DIY Halloween Projects For the Whole Family

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Halloween is not just about scary movies or costume parties. You can enjoy this occasion with everyone in the family, young and old. The young ones will get a kick out of trick or treating, especially after missing out last year due to the pandemic. You can be eerie this early by doing some fun and easy DIY Halloween projects in time for the holiday itself.




This one’s a classic. Get your hands on some pumpkins so you and the family can make Jack-o’-lanterns. You can go old school with a simple scary face or try other pumpkin carving ideas.

Use the proper tools so it’ll be easier and safer to do this DIY Halloween project. You’ll need a pumpkin carving tool set that includes shovel tools, scraper, cutting tools, tooth saw, hole and circle punches, engraving pen, and engraving tools.

Alternative tools include a serrated knife, paring knife, and ice cream scoop. Be extra careful when using knives for carving your pumpkins.

Use a marker to simply draw your design on the pumpkin if you prefer not to handle sharp objects. You can use a Dremel rotary tool with carving bits if you want to challenge your carving skills. You’ll need a stencil to use as a guide for carving the designs. Place a flameless candle inside the carved pumpkin to give your DIY Halloween decor a nice yet spooky effect.


Wooden Jack-o’-Lantern

In case you can’t buy pumpkins, you can still make a Jack-o’lantern using other materials such as wood. All you need to do is cut out planks from a wood pallet to make a square Jack-o’-lantern. Draw the face on one side then cut it out using the jigsaw. Paint everything with watered-down orange paint to get that rustic look. Fashion a vine and leaves from wire and green paper then attach at the top part of the box. Check out all the details here.


Picture Frame Halloween Lanterns

Keeping all those old photo frames finally paid off. Turn trash into amazing DIY Halloween decorations by making spooky lanterns out of them. To make this Halloween lantern, you’ll need four picture frames for each lantern. It’s better to have four identical frames though you can use mismatching ones if you want an edgy look. Other materials for this DIY project include white vellum paper, clear packing tape, black duct tape, black craft paint, matte black spray paint, and votive candles.

First, remove the backing and glass and spray paint the front, back, and sides of the frames. Print out Halloween drawings on the vellum paper then cut the printouts making sure they fit the frame. Place the picture facing down on the glass then cover the back with clear packing tape with an overhang. Put the glass with print back into the frame. Do this for all four frames and printouts.

Line up the four frames with the front facing down then tape the edges together using the black tape. You should end up with a square when you stand the frames up. Put a votive candle inside the box to illuminate the drawings.



DIY Ghost Face Picture Frame

This homemade Halloween decor is a tad complicated but the end result will definitely be worth it. To make a paranormal portrait, you’ll need a large picture frame, foam head, #50 cheesecloth, heavy starch spray, and white acrylic paint. Check this out for the complete list of materials and instructions.

Top Outdoor Halloween Decor to Spook the Neighbors | Photo by Zeferli/Bigstock

First, cut layers of cheesecloth (about 10) that are 2.5 inches larger on each side of the frame’s backing. You can also use cardboard that’s the same size as the backing. Cover it with wax paper.

Cut the foam head in half then place the face on the cardboard or backing. Wipe petroleum jelly all over the foam head. Place two layers of cheesecloth over the face and board then spray with starch. Smooth the cheesecloth over the face using your fingers. Make sure the cheesecloth gets into every crease to get the contours of the face. Repeat the process two layers at a time.

Once completely dry, slowly peel the cheesecloth off the wax paper then remove the foam head. The cheesecloth should still have the contours of the face. Place it on the cardboard then trim the excess. Carefully put the frame back. Use hot glue if necessary. Hang and have fun scaring your guests with your paranormal painting.


Cardboard Coffin

Spook the neighbors and passersby with a life-size cardboard coffin displayed on your porch or front yard. Make it even scarier with a zombie crawling out of the coffin. You’ll definitely have fun with this DIY Halloween decoration.

If you managed to save the cardboard boxes that brand new appliances come in, you’re in luck. If not, you can just purchase cardboard boxes for this DIY Halloween project.

Halloween Projects To Do While You’re Stuck At Home | Photo by CHOReograPH/Bigstock

Aside from the cardboard, you’ll need brass hinges, duct tape, a utility knife, straight rule, marker, black and brown paint, and a paintbrush. There are different types of coffins and the most common is the traditional kind. The most recognizable, however, is the toe pincher. It’s the coffin that’s wide at the shoulders and narrow at the feet.


Wine Bottle Candlesticks

Need a reason to drink? How about DIY Halloween projects like these wine bottle candlesticks? This Halloween decor is pretty easy. You just need to paint clean and dry wine bottles with matte black paint. Use spray paint if you want to finish this decor as quickly as possible. You also need orange taper candles which you’ll insert in each wine bottle. That’s it!


Valuable Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters | Photo by CHOReograPH/Bigstock

These DIY Halloween projects are just a few of the things you can do in preparation for the holiday. Hurry up and start making them so you can display your homemade decorations with pride. Discover more DIY projects over at Gentleman Pirate Club.

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