Halloween Party Survival Guide

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By now, people are gearing up for the much-awaited Halloween party. It could be an office party or some friends are planning for the ultimate scarefest in their apartment. Whatever or wherever you spend the night of October 31, it is important to keep some Halloween party survival tips in mind.

Choosing a Costume

A Halloween party is not a party if no one is drenched in fake blood or wrapped in a giant ribbon with a huge card saying, “God’s gift to women.” However, you should keep in mind that there are factors to consider in choosing the right Halloween costume. Of course, everyone wants to be creative or funny. Others are looking to bag some prize and bragging rights for winning the Best in Costume award. Sadly, many forget about safety.

Stay Visible

Glow-in-the Dark Skeleton Catsuit

It’s perfectly okay to be imaginative and witty with your costume but you should also stay on the safe side. If you’re going as Count Dracula, the Grim Reaper or another character dressed in dark clothes, at least put some glow-in-the dark tape on strategic areas of your costume. This will make you visible in the dark, particularly when cars shine their headlights on you. You would want passing cars to see you while you’re walking down the dark street in your drunken stupor.

Soul Taker Costume

You should also make sure you can see clearly if you’re wearing a mask or hood. Also, bring a flashlight so you can see your way and signal cars that there’s a person walking by the road.

Wsiiroon 1600 Lumen XML LED Flashlight

Avoid Potentially Dangerous Costumes

There are costumes that may look cool but have the potential to hurt you or someone else. Avoid anything sharp and pointy. Don’t wear jewelry, tiaras and other such accessories that may contain nickel, which may cause irritation. If you found the perfect costume at a secondhand store, make sure you clean it up well before wearing it. Wash it in hot water to be sure.

There’s a reason why superheroes shouldn’t wear capes. They could trip on them or get entangled with the blades of a fan. Don’t wear anything that’s too long so you won’t endanger yourself or others at the Halloween party.

Be Respectful

Avoid costumes that may offend. Some costumes may not be that dangerous as is but may spark outrage that can get you hurt. In fact, a lot of celebrities and normal folks have been scrutinized for their choice of Halloween costumes. Heidi Klum and her Hindu goddess outfit, Ashley Benson as murdered Cecil the Lion, and a couple dressed as the burning Twin Towers are some of the most insensitive  and tasteless costumes in recent years.

The first thing to avoid is the blackface, which actress Julianne Hough got bashed for in 2013. Coloring your face or the rest of your body to look like an African American or a person of another race is a big no-no. Other offensive get-ups include dressing up as a homeless person, terrorist (we’re looking at you, Chris brown), a Nazi, a victim of the Holocaust, a refugee, a Native American and other cultural stereotypes.

It’s also best to avoid anything political. You’re entitled to your own opinion with regards to politics. However, making a statement during your office Halloween party may not be a good idea if you have colleagues who have a different opinion.

Wear Comfy Costumes

Some people would readily sacrifice comfort just to look magnificent during the Halloween party. That’s your choice, of course. But if you want the wiser choice, go for something simple in which you can move around easily. If something bad happens, say a fire breaks out or people start biting and eating each other’s brains, you are unlikely to make it out safely if you’re wearing something like the shower curtain costume in Karate Kid.

Glitter pumpkin butts look… ermm… cute but it leaves your bare behind prone to the cold. You can even hurt yourself easily if you sit on a lighted cigarette, for example. If you insist on wearing something skimpy, at least bring a jacket or something to cover you up and protect you from the cold.

Group Costume

Stranger Things Eleven Dress Costume

If you’re going with friends to a Halloween party, it’s a great idea to wear group costumes. It’ll be impressive if you came as the Ninja Turtles or the cast of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things Demogorgon Costume

When you go as a group, you don’t have to worry that much about your social skills. Plus, there are more of you looking out for each other. It’s also easier to spot each other in a crowd.

Stranger Things Jim Hopper Costume

Buddy System

Young trick or treaters are advised to have a buddy system so not one of them would be left behind. The same approach to safety should be applied by partying adults.

Back to the Future Marty McFly Jacket Costume

You should come to an agreement with a friend to look after each other at the Halloween party. Don’t let the other one drink more than you can handle. Also, couple costumes are cute so you should consider going in those.

Back to the Future Jennifer Parker Costume

Set A Limit

As mentioned, you should not drink too much alcohol, especially if you’re not really a drinker. Set a limit and stick to it. Ask your buddy to help you keep your promise so you won’t wake up with a huge hangover or, worse, in a back alley without clothes on.

Any Halloween party survival guide will tell you what to do to avoid being sexually assaulted. Few will tell you not to sexually assault anyone, especially people who are vulnerable because of alcohol. Please remember, being drunk is not a sign or a reason to rape someone.

If you can’t control yourself when you get drunk, set your limits. Better yet, have a friend keep you from getting drunk and doing something you may regret for the rest of your life. The best option, however, is to not touch the bottle at all. Just enjoy the Halloween party.

Be Friendly But Wary

You’ll be meeting lots of people at a Halloween party many of them with their faces covered. This means you wouldn’t recognize most of them on a regular day. First of all, you should read a person’s intentions when he or she tries to make friend with you. Then, try to look for distinctive marks, accent, or mannerisms in case you need to identify them later on. Leave the conversation as politely as possible if they make you feel uncomfortable. Remember, you’re not being paranoid. You’re just being wary.

Be Ready to Defend Yourself

It’s no secret that alcohol brings out the worst in some people. It also lowers your guard down. If you’re vulnerable and you’re targeted by a person with bad intentions, you should still have some way to defend yourself.

UST Brands I.C.E. Survival Whistle

The best way, of course, is not to get too drunk. Make sure you have enough willpower and energy to go home safely and to defend yourself if threatened. You should also have something to thwart these misguided souls.

Keep an emergency whistle within reach. If you feel you’re being followed on your way home, blow your whistle to scare them off and get the attention of other people. If someone’s taking advantage of your vulnerability, you should gather enough strength to blow on your whistle to make him or her stop.

SABRE RED Kuros! Pepper Spray

You can also carry a pepper spray or mace. A stun gun will also be effective against attackers. They are legal in almost all states as long as you are not a minor or have previous criminal records.

Have Fun

Halloween is all about remembering the dearly departed and having fun at the same time. Take to heart the different Halloween party survival tips so you can have fun without having to worry that much.

Halloween is not all dancing and boozing the night away. The young ones also get their dose of fun by donning costumes and trick or treating. Just the same, these little trick or treaters should observe proper behavior and practice safety tips while collecting their sweets. Visit The Gentleman Pirate for more Holiday survival tips.

Valuable Halloween Safety Tips for Trick or Treaters

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