Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Prepare Moms for Emergencies

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You’re probably thinking of Mother’s Day gift ideas but are having doubts whether you could or should celebrate the day. With what’s happening all over the world, some may find it insensitive for people to still celebrate special occasions. But if it gives you a semblance of normalcy and helps you cope with pandemic anxiety then go ahead and do what you think is right.

Take this coming Mother’s Day, for example. Surely you still want to show the moms in your life how much you appreciate them. During this COVID-19 pandemic, we’re pretty sure your mom is constantly checking up on you. Most moms are also pretty busy right now with everyone at home for an indefinite period of time.

You can have a simple Mother’s Day celebration if you wish. They’re working double time now and they deserve the break. You can even get them something nice. A present that will be of great use during times like this will surely be appreciated. Here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas to prepare moms for disasters.


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Micro Scream Whistle by Frog & CO

Once the pandemic is over, people will be allowed back on the streets. That goes for the criminals, as well. Get the moms in your life a Micro Scream Whistle so they have something to alert other people in case they encounter such criminals. Emergency whistles are also useful when people get lost in the wilderness, trapped under a rubble after an earthquake, or to get everyone’s attention when it’s time for dinner.

The Micro Scream Whistle is packed with 100 decibels of piercing sound, which can be heard from a mile away. The tiny pealess whistle comes in bright orange, which is easy to spot from afar. It’s also incredibly lightweight at only 0.2 ounces.


ReadyWise Emergency Food Supply 120 Serving Freeze Dried Vegetable Bucket

Show of hands! Who here have heard, “Eat your veggies!” so many times when you were a kid? Let’s all be honest. Most of us didn’t like vegetables but had to eat them for our own good. And we’re not just talking about health here.

Even in emergencies, we shouldn’t forget about our veggies. Ideally, everyone should have a vegetable and herb garden at home. However, not everyone has that luxury of having fresh produce grown by their own hands. The problem with store-brought produce is that they’re not always fresh and some may have been exposed to chemicals. Also, the stores may not operate during disasters.

Your mom needs her own supple of vegetables to keep her going. Get her something like the Freeze Dried Vegetable Bucket from Readywise. The veggies are obviously not fresh but you can still enjoy their taste and nutrition. This particular emergency food supply contains corn, peas, broccoli, and green beans packed in durable polyester film pouches. The dried vegetable’s shelf life can last for at least 25 years with the right storing conditions.

Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Prepper Mom
Practical Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Prepper Mom | Photo by evgeny atamanenko/Bigstock


QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmer with Portable Power Bank by Frog & CO

Do you like warm hugs? You probably got lots of them from your dear momma when you were just a little kid. She’s probably wishing she’s right there beside you to keep you warm and tell you nice stories so you won’t be afraid of the big bad coronavirus.

Since you can’t risk going out to visit your mom, the best you can do is get her a Mother’s Day gift that will help keep her warm while also keeping you connected. The QuickHeat Rechargeable Hand Warmer with Portable Power Bank provides 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit of heat for about 2 to 4 hours. That should be enough warmth for your mom to feel your love. In case she suffers from Reynaud’s disease, some patients have reported that the device provided relief from their numb and painful hands.

And if that’s still not enough, she can give you a call with her fully charged phone thanks to the hand warmer that doubles as a portable power bank. This survival tool is indeed one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas you’ll ever think of.


Luci Original Inflatable Solar Lantern

Remember how as a kid you were so afraid of the dark? Remember running over to your mom telling her of the monster under the bed? Now that you’re older and presumably no longer scared when you turn the light off, it’s time to return the favor.

Give your mom a Mother’s Day present she can use during power outages or whenever she needs to see in the dark. The Luci Original Inflatable Solar Lantern is also a must-have for camping trips and bug out bags.

The Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern has 4 light modes — low, medium, high, and flashing. It comes with ten cool white LED bulbs that give off up to 75 lumens of bright light. The IP67 waterproof (up to 1 meter) and shatterproof portable lantern weighs only 4.4 ounces or 125 grams, which is lighter than most phones.

A single charge can last up to 24 hours while a full charge is attained from seven hours under direct sunlight. It comes with a quick shut off feature and a battery level indicator. The dust resistant solar lantern is protected from overcharging and over discharging as well as from over-currents and short circuits.

Perhaps the best thing about is that you get to help others in need. When you purchase a Luci Inflatable Solar Lantern from MPOWERD, you help provide light to those who have no access to clean energy.


Crash Escape 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool by Frog & CO

When you were younger, your parents made sure you were safely tucked in the car seat before driving away. As you got older, they put the seatbelt around you. When it was your turn to learn to drive, they told you wearing the seatbelt should be the first thing you do once inside the car. All these precautions just to make sure you’re safe while on the road.

Now it’s your turn to make sure your mom and dad are as safe as possible when they’re driving. If you’re thinking of Mother’s Day gift ideas to prepare for emergencies, a car escape tool definitely fits the bill.

The Crash Escape 6-in-1 Emergency Car Tool by Frog & CO is a small survival tool that should be in everyone’s car emergency kit. It’s a seatbelt cutter and window breaker in one. But that’s not all. The emergency car tool also comes with a flashlight with 130 to 140 lumens and three different light settings, including a flashing mode for emergencies.

The tool is also capable of charging small devices via the car charger or as a power bank. The 2200 mAh battery takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge.


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Pocket Jumper Pro Car & Truck Jump Starter by Frog & CO

Not all emergencies on the road involve car crashes or sinking vehicles. Oftentimes, it’s just a stalled vehicle, flat tire, or a stuck car. Most people will need to flag down a passing vehicle to get help. Not your mother. Your badass mom can change tires and dig her way out of thick snow.

