gym. Lucky for you, there are ways to safely lose holiday weight.



Drink More Water

There are plenty of benefits of drinking the right amount of water each day. The fact that you can’t survive without water for three days should be reason enough why you have to always hydrate. That’s also why you should always keep a water bottle in your everyday carry kit.

The Pirates Will Be Pirates Water Bottle, available on Redbubble, can hold up to 20 ounces (590 ml) of liquid. The stainless steel bottle is lightweight and has a leak proof cap, qualities that are important if you’re taking it with you to do some outdoor activity.

Aside from hydration, water supposedly helps in weight loss. There’s this thing called Japanese water therapy, which some people attest to be effective in shedding those extra pounds. However, further scientific research is necessary to prove that.

The therapy makes you drink four to five cups of warm or room-temperature water on an empty stomach in the morning. Basically, you drink them right after you wake up, before brushing your teeth, and 45 minutes before breakfast. Then you have to eat your meal for 15 minutes then wait for two hours before drinking or eating again.

Even if you’re not a firm believer of the Japanese water therapy, the fact remains that drinking water can aid in weight loss. The mere act of drinking water before eating gives you a filling effect. That means your stomach feels full so you eat less. That feeling of fullness also helps thwart cravings.

It’s the 15-minute window that’s getting most of the negative feedback. Some say that you tend to gobble as much as you can during that short period. This rapid eating often results in added weight, which is the complete opposite of your goals.

Since science has yet to truly prove all its health benefits, you should not solely rely on water therapy to safely lose holiday weight. Consider it a supplementary thing. You should do other safe weight loss techniques while also trying this method. Check with your doctor first if this is okay, especially if you are pregnant or have existing medical conditions.


Eat Healthier

Everyone knows you gain weight from eating and drinking unhealthy stuff. According to WebMD, Harvard researchers identified potato chips, other potatoes, sugar-sweetened beverages, and unprocessed and processed red meats as the five worst foods that make you fat. It’s time to ditch or at least lessen consumption of these foods if you’re serious about losing the holiday weight.

Red meat such as beef, pork and lamb is linked to weight gain and other health issues. Eat more white meat, particularly chicken and fish, instead. Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and swiss chards and cruciferous vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage are also good for weight loss. For snacks grab some nuts, trail mix or fruits instead of gobbling on a burger or donut.

It’s not just the kind of food that has an effect on weight gain or loss. The amount of food and time you eat also factor in. There are plenty of diet plans that claim to help shed pounds. However, what may work for some may not work for others. If you’re going with such diet plans, consult your doctor first to make sure they’re safe for you.

If you’re considering going vegan even if until you lose the holiday weight, you need to do thorough research first. Check out what kinds of food passes of as vegan. You also need to know vegan recipes if you’re not familiar with any yet.

To make things easier, you can try Vegin’ Out. They deliver vegan meals right to your doorstep. All you need to do is indicate the delivery area, choose your menu plan, and checkout. You can opt for their Weekly Vegetarian/Vegan Meal Order, which can be delivered nationwide weekly or every other week. You will receive all the meals for the week, including vegan entrees, side dishes, soup, and cookies.


Exercise At Home

There are plenty of ways you can break a sweat at home. It’s true that you can do more outdoors but since there are limitations right now, you should make do with what you have. The important thing is that you still exercise regularly at home to help attain your goal of losing the holiday weight.

Some aerobic exercises you can do in the safety of your home include walking up and down a flight of stairs, brisk walking or jogging around your yard, and working a stationary bike. Strength training will help build muscles, which is a factor in weight loss. Squats, weigh training, and using resistance bands are examples of strength training exercises.

Home Workouts While In Quarantine | Photo by Nomad Soul/Bigstock
Home Workouts While In Quarantine | Photo by Nomad Soul/Bigstock

Burpees are quite popular with people serious about their health and fitness. It’s also a great exercise for losing weight as evidenced by a man who lost 10 pounds in a month after doing 25 burpees a day. Jump rope is another full-body workout you can do at home.


Don’t Push Yourself

It’s great that you have the drive to shed those pounds. However, you need to consider your conditioning. If you’ve been the obedient soldier and stayed in your home for most of the past year, you’re probably out of shape. Even if you did some exercises at home, that doesn’t compare to how active you were before the lockdown.

Check with your doctor first, especially if you have an existing medical condition. You need to know how much physical activity your body can handle.


Safely Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Despite the dangers lurking outside, you can still enjoy the outdoors and safely lose holiday weight without compromising your health. The key is in the preparation.


Find the Safest Spot

Before heading out to do your preferred activity, do a bit of research. Look for places that have the least patrons. The local park may be teeming with people joggers and other people that need some fresh air. The local pool may be crowded, too. Check out the lake or local swim hole instead. Biking lanes will be popular so look for least used trails.


Check the Weather

Check the weather forecast on the day you plan to go out for some exercise. It would be such a waste of time and effort if it suddenly rains when you’re already out. You also don’t want to be out on a run when the heat gets really bad. It’s easy to get dehydrated under sweltering heat. Plus, you also risk sunburn, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Top Solo Hiking Safety Tips To Keep In Mind | Photo by Roberjzm/Bigstock

It’s particularly important to know the weather if you’re planning to go hiking, camping or backpacking. The same goes if you’re doing long distance biking. The risks double if you’re going on a solo trip. Which reminds me…


Go With A Buddy

There are two main advantages of working out with a buddy. One, you can feed off each other. You’ll inspire each other to work out until you reach your goal of losing the weight you gained during the holidays.

