What Would I Do If I’m Trapped In A Winter Storm


Spring is just about to start but that doesn’t mean you should be looking far ahead. When it comes to prepping and surviving disasters, in particular, thinking ahead is the key. So even if the winter season has just gone by, you should be wary of what to do come next winter. In fact, the recent winter storm that plagued a good part of the United States and Canada should be enough reason why you must consider preparing for another one right now even if the cold days are still a number of months from now. That’s what I would do. You should, too.

I’m guessing no one was really expecting the winter storm to be that bad. For now, let’s all just chalk it up to a lesson learned. And I hope you did learn. If not, here are a few pointers on what you should do to survive a winter storm.


If A Winter Storm is Fast Approaching

Stay Calm

You must stay calm if you wish to overcome a winter storm, especially when you’re stranded outdoors. Whether you’re on foot or driving, once you know that you can’t outrun a winter storm you must keep calm and figure out how you will survive the calamity.


Find Shelter

Your first move should be to find a place that will shelter you from the winter storm. You’re lucky if you’re driving when the winter storm hits. That’s because it can provide you with shelter to protect you from the cold. Of course, if you come across a house or safe structure, you should try that one first.


Car Shelter

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While in your car, make sure the cold will not get inside. Cover the interior of your car with thermal blankets for insulation. Tear the car seat apart and use the cushion for insulation if you don’t have blankets or anything to keep the cold out and the heat in.


Snow Cave

If you’re not in a vehicle and can’t find a house, look for caves or build your own. Look for a spot where the wind built up the snow. The depth and consistency of the snow here are perfect for making your own snow cave.

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Dig hollow space through the snow bank in the shape of a bell. Start digging as low as you can before hollowing up. The bell shape is structurally strong so you don’t have to worry about it caving in on you. The shape also keeps the heat inside, which is important if you wish to survive a winter storm.


Tree Well Shelter

Aside from a snow cave, you can also make a tree well shelter. Find a spot where the snow is deep with low-hanging boughs or evergreen trees. There should be a pocket of space there in you can turn into a tree pit. Simply dig until you reach the ground. Just be careful while digging so the snow won’t cave in.

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Cover the ground with evergreen boughs then pat on the walls of the hole to make the snow compact. Get inside the hole and cover it with more boughs.


Call for Help

After finding shelter or if you decide to duke it out in your car, your next move should be to contact someone. Call 911 and give them specific details such as where you are and what your situation is. They should also give you pointers on what to do until rescuers come or when the winter storm passes. Follow that with a call to your family.

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There’s a possibility that your car or shelter will be covered by snow. By giving them precise directions, they’ll be able to find you a lot easier. Make sure your phone is always fully charged. Bring an extra battery pack, charger, or powerbank with you all the time.


Build A Fire

If you have time before the winter storm hits, you should build a fire. Use the fire to heat up rocks, which you can bring inside your car or shelter.

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To build a fire, you must first find a spot away from snow-covered trees. The heat you’ll create will melt the snow and extinguish your fire. If you have no other choice, shake the tree first for the snow to fall.

Clear your chosen spot of as much snow as you can. Stomp whatever snow is left to make it compact. Make another one near your first spot. This is where you’ll keep your firewood so it’ll stay dry while you build your fire.

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Arrange some stones on the spot in a way that melted snow can flow through. Place tinder over the stones and start your fire using your waterproof matches, lighter, or magnesium fire starter. Once you build your fire, make sure you keep it going. Add the stones you’ll use for warmth later on.


Auto Emergency Kit

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The chances of you surviving a winter storm in your car increases if you have the necessary survival gear with you. Keep an emergency kit inside your vehicle all the time. This should include an extra change of clothes, and warm clothes such as a jacket, gloves, and beanie. Wool blankets, thermal blankets, ponchos, and other things that’ll keep you warm during cold days will also come in handy, especially during a winter storm.

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You’ll also need a way to start a fire. Pack some waterproof matches, lighters, and other fire starters in your emergency kit. It’s better if you have tinder, as well.

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In the event that you’re trapped in your vehicle, you’ll definitely be better off if you have a supply of food and water. If you have an existing medical condition, your emergency kit should also carry the necessary medicines or apparatus you may need.

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Other things you should have in your car emergency kit include a multi-tool, knife, hatchet, paracord, duct tape, compass, emergency whistle, signal mirror, light stick, first aid kit, and a folding shovel among other things.

Heat Options to Prepare Your Home for Winter
Heat Options to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Come visit The Gentleman Pirate to know more survival tips you could use during a winter storm. If you have more tips you want to share with us, please go ahead and comment below.


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