Recharge and Be Mentally Ready for the New Year


Much has been said about the coming new year and how people should set new goals, list down resolutions, and face new challenges to come. But are you mentally ready for the new year?

Now that the celebrations are over, it’s time to look back at the year that was, recharge, and, at the same time, figure out how to deal with what lies ahead. This is no easy task, by all means. It is not impossible, however. With a little perseverance, a bit of inspiration perhaps, and with the help of the tips listed below, you can prepare yourself to be mentally ready for the year ahead.


Stress Management

It goes without saying that stress plays a major role in one’s life. Even the likes of Gautama Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Dalai Lama, Oprah Winfrey, and other woke personalities in history experienced stress at one time or another. What these people did was to take the negative and use it to achieve something positive. It’s no easy task but if they can do it, so can you.


Do Something You Love or Try Something New

One common complaint of people dealing with stress is the feeling of regret or remorse. Many probably regret not being able to do what they want or what they used to do. Others are dwelling on the fact that they have yet to accomplish their lifelong goals and dreams.

These things take time but if you stay on the right path, you’ll eventually reach your dreams. In the meantime, you need to manage your stress by doing some of the things you used to love doing.

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Grab a pen, a typewriter, or a laptop and write some prose and poetry like you used to. Rediscover your inner Bob Ross by using watercolor, paintbrush and canvas to paint once more.

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Do you love to read? Head to the nearest book store or borrow a book from a friend. When was the last time you did some knitting or sewing projects?

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The trick is to set aside an hour or so each day or each week to do the things you love or are interested in trying.


Coloring Books for Adults

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The Queen of Talk suggests getting your hands on those stress-relieving coloring books for adults. As childish as this activity may seem, the fact that you put your focus on such a simple task keeps the negative thoughts away.

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You shouldn’t stress out on trivial things such as what colors will you use or if your work will look pretty when you’re done. Just go with the flow and color.


Start A Journal

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Grab a pen and a notebook and write down whatever you feel. Surely, there are lots of things you want to tell yourself or to say to other people but decide not to. A journal will help you get those emotions out. At the same time, you can write down all the good things that happen to you each day. When you look back at the end of the year, you might be surprised to see more good days than bad.


Natural Light

Natural light is a great stress buster unless you’re one of the few people who have Xeroderma Pigmentosum or other similar diseases that make it dangerous to be exposed to the sun.

Spend some time outside to take in the fresh air and the natural light. Go on a walk to the park, pick a spot to sit on, and open a book. Not a fan of reading? Just sit back and watch the people go by. The fact that you’re out in the sun will help relieve stress and get you ready for whatever lies ahead. You can also go for a jog or a hike. Physical activities not only keep the body healthy but also the mind.


Proper Lighting

You can’t stay under the sun for days on end. You’ll be suffering from sun burn and probably get skin cancer if you do. When you’re stuck indoors, make up for the lack of natural light by using LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones.

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Blue light before bed is a no-no. But when used during the day, blue wave light helps keep you at the top of your game. According to studies and as reported by, it increases one’s circadian rhythm during daytime. That means you are more attentive and alert, and performs tasks better.

Make sure you avoid using blue light at least a couple of house before bedtime. Aside from turning off your LED lights, you should also avoid using your smartphone or tablet in bed.


Get Enough Sleep

Oprah also advises you to get some quality sleep to make yourself feel rejuvenated and ready for each day of the new year. Sleep quality is more important than quantity. That means a short but deep sleep is better for your health than sleeping for a long time but with interruptions or awakenings in between.

There are different reasons why your sleep may get interrupted. Aside from medical issues such as sleep apnea and insomnia, other causes include a roommate who snores, outside noise, getting up to pee, having a newborn, having young children and having pets who like to jump on the bed to wake you up.

To get a good night’s sleep, you should stick to a bedtime schedule that best works for you. Ideally, you should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. If you fail to go to sleep at the proper time, go to bed earlier the next night to make up of for what you lost.

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Relax before going to bed. Have a hot bath at least an hour and a half before hitting the sack. Turn off any device and let your mind calm down. As a matter of fact, get rid of all devices in your bedroom. You should make the room exclusive for sleep and some bedroom calisthenics. Keep the TV set and laptop in another room.

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Avoid drinking at night whether its alcohol or coffee. Going out for a drink at night has its good points, especially if you need that break after a long week at work. Having a drink every night is not recommended, however. Even a glass of wine at night can cause you to have interrupted sleep. Stimulants such as coffee and cigarettes also affects your sleep. A warm glass of milk or hot chamomile tea is better.


Exercise and Other Stress-Relieving Activities

You don’t have to spend hours each day lifting weights in the gym just to get yourself mentally ready for the new year. All you need is a few minutes of exercise a day to get some positive results.

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As mentioned, going out for a jog or walk is great for your mental and physical health. Aside from getting the much-needed Vitamin D from the sun, the fact that you’re moving and sweating reaps benefits. If you can’t go out, do some yoga exercises at home. Meditation is also a stress-relieving activity, which teaches you how to let go of bad energy.

The new year offers another chance for you to make up for your shortcomings in 2018. You’ll be better equipped to face the challenges, however, if you are mentally ready for the new year. These tips not only allow you to recharge your mind, some of them are also great for your physical well-being.

Take a peek inside The Gentleman Pirate to find out about more activities and tips that can help you feel better mentally and physically. You can also check out The Minimalist Exercise and Nutrition Program for more ways to get your mind and body ready for the new year.

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