Early Christmas Shopping Ideas for Him

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Remember last year’s Christmas shopping rush? Do you recall the traffic jams and the crowd? Did you plan on getting something but later find out it’s sold out? Surely, you don’t want to go through something like that again. That’s why you should start looking for the perfect Christmas present for the man in your life right now. Here are a few early Christmas shopping ideas to help keep the holiday stress away.


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Early Christmas Shopping Ideas for the Woodworker

In general, men believe they can fix everything on their own. They think it’s a waste of money to buy furniture or call on a professional to do the repairs. If you’re man is one of these people, the perfect Christmas presents you can get him are tools.

If he’s actually a professional carpenter, woodworker or handyman, then a new tool will definitely put a smile on his face. Every man (or even woman) who does carpentry work for a living surely dreams of owning high quality tools to make their work a whole lot easier.


Band Saw

The Jet JWBS-14SFX 14” Steel Frame Band Saw, for example, will definitely take care of any heavy duty sawing. It’s used mainly for cutting curves and other irregular shapes. You can also use it to resaw or cutting lumber into thinner slabs.

The Jet JWBS-14SFX 14” Band Saw comes with 360 square inch cast iron table, machined aluminum fence, and the tool-free blade guide system. It also has 13 inches of resaw capacity, a couple of dust ports, and stamped steel doors.

Its regular price is $1,199.99 but since Rockler is currently having a sale, you can get the band saw for only $1,079.99 per unit.


Air Filtration System

While power tools are brilliant Christmas shopping ideas for him since it makes his life easier, getting him to keep him safe while working is even better. We’re not talking about safety glove or goggles here. While these things are important, you want something more spectacular as your Christmas present.

Go with something bigger like an air filtration system like the Powermatic PM1250. The micro dust air filtration system lessens the airborne dust that’s prevalent in work areas. The Powermatic PM1250 can filter particles as tiny as 0.1 micron.

The portable air filtration system can clean up the air in a space as big as a 2-car garage or 680 square feet to be precise. The filter lasts for 3,000 hours. That’s equivalent to 125 days of non-stop use. Of course, you won’t be doing that.

At high setting, the PM1250 is only 50.8 decibels loud while it tops out at 41.3 decibels when set to low. In other words, noise will not be an issue with the Powermatic PM1250, which also happens to be on sale at Rockler right now. Get it for a cool $100 less its regular price of $699.99.


Tool Storage

No one likes a messy work place. While creative mess is a sign that you’re a genius, a cluttered tool shed and workplace may not be the ideal situation for carpenters and woodworkers. To be on the safe side, you want everything to be organized.

Make sure your man is safe while doing his thing by getting him tool organizers such as the Rockler Pack Rack® Clamp & Tool Storage System. With this clamp and tool storage, he’ll definitely be more organized. The steel rods on the two sides can carry as many clamps as you can fit while the shelves inside can be used to store other tools or equipment.

His work will be a lot easier since he can move the clamp rack around. The polyurethane casters come with breaks so you don’t have to worry about it rolling away.

What makes the Rockler Pack Rack® Clamp & Tool Storage System one of the best early Christmas shopping ideas you can think of is its price. It’s a lot cheaper than the other two Christmas gift ideas above but with Rockler’s on-going sale, you can get it for only $134.99 from its original price of $179.99.


Early Christmas Shopping Ideas for the Workaholic

All the stress at work takes a toll on your man. He needs something to cheer him up at work and no, sending him photos of you wearing lingerie is not what I had in my mind. We’re talking about funny Christmas gifts that will cheer him up whenever he sees them.



Let’s start off with Christmas shopping ideas that he can wear to work. The Blue Q This Meeting Is Bullshit Men’s Crew Socks, available at Always Fits, is perfect for when your guy is at a boring meeting. Just one look at his feet and he’ll be reminded of your craziness.

This pair of socks is made of 71% combed cotton, 27% nylon, and 2% spandex. It fits sizes 7 to 12 and is worth only $13.

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Coffee Mug

Does your guy love coffee? Is he a fan of Bob Ross? If you answered yes to both then your man deserves a Let’s Get Crazy Bob Ross Coffee Mug or the Bob Ross Self-Painting Color Changing Coffee Mug, both available at Always Fits. Yep, he’ll get to see the mug of the iconic painter with his permed do on his new favorite coffee mug. Surely, this is one of the best Christmas shopping ideas you’ll ever come up with.

The Let’s Get Crazy mug is made of ceramic and can hold 11 ounces of glorious coffee or any other beverage. The dishwasher and microwave safe mug comes in bright yellow to give you that additional energy to keep you productive the rest of the day

When it is cold, the color changing mug shows the likeness of Bob Ross and his infectious smile. Once you pour hot coffee in it, the black background magically turns into a magical Bob Ross painting. This microwave safe mug one can hold up to 12 ounces of beverage. It is, however, not dishwasher safe. Avoid soaking and scouring it if you wish to be forever inspired by the great Bob Ross.

The Let’s Get Crazy mug usually costs $17.00 but you can get it for $4 less if you buy now. The Self-Painting Color Changing Coffee Mug sells for $17.50 each.


