Top Outdoor Activity for Introverts to Do

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Some people, extroverts most likely, are probably wondering how an introvert can participate in sports and other activities, particularly those that involve other people. Most introverts prefer to stay at home with their thoughts and books and such. But many also yearn to spend some time outdoors. In fact, many of them love the outdoors and they can choose any outdoor activity for introverts they can enjoy.

Those people doubting that introverts can succeed in playing a team sport, let alone professionally, are in for a surprise. That’s because it’s not only possible but a ton of professional athletes, successful ones at that, are introverts. In fact, many of them will shock you.

Perhaps the most famous introvert athlete ever is NBA legend and current Charlotte Hornets owner, Michael Jordan. His Airness is a known recluse but he let it all out every time he stepped on the basketball court.

Jerry West, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, Reggie Miller, Kevin Love, and Derrick Rose are a few of the former and current professional basketball players with introverted personalities. Introverts in other sports include superstar golfer Tiger Woods and football greats Steve Smith and Darrelle Revis.

It may even come as a surprise that there are a lot of introverts involved in different sports and outdoor activities. Also surprising is that there are a lot of sports and outdoor activities that cater to the needs of introverts.


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Outdoor Activity for Introverts To Do On Land


Running is a popular outdoor activity for introverts and extroverts alike. For introverts the idea of putting on their running shoes, slapping on their earphones, and getting some exercise without anyone bothering them seem like nirvana.

The Apple Watch 4 is a worthwhile investment as it has been judged one of the best running watches in the business by Tech Radar. Apple improved ion what is already an impressive Apple Watch 3 by making a few tweaks. The display is larger by 30% making it the largest Apple Watch display so far while the speaker is 50% louder than before.

The Apple Watch 4 comes with a much improved Watch OS 5 and S$ Sip with a 64-bit dualcore processor. The swimproof smartwatch also has new and pretty useful electrical and optical heart sensors including an ECG app, a Digital Crown with haptic feedback, new workouts, and GPS among other cool features. Check this out to see more cool things you can do with an Apple Watch 4

If the $350 Apple Watch is too far down your list of things you can afford, there are cheaper options. The Polar M430 is the most affordable smartwatch in Tech Radar’s list at $150. Some of its main features include an integrated GPS, 24/7 activity tracker, and an optical heart rate monitor.



It’s not just jogging, though. Long distance running is another outdoor activity for introverts. You can do this on your own at your own time or you can join marathons along with other racers. The problem with the latter is that you have to stand in the starting line along with a huge crowd, which is not an appealing scenario if you want to avoid small talk.

Mind you, most introverts will still interact with others but not with the same enthusiasm as extroverts. It is possible they may overshare, though, since introverts prefer substantial conversations. One thing going for introverts is that they can separate themselves from the others once the race starts.

You can’t run a marathon without the right pair of long-distance running shoes. The Adidias Adizero Adios 4 tops the list of best running shoes of 2019 by Men’s Journal and for a very good reason. The Adizero is a looker and a keeper. Its gorgeous minimalist design suits introverts well but what really sets it apart from other running shoes is its performance. In fact, the Adizero Adios Boost was the fastest marathon shoe for quite some time when Dennis Kimmeto wore it during his 2014 Berlin Marathon record-breaking win.


Trail Running

Trail running is perhaps the best outdoor activity for introverts that involves running. You get to run on your own while surrounded by nature. Running Magazine even stressed that trail running “can be recharging and rewarding” for introverts despite the physical toll on the body.

Don’t forget to get the right pair of shoes suited for trails. There are specific shoes made for specific activities. Some may work for you, some may not. In the case of YouTuber and outdoor aficionado Jessica “Dixie” Mills of Homemade Wanderlust, for example, trail runners worked better for her than hiking boots.

To get a better idea on what to wear, check out this list of the best trail running shoes from Runner’s World so you won’t end up with the wrong pair. The Brooks Caldera 3 is one of the trail running shoes recommended by Runner’s World. The lightweight Caldera 3 comes with a TrailTack rubber outsole that works great uphill or downhill because of its impressive traction.  You’ll also have no problems getting your Brooks Caldera 3 trail running shoes wet since it can repel and drain water.


Bike Riding

Biking is another outdoor activity for introverts that takes them to different places. Introverts love traveling and if they can’t get on a plane for a solo adventure across continents, they can at least go for a solo bike ride and explore nearby places.

If you’ve never taken up biking before or haven’t ridden a bike since the old folks bought you one with training wheels, there’s a lot you need to learn. One is that you need basic yet proper bike gear.

Whenever you’re on your bike, you should have your helmet on. Safety is of utmost importance so you better know which kinds of helmet will protect that noggin of yours.