If the emergency involves the car battery, she can use the portable jump starter that you will give her for Mother’s Day. The Pocket Jumper Pro Car & Truck Jump Starter set includes a 15 volt gas and diesel jumper that doubles as a power bank, jumper cables, a multi-power cord attachment, a car adapter cord, and a zip-up pouch.

The Pocket Jumper can charge small devices like your phone so you can stay connected especially in an emergency. It also has a built-in 120-lumen flashlight with a white SOS signal and red flashing light modes. The 12,500 mAh lithium polymer battery can be recharged up to 1,000 times, which should be more than what you’ll need.


Goal Zero Yeti 400 110 Volt Power Station

Now here’s a Mother’s Day gift idea that will be pretty useful if your mom lives alone or with your dad. It’s also a good thing to have when they like going outdoors or taking road trips, which are something many people are looking forward to after the pandemic.

Use the portable power station as a backup power supply in case power goes out or when outdoors. It can power phones and other small devices along bigger ones such as a refrigerator. It only takes 5 hours to charge it via wall charger and 13 hours using the car charger. The Yeti 400 features USB port, a 6mm port, a 12V car port, an AC inverter, Power Pole Chaining Port, and a charging port. It also pairs with a solar panel to give you the best portable energy source possible.

Your prepper mom will love the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Power Station since it doesn’t use fuel, which produces a not-so-pleasing smell. Unlike generators, the power station also doesn’t create loud noises. This part is important when you’re trying to avoid being the target of desperate people. Remember, in an apocalyptic scenario where people will do anything to survive, the sound of a generator will lead people to think that you have food and other supplies thus making you a prime target.


Biolite Solar Home 620 Kit

When you were born, your mother probably thought you were the light of her life. Years later and boy was she wrong. Nah… just messing with you.

But since we’re talking about light, one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas to prepare mom for emergencies is a set of solar-powered light. The BioLite Solar Home 620 Kit utilizes the energy of the sun to light up your home, play music, and charge your gadgets, especially during emergencies.

The centralized composed of the control box features a light, USB power outlet, radio with antenna for better reception, and MP3 player capabilities courtesy of a Micro SD slot. It also comes with an easy-to-use front panel with backlit LED screen where you can monitor power intake and a handle for portability.

The easy-to-install 6-watt waterproof solar panel is capable of providing 4.5 to 14 hours of power in just six hours of charging. The BioLite Solar Home Kit also includes three hanging lights with on/off switches. One of the lights has a built-in motion sensor. It’s a good idea to place it near the door or where thieves will likely hide.


LifeShield® Disaster Essentials Survival Kit by Frog & CO

Go big or go home! Why settle for simple Mother’s day gift ideas when you can get her a complete set of survival gear that will come in handy during emergencies. Nothing says, “I love you mom and please be safe always” than the LifeShield Disaster Essentials Survival Kit courtesy of Frog & CO. Well, a brand new car with her own driver and bodyguard would do the trick but let’s stick to the things we can actually afford.

This survival kit comes with a 9-in-1 survival shovel tool, a stainless steel 11-in-1 survival tool, paracord grenade survival kit, magnesium fire starter, neck knife and sheath, and a pack of WetFire All-Weather Tinder.

Essential Survival Gear You Got to Get Mom for Mother’s Day | Photo by deagreez/Bigstock

The shovel tool is useful when your mom is stuck in snow or when she needs to dig a foxhole. The paracord grenade includes 9 feet of 550 lb. paracord, knife blade, fire starter, tinder, and tools you need to catch fish particularly fishing line, hooks, weights, bobbers, and swivels. There’s also a piece of tin foil that can be used as fish lure or signal mirror.

The tactical neck knife comes with a compass and signal mirror. When she needs to start a fire, she can use her trusty fire starter and WetFire tinder.


Tender Corp Family First Aid Kit

How many times did you run crying to your mom after tripping and scraping your knee or elbow? Countless times, I suppose. It’s a good thing dear mommy knew how to treat such injuries and make you feel better.

This time, it’s your turn to make sure your parents have what they need to take care of themselves when they get hurt, especially if you won’t always be there to help them out.

First aid kits may be weird for a present but it’s definitely one of the many Mother’s Day gift ideas on your list. A first aid kit, as a matter of fact, should be in each and every home. There should also be one in your car, in your everyday carry kit, and in every bug out bag.

The Tender Corp Family First Aid Kit contains 78 pieces of medical supplies including different kinds and sizes of bandages and sterile gauze, an elastic bandage with clips, trauma pad, antiseptic wipes, and a cotton tip applicator. Survival tools include a Mini Rescue Howler Whistle and a liquid filled button compass.

The kit also includes a cold pack, nitrile gloves, safety pins, splinter remover or forceps, tape and a pair of scissors. Other items in the kits are Acetaminophen, Antihistamine, Ibuprofen, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, After Bite Wipe, a tube of After Bite Kids, and Natrapel® 12 Hour Tick and Insect Repellent wipes.


Mother’s Day Gifts to Give Your Mom to Make Sure She Stays Healthy | Photo by ndrey/Bigstock

It’s hard to find the perfect present for someone who risked their life and sacrificed so much just for us to be born into this world and have the best life possible. Perhaps the best we can do is to always let them know how much we truly appreciate having them us our moms. These Mother’s Day gift ideas to prepare moms for emergencies are just a few of the ways we can make them feel we value and love them. Check out Gentleman Pirate Club for more ways we can assure the safety of our loved ones, especially during tumultuous times like this.


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