Pirate Picks: 8 Survival Kits and Tools You Definitely Need


Ahoy there! This week on Pirate Picks, we have eight different survival kits or tools that everyone — old salts, landlubbers, preppers, outdoor enthusiasts, I mean everyone – should think of getting. Take a peek at our Pirate Picks and read on to get a more in-depth look at each one that’s deeper than the Mariana Trench.


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POWOBEST Wireless Power Bank

Have you ever suffered from nomophobia? It’s the fear of being without your mobile phone or the inability to use it. These days, it is extremely difficult to live without a smartphone though it was just over 45 years ago when the first ever call on a cellular phone was made. You need your phone to stay in contact with family and friends. You need it for work, too. Most importantly, you need your phone in times of emergencies. Suffice to say, it would be extremely difficult to be without a smart phone or if your beloved device runs out of juice.

That’s why you’ll value the many benefits of a solar power bank such as the POWOBEST Folding Waterproof Outdoor Wireless Power Bank. This simple device allows you to charge your phone or other small devices anytime and anywhere. It’s the perfect company to take with you when you go hiking, camping, backpacking, or going on a long drive. In fact, you should pack it in your everyday carry kit so you’ll always have a way to charge your devices.

The portable power bank comes with a built in grade A Li-Polymer battery with a 20000mAh capacity and three foldable solar panels the size of a smart phone. The solar power bank can charge three devices at the same time using the two 5V/2.1A USB output ports and the Qi wireless charging feature.


There’s no need to worry about overcharging your devices. The solar charger is equipped with multiple circuit protection that enables it to automatically stop charging when the device is fully charged. This will also protect your device from over-discharging, overheating, and short circuiting.

Use the wall charger as the power bank’s primary charging source, especially for its initial charge. The solar charging feature should only be used during emergencies such as when you’re outdoors with no electrical outlet available or when power is out.

Hang it on your backpack using the carabiner when you’re outdoors so you can take full advantage of the sun. When power’s out at home, simply place the POWOBEST solar power bank outside where it’s safe from potential thieves.

The solar charger also features built-in LED emergency lights with three different light modes – steady, strobe, and SOS for emergencies. It is dustproof and has an IPX5 waterproof rating, which means you can use it even if it’s raining or snowing. It will not, however, work when submerged under water.


Tiny Survival Card: A 17-Tool Survival Kit with Knife

Who knew something as small as and a lot thinner than your empty wallet could spell the difference between life and death? The Tiny Survival Card has a legitimate claim to being the world’s smallest survival kit.

The Tiny Survival Card features 17 different items you can use in emergency situations. This includes six assorted fishing hooks, two of which are double finishing hooks, and a mini button you can use as lure. The kit also comes with three sewing needles, two gig spears or mini harpoons for catching frogs and bugs, a micro finger drill, tweezer, dual edge saw, and a mini knife. Plus, there’s an arrowhead or spear point, which you can attach to a wooden rod or branch to make a weapon. All these are kept in place using a magnetic base. Plus, you also get a zip bag to store everything.

The American-made multi-tool is made of durable 302 stainless steel so it won’t break or corrode that easily. It’s the size of a credit card, weighs less than one ounce, and is only 0.025 inch thick. It fits your wallet perfectly so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one. In fact, you should get more so you’ll have one each in your bug out bag, get home bag, first aid kit, and car emergency kit. It also fits inside an Altoids tin so you should include it in your mini survival kit, as well.

The brains behind the Tiny Survival Card also happen to be one of the hosts of The Survival Show podcast. He also designed the MSK-1 Knife System. Each tool utilizes a distinctive triangular tab design that can be easily snapped off when you need it. The tools also have holes at the end that you can use to tie them together so they won’t easily get lost. It’s amazing how David, the designer, thought of such simple yet valuable design element.


Tianers 16-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit

Don’t you hate when you leave home and later realize you forgot something? Or when you find yourself in a situation and wish that you brought this thing or that with you?

Well, with the 16-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit by Tianers, you practically have most of the basic yet valuable tools you’ll need to survive any predicament you find yourself in. The Tianers emergency kit comes with 16 survival tools all packed in one small pouch.

You’ve got a tactical pen made of tungsten steel. It’s great for self defense, breaking glass, and writing. There’s also a waterproof notebook and an extra refill in case you run out of ink. These things are important in case you get into trouble and you have to leave a note for other people to find.

The spork is a 7-in-1 survival tool in itself. Aside from the spoon and fork features, it’s also a fish scale remover, fish spear, bottle opener, and knife. The kit comes with a piece of rope which you can use to tie the tool to a stick and make a spear. The rope holes on the spork help in securing it to the stick. The knife cover doubles as a survival whistle.

The paracord bracelet is another multi-tool. It features a 7-strand parachute cord, a fire starter and scrapper, compass, and a whistle. It also looks good on your wrist.