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Popular Mechanics named the Giro Aether MIPS as the best bike helmet for serious bikers. The 6-piece shell bike helmet boasts of a progressive EPS foam layering, deep internal channeling, and the MIPS system.

The best budget-friendly bike helmet, according to Business Insider, is the Bern Bike FL-1 Trail Helmet. The fact that the cheaper Bern FL1 Trail passed the same tests as its more expensive counterparts makes it pretty valuable and worth your money. Plus, it looks as gorgeous as the pricier helmets.


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Water Outdoor Activity for Introverts


Don’t you just hate it when the local pool is cramped with so many people? Can you imagine how dirty the pool water is? Germophobes will certainly do everything to avoid such travesty but for introverts, it’s the crowd that will likely drive them away.

Nevertheless, swimming as an outdoor activity for introverts is still completely plausible. One just needs to find the right place to and time to enjoy the water. There are pools where it’s completely acceptable for people to mind their own businesses.

Swimming is not exactly a team sport, unless you’re doing synchronized swimming or water polo. Choose a time when there are few people using the public pool. Also, when you start doing your laps, it’s like you’re in a world of your own. You’d barely notice when other people get in the pool. That, in a way, works in favor of introverts.

A better option is to go to the beach and wade in the water away from all the others. This will work during off-peak seasons. Just make sure you’re in a safe portion of the sea and that you are well-trained in swimming in open water.

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Of course when you go swimming, you should have the proper gear and one of the first things off the mind, aside from the swimsuit, is a good pair of swimming goggles. According to Men’s Health, the Speedo vanquisher 2.0 is the best pair of goggles right now. This Amazon top-seller comes with anti-fog, anti-flare, and panoramic features. It also boasts of UV-protected lenses, interchangeable nosepieces, and a brilliant design that allows 25% more peripheral vision.


Scuba Diving or Free Diving

If you really want to be left along with the deepest recesses of your mind, why not go to the deepest recesses of the ocean? Well, not really the deepest parts of the ocean but you can dive as deep as humanly possible.

What makes diving the perfect outdoor activity for introverts is that the vastness of the ocean makes you feel more self-aware. Also, even if you’re diving with a small group, preferably with your closest friends, you still get that feeling of being alone. It’s also pretty quiet down there, one thing that most introverts yearn for.

If you’re just trying the sport out, you can rent diving gear. But once you get serious, you’ll need your own set. Start off with your own scuba diving mask. This is different from a snorkel mask. The Adventure Junkies has a list of the top scuba diving masks of 2019. Check it out so you won’t make any mistakes when it’s time to buy your own gear.

The Atomic Aquatics Venom earned first place in the said list. It sports a single lens design with a wide panoramic view. The mask is made of Gummi Bear UltraSoft silicone and come with a frameless design. Comfort is not an issue since the face seal is pretty soft. It’s also easy to use thanks to the adjustable swivel buckles integrated on the mask.

Next on the list is the ScubaPro Synergy 2. This twin lens scuba mask uses a thicker and firmer silicone outer skirt for better support while the face is covered by softer and thinner silicone for optimal comfort. It also boasts of its own Trufit Technology, which features a one-of-a-kind ribbing texture.




Have you ever gone surfing and find yourself in this different new world? No, we’re not talking about surfing the internet and ending up in the black web. When you catch that perfect wave when surfing, it’s like you’re taken into a different new beautiful place. Well, at least, that’s how I imagine the experience would be.

Introverts are supposedly more attuned to their surroundings. With the vast ocean and high waves surrounding you, then surfing is indeed an outdoor activity for introverts to try once in their lives.

When you paddle out into the ocean and stake out a spot that’s separated from the crowd of surfers and beachgoers, you can already escape and enjoy the moment. Once you catch that wave, that’s an entirely new experience and a thrilling one at that.

Of course before you can enjoy the benefits of surfing to your introverted soul, you need your own board. You can rent surfboards in some surfing spots but it pays to have your own.

The Wavestorm Classic Surfboard is eight feet of awesome disguised as a board with a soft foam top deck and a strong EPS foam core with three stringers. It comes with a textured traction pad and HDPE slick bottom skin. The Wavestorm also boasts of having the patented Graphic Technology courtesy of AGIT Global.


If you’re looking for an outdoor activity for introverts, you really don’t have to look too far. Introverts can do any sport or activity with their small group of friends or on their own if they really prefer to be left alone. But as Jordan, Kobe, Tiger and the other athletes prove, introverts can also thrive in a team sport or multi-person outdoor activity.

Still, if you need help finding the perfect outdoor activity for introverts, check out the list of things introverts love about being outdoors from Thought Catalog. This beautiful and insightful list showcases what introverts can do outside the comforts of their home and how they feel while doing them.


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