Tactical Pen

Since we’re looking for Christmas gift ideas that will put a smile on his face, why not get him a pen knife. I’m pretty sure he’d appreciate such badass early Christmas shopping ideas.

A tactical pen knife like the one by Frog & CO, also known as Survival Frog, that’s pictured above looks like an unassuming 5.5-inch pen. Inside, however, is a serrated blade you can use for emergency and survival situations or to pin a note on the board telling everyone not to use your Bob Ross coffee mug.

The pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum yet is pretty lightweight. The bladed end weighs 0.6 ounces while the whole pen maxes out at 1.6 ounces. In other words, it’s so light you won’t even notice it in your pocket.

You don’t have to worry that much about legality since the blade measures only 2.5 inches. In most US states, it is legal to carry a blade 3 inches and shorter. That’s why pocket knives, Swiss Army knives and tactical pen knives are common everyday carry items. Of course, you need to check with your state’s local laws on personal carry before purchasing one.

Oh yeah. The Frog & CO tactical pen knife, worth $14.97, actually writes.


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Early Christmas Shopping Ideas for the Outdoorsman

If your guy loves camping, hiking, and everything else outdoors then it’ll be easier for you to come up with Christmas shopping ideas. There are tons of amazing pieces of outdoor gear waiting for you to pick them up.


Car Escape Tool

When you’re looking for early Christmas shopping ideas, consider something that will let him know you care. Of course, the fact that you’re getting him a present for Christmas means you care about him.

Christmas gifts that say, “I want you to come home safe and sound even if you get into a car crash” is definitely up there on his list of the sweetest things you ever said to him. That and “I got pizza and beer!”

A car escape tool doesn’t entire fall under the outdoor category but if you’re going on an outdoor adventure and you need to take the car or hitch a ride with friends to get there, you definitely want to have one on you.

The EasyPower 6-in-1 Emergency Car Escape Tool, also from Frog & CO, helps you in the tightest situations. It features a seat belt cutter, window breaker, and a flashlight with three modes including a flashing light for emergencies. It’s also a USB charger that can be plugged in the car’s cigarette lighter, and a power bank that he can use to charge his phone and other small devices. That means he can no longer use empty battery as a reason why he didn’t call.

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Solar Stove

The GoSun Grill is a solar powered grill that is perfect if you want to do some outdoor frying, baking, roasting, steaming, and, of course, grilling. This amazing device comes with a couple of pans, which allows you to cook 6 to 8 meals for 90 minutes. That’s good for around 4 to 6 people, which makes it the perfect for a family picnic outdoors.

Each GoSun Solar Powered Stove is equipped with a temperature gauge, vacuum tube, rubber grips that are soft to the touch, and a stainless steel frame.

At 30 pounds, it’s pretty portable considering the amount of food it can make in such a short time. Plus, you don’t need fuel so that’s one less thing to carry around. The low maintenance solar stove even works when it’s cloudy. It’s a great early Christmas shopping deal indeed for $699 each.

If that’s a tad too expensive, GoSun is offering some of its more affordable solar stoves at even lower prices. Check their September Only sale here for more Christmas shopping ideas.

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Who said GoSun is all about solar stoves? Interestingly, the company has also come up with a solar-powered cooler. Ironic as this may sound, the GoSun Chill uses the power of the sun to keep the cooler cold inside. Unlike other coolers, the Chill does not prevent ice from melting. In fact, it does not need ice at all.

This is possible through the PowerBank+, which turns the sun’s rays into energy that is used to power the cooler. The PowerBank+ is basically a detachable battery with three USB ports for charging devices, a built-in 200 lumens light, and a 15 amp car adaptor that can also be plugged into a socket.

The GoSun Chill features a smart LCD display, temperature control, and a bottle opener. The portable cooler comes with pouches for extra storage. When you’re done for the day, you can secure all your stuff using the tie-down straps then use the telescoping handles and all-terrain wheels to roll it away.


Camera Drone

Many people who love the outdoors have taken to drone flying to take their habit to another level, which is why you should include them in your early Christmas shopping list.

These drones allow you to capture photos and even videos of majestic sites that you wouldn’t normally see from where you are. Drones have also become a staple in shoots, rescue missions, and for solving a 20-year-old cold case.

For now, though, your man should be content having a drone he can take on his adventures. The SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV Drone is a good one for beginners. It’s user-friendly as you only need to press a button for it to take off, return and land.

The SNAPTAIN S5C drone is equipped with a 720P HD Camera that can transmit videos from up to 80 meters. You can also edit and upload your high definition footage, which are instantly saved to the Micro SD card, using your iPhone or iPad.

Other impressive features include the G-sensor, which lets you control the drone by simply adjusting the position of your phone. There’s also the Altitude-Hold function that keeps the drone steady as it hovers. The Trajectory Flight feature, meanwhile, lets you plan the drone’s flight path by drawing on your phone’s touchscreen.

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When it comes to early Christmas shopping ideas for the man of your life, you really shouldn’t have that much of a problem coming up with a list. You know what he likes and what his hobbies are. He probably dropped some hints on what things he badly wants but just can’t get himself to get them. Hopefully, this short list helped out. If not, you can find other similar lists at Gentleman Pirate Club. If you already have the perfect Christmas gift idea for your man maybe you can share it with everybody else in the comment section.

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