Perhaps the one that will excite you the most is the survival knife. Every prepper and survivalist yearns for the right kind of knife and the one that comes with the Tianers survival kit is certainly good enough. The folding knife, which measures 8.2 inches, also works as a glass breaker and bottle opener.

Another must-have is the fire starter. You need the ferrocerium rod flint and the flint stone to start a fire whenever you require one. If you don’t know it yet, fire has many benefits. Use it for cooking, boiling water, and keeping you warm. The light and smoke produced by fire are effective ways to signal for help in case you’re in trouble.

The tactical flashlight is another survival tool that’s a staple in every bug out bag and everyday carry kit. This one comes with three light modes particularly high, low and strobe.

Other survival tools in the kit include an emergency blanket, wire saw, scraper, credit card knife, water bottle clip, and carabiner. There’s also the aforementioned molle pouch, which measures 7 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches, and sports an American flag patch.


Eton Hand Crank NOAA AM/FM Weather Alert Radio

Communication is an important part of any relationship. It’s also important when you live in a disaster-prone area. Make sure you have a weather alert emergency radio to keep you entertained and updated about any natural phenomenon that may want to rain on your parade.

The Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank Weather Alert Radio lets you tune in on all seven National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather band stations along with the usual AM and FM stations. To get important weather updates or alerts, you only have to turn the “Alert” function on. This will allow you to prepare and keep your family from harm.

The weather alert radio can be powered in multiple ways so you’ll always stay up-to-date. It runs on DC power supply. Use the mini-USB cord, which comes with the purchase, to juice up the rechargeable batteries. You can also use AAA batteries. If these two goes kaput, you still have a couple of renewable power options.

One is solar power. The radio is equipped with a solar panel you can use to garner energy from the sun. If the batteries run out of juice and the sun is still out, you can simply crank the hand turbine for a minute and you’ll have 10 to 15 minutes of power to listen to the radio and use the flashlight.

Like most pieces of survival gear, the Eaton Weather Alert Radio serves more than one purpose. You can find the LED flashlight on one side of the radio. If you have an emergency, simply turn the flashing SOS beacon on.

Then there’s the phone charging feature, which most weather alert radios don’t have. The FRX3 can be used to charge your phone via the USB port. As we stressed, communication is important during a disaster. It’s vital to keep your phone charged at all times so you can contact the authorities if you need help or to call loved ones to check on them.

Other features include the AUX input, headphone output, alarm clock, a locator that glows in the dark, illuminated buttons, and a back-lit display.


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Ready America 2-Person 3-Day Emergency Kit

Ready America wants you to be ready for anything. That’s why it makes these emergency kits filled with the most essential items you’ll be glad to have when the going gets tough.

The Ready America 70280 2-Person, 3-Day Backpack Emergency Kit is a good way to start your prepping adventure. As the name implies, it contains 3 days’ worth of supplies for two people. In case you have to bug out or evacuate your home, you and your partner already have a good chance of surviving the next 72 hours.

Of course, you shouldn’t limit yourselves with what you already have. A true prepper will take what’s in the emergency kit and add everything else he or she thinks is necessary, especially if there are more than two in your family. The Ready America backpack is a good start, though.

It includes emergency food rations and emergency drinking water with 5-year shelf lives from Mayday. There are two cholesterol-free food bars with 2,400 worth of calories and 12 4.225-ounce water packets.

The kit also comes with 12-hour lightsticks, ponchos, emergency blankets, and gloves good for two people. More importantly, you also receive a couple of N95 respirators. These days surgical masks and respirators are worth more than you pay for even of some advantageous people are selling them at unbelievable prices. Still, price gouging is pure evil, especially if lives are at stake. With the Ready America emergency kit, however, you get two N95 respirators basically for free since you’re paying for one whole bag of supplies.

You also get a bright orange whistle, pocket tissue, and a first aid kit with 33 essential medical items including bandages and a butterfly wound closure.

All these emergency items are packed inside a black and red Ready America backpack. Keep these bags where you can easily grab them when you have to bug out.

It’s a dangerous world out there and emergency kits like this is just one way of preparing yourself and your loved ones and making sure you survive whatever comes your way. Make sure you have at least one at home, one at work, one in your car, and another in your bug out shelter. Never think that you’re overdoing it. Remember, it pays to be prepared. Always.


KOSIN 18-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit

Can’t find someone to take on your next outdoor adventure? How about taking something you’ll truly appreciate while you’re out on a date with Mother Nature?

The KOSIN 18-in-1 emergency survival kit will be there to keep you safe and warm when things get rough in the great outdoors.

When you’re cold, simply drape the emergency blanket over your body. You can also spark a fire with the help of the fire starter. Use the wire saw and survival knife if you need more fuel and tinder for your fire.