Two, you can keep each other safe. You’ve probably heard stories of solo joggers or backpackers going missing only to be found later lifeless. Yep, it’s a dangerous world out there even without the pandemic. With a buddy, the chances of surviving an accident go up. On the other hand, the odds of being assaulted go down. Of course, you both need to know how to handle such situations by learning survival skills, developing your situational awareness, and knowing how to defend yourself.

How to Improve Situational Awareness | Photo by Pavlo Vakhrushev/Bigstock

Make sure your buddy is someone from your household. Avoid close contact with people that don’t live with you. This is to prevent the spread of coronavirus between you and your friend in case one of you has it.


Practice Coronavirus Safety Guidelines

Don’t forget your face masks and hand sanitizers. Wear your mask always even if you can’t see other people nearby. It’s possible that someone with the virus recently passed by before you. Avoid touching surfaces, too. If it can’t be helped, just make sure to sanitize your hands right after.

What Would I Do to Avoid the Coronavirus | Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash

For your face mask, you can use something like the It’s a Pirate Thing! Mask, which is also offered at Redbubble. The non-medical mask is made of two layers of polyester and spandex fabric. The gradient skull design is courtesy of sublimation print process.

Bring an alcohol-based hand sanitizer such as Suave Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Spray. The 10-ounce bottle is perfect for people on the go. More importantly, it has 65% alcohol. The Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) recommends using hygiene products with 60 to 95% alcohol to effectively sanitize against the coronavirus. This means Suave Hand Sanitizer Spray is capable of killing up to 99.99% of common germs, bacteria, and even the coronavirus.

Redfora Everyday Sanitizer Set comes with most of the things you need to stay safe from coronavirus. It has a hand sanitizer, surface disinfecting wipes and tissues. You can opt for the set with five masks.



Bring Your Own Water and Snacks

You’ll be sweating a lot. Don’t forget to bring enough water to stay hydrated. Avoid stopping at a store to buy a drink. The risk of contamination is high since people are coming and going. Customers have a tendency to touch a lot of products before deciding on what to get. Plus, money changes hands. Again, sanitize your hands if you don’t have a choice but to buy from stores.

A lightweight water bottle will do but if you prefer to have both hands free at all times, a hydration bladder would be perfect. The Quench Hydration Bladder can hold up to two liters of water, which should be enough for a couple of hours of strenuous hiking. The BPA-free can fit inside most backpacks. It comes with a 3.5 feet long straw so you can take a sip without taking the whole thing out.

Bring energy bars or trail mix in case you get hungry or require a little boost. Blue Dinosaur Paleo Food Bars are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients that will give you the needed energy boost to finish your hike or whatever strenuous activity you’re doing.


Bring Personal Safety Items

The coronavirus is not the only thing you should worry about. Outdoor activities are great for de-stressing but you still need to think about the bad things. And by that we mean preparing for accidents and people with bad intentions.

You need to pack light when walking or running. Limit your safety gear to small and lightweight but useful items such as a personal alarm, pepper spray, and emergency whistle. LifeShield Self Defense Kit comes complete with a stun gun, pepper spray, and personal alarm. You may also want to carry a Micro Scream Whistle. Bring one or keep all three in a running belt so you can easily grab them in an emergency.

Top Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons You Need | Photo by Zinkevych/Bigstock

If you’re going for a hike, you should bring a first aid kit among other survival gear. The Life+Gear 41-3819 Quick Grab First Aid & Survival Kit includes 88 medical items. Some of the waterproof pouch’s contents are bandages, gauze dressing pads, trauma pad, first aid tape, antiseptic towelettes, first aid cream packs, insect relief pad, cotton tip swabs, and a pair of nitrile gloves.  It also comes with survival gear, particularly a survival blanket, poncho, waterproof matches, whistle, compass, paracord, magnifying glass, duct tape, safety pins, and a resealable pouch.

Bring your phone, too. You can download apps meant to keep you safe while running. SportPort listed down the five of the best free or low-cost safety apps for runners as follows:  Road iD, Strava Beacon, Runkeeper Go, Kitestring, and RunGo. You could also use a GPS tracker. Download a GPS app on your phone.


Safe Outdoor Activities for Losing Weight

I know you miss your mates but skip playing hoops and other team sports or activities for time being. For now, let’s stick to outdoor activities you can do on your own or with a buddy.


Walking, Jogging or Running

You’re searching how to safely lose holiday weight so you’re likely out of shape. Your body may get the shock of its life if you hit the road running, literally. Try walking first. After stretching and warm ups, loosen those muscles a little more by doing some walking. This is a good exercise for beginners, too.

Gradually quicken your pace (4 to 6 miles per hour) once your body is conditioned. After a few jogging sessions, you should be ready to do some running. Both jogging and running burn fat.


Cycling or Biking

Thirty minutes riding a bike at moderate speed can help your body burn up to 298 calories. Cycling has other benefits other than weight loss. Aside from improving your physical fitness, biking outdoors can be good for your mental well-being.


Hiking or Backpacking

Speaking of outdoor adventures, hiking and backpacking also helps improve your physical health while burning those excess fats. Since you’re traversing steeper terrains, you burn more calories than you normally do while walking.


Despite the coronavirus pandemic and other dangers in the outside world, it’s completely possible to safely lose holiday weight. Before grabbing your running shoes or hiking boots, however, you need to understand the different safety precautions we discussed here. If you have another tip in mind, please share it with everyone. Follow Gentleman Pirate Club for more tips.


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