When someone or something is threatening you, the tactical pen, tactical flashlight and survival knife are there to protect you. When you’re hurt, you can depend on absorbent gauze pad, alcohol pads, and bandage adhesive strips to ease the pain away or at least keep the infection at bay.

When you somehow lose your way, the compass will help you find your way back. You also have the foomable tactical flashlight and the mini keychain flashlight to light the way. The emergency whistles, flashlights, reflective blanket, and the fire you start with your fire starter will make it easier for others to find you.

There’s no place in today’s world for cat calls and wolf whistles but there’s definitely space for a couple of emergency whistles in your backpack. There’s the 120 decibel dual-tub whistle creates a loud sound that can be heard from far away and another one on the paracord bracelet.

Other survival tools are multi-functional credit card knife, water bottle clip/kettle buckle, a couple of screwdrivers, and a black waterproof box to store everything.


Winter Hiking Gear Survival Kit

For some people, winter camping is a lot better than doing it during summer. For one thing, it’s not too hot. In fact, it may be too cold but you knew that already, right? Introverts also love winter camping because there are less people around. It’s also great for those of you who just want to get away for a while and enjoy nature.

Camping during winter also means no annoying mosquitoes. Bugs are not the only ones that are less active during the cold days. Many animals also stay in their shelters not just because of the cold but also because of the snowflakes. Animals can hear the high pitch sound that snowflakes make when they fall. Humans can’t hear that, though. That’s actually a good thing since it’ll be a lot safer and quieter.

Oh, and the view at night is spectacular. The winter sky on a clear night is breath-taking. That alone is enough reason why you should go winter camping.


If you’re interested in trying winter camping out, there are a few things you need to prepare aside from the usual camping gear. Start off with this Generic winter hiking gear survival kit available on Amazon.

This 12-piece winter survival kit is contains a 32 ounce stainless steel bottle that’s double walled and vacuum insulated to make sure the contents remain cold or hot for a long time. Since we’re talking winter camping here, you can keep your water, coffee, or tea hot for up to 10 hours. On normal days, cold beverages stay cold for an impressive 24 hours.

When you’re out camping in the cold, you need to stay warm. Aside from wearing cold weather clothes, you also need hand warmers, emergency blankets, and a 100% nylon balaclava face mask to stay warm. What do you know?! This winter outdoor survival kit happens to have all these. In fact, it includes two hand warmers, which provides up to eight hours of heat, and two survival blankets. The waterproof and weatherproof emergency blankets, made of reflective Mylar foil retains 90% of your body heat keeping you warm and protecting you from freezing to death.

Winter Camping Tips to Keep You Safe and Warm
Photo by Marmoset/Bigstock

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You also get two packs of InstaFire Starter, which was featured on Shark Tank, the reality TV with Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban as one of the panel of investors. As the name suggests, InstaFire lets you start a fire really quick even in wet and snowy conditions. The non-volatile fire starter burns as long as 15 minutes, which should be enough for you to build your fire.

Other survival items included in the winter survival kit are two pealess emergency whistles with tie on carry cords and the Cree XPE 3 Watt Super Bright LED Head Light. The weather resistant mountaineer headlamp impresses with a range of 300 feet, 3.5 to more than 40 hours of usage, and super bright 85 lumens. Finally, you also get a 7 x 10 inches waterproof pouch where you can put all your valuables such as phone, wallet, and camera.


Supology 23-in-1 Outdoor Tactical Tools for Hiking/Adventures

Whether you’re looking to buy a gift for your outdoor-loving special someone or just want something nice for yourself, it’s wise to buy something useful. The 23-in-1 Outdoor Tactical Tool kit from Supology is the definition of useful. It’s also life-saving.

The emergency survival gear kit contains a folding pocket knife with a 3.3-inch serrated blade. The knife also has a built-in bottle opener and window punch. To make sure you get out of a sinking car or burning building, Supology included a tactical pen made of tungsten steel, which you can use to break glass.

The set includes a couple of whistles you can use to call for help. There’s the 120 decibel whistle and the one built into the paracord bracelet, which also houses a military grade compass.


The Supology outdoor survival kit also comes with more of the usual suspects. That includes a tactical flashlight, a keychain ring with a push-button flashlight, fire starter, wire saw, multi-function utensil, 11-in-1 knife card, and emergency blanket.  You also get a band aid and tourniquet.

What really sets Supology apart from other outdoor survival gear kits is the inclusion of their own personal water filter. The 8.27-inch Supology personal water filter provides clean drinking water by removing 99.9999% of the bad stuff including particles as little as 0.01 micron. It can filter up to 396 gallons of water. The set also includes a 10 ml syringe, 11-inch long hose, and a carabiner.


It’s been definitely a tough week for many of us. But all should be good as long as you were prepared. And for the future, it’s best that you have survival kits like this week’s Pirate Picks to help pull you through any emergency. Do follow Gentleman Pirate Club to know more about prepping for disasters.


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