How to Have A Pirate-Themed Valentine’s Day Party


The Love Month is not just for couples. Everyone can have a good time on Valentine’s Day whether they’re exclusively seeing someone or not. For some people who’ve been in a relationship for quite some time, it doesn’t really matter anymore how they celebrate the occasion. As long as they’re happy and content with each other, they can skip the romantic dates and opt for a party. If you’re one of those planning to host a party instead, why not try a pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party and have all hands on deck. In fact, this is an excellent way to celebrate the occasion if you’re hosting a party for children.



Since you’re doing a pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party, you need to find a way to mix the two themes together. It’s not that hard as you think.

Norpro Cotton Twine

One way is to simply mix pirate decors and Valentine’s Day decors. You can have pirate flaglets and cut-out hearts tied to a string and then hung across the room. You’ll need a good quality paper for this so they don’t tear easy.

Creepy Ragged Old Skull Bones Pirate Flag

Turn a Jolly Roger into a lovely looking decor by covering the eye patch with a red heart. You can even replace the entire skull with a giant heart to make the children feel the love in the air.



Adult Pirate Maiden Costume

This is perhaps the most fun part of a pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party – dressing up. Ask everyone to come in pirate-themed costumes and to sprinkle their outfits with hints of Valentine’s Day.

Kid’s Captain Black Pirate Costume



Pirate Cake or Cupcakes

Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix

You’re in luck if you happen to know how to bake. Make a cake and cupcakes using whatever cake mix you fancy.

CK Products White Royal Icing Mix

You’ll need frosting to turn your cakes and cupcakes into cute pirates.

Wilton Icing Colors

If you’re a teacher having a pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party, make boy and girl pirate cupcakes that look like the kids in your class. That would definitely be fun for them.

Wilton Bright Standard Cupcake Liners


Chocolate Gold Coins

Solid Milk Chocolate Large Kennedy Gold Coins

This one is pretty easy. Simply buy gold coin chocolates and other sweet treats wrapped in gold foil wrapper. Place them in a small chest if you have one.


Treasure Map Pizza

Don’t just serve sweet treats. Make something that’s a tad healthier like a treasure map pizza. Bake your own pizza using store-bought crust, pizza sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Use olives, bell peppers, herbs and other ingredients you can think of to decorate your pizza.

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

Place each ingredient in a way that the pizza will look like a treasure map. And to keep with the pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party concept, you can put a heart (cut out of a red bell pepper) instead of an X to mark the spot.



You need an activity that is suited for the age of the children. For pre-schoolers and other younger children, you can choose to do some arts and crafts activities to keep them occupied.

Tissue Roll Pirate

For this fun and easy activity, you’ll need cardboard tubes or craft rolls. You can ask the children to collect the cardboard rolls from used up toilet paper and bring them to your pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party. You’ll also need craft paint, paint brush, scissors, glue, clear tape, markers, feather, and colored paper, preferably red, black and white ones.

Craft Rolls

Paint the top half of the tissue roll brown or flesh for the pirate’s face. Cut the black paper into the shape of a pirate’s hat. Use white paper to make the skull and crossbones. Cut then glue them to the front side of the hat. Glue the hat to the tissue roll then tape the feather onto the hat. Cut out an eye patch from the black paper then glue it to the face. Draw the rest of the face with a marker. Wrap white paper around the body of the cardboard roll then glue red stripes around it to make the pirate’s shirt. You can do other kinds of pirates and even parrots. Let the children use their imagination.


Pirate Telescope

Another easy and useful thing to make at your pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party is a pirate telescope. Again, you’ll need craft rolls or a paper towel roll for this fun project.

12″ Sturdy Craft Rolls

You can use black colored paper or black duct tape to cover the roll. Another option is to paint it black. Allow the children to do as they please in terms of decorating their prate telescope. Afterwards, let them play pretend pirate with their new spyglasses.


People are always looking for a reason to party and have fun. Celebrating love should be enough to have a pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party.

If you have suggestions on how to make a pirate-themed Valentine’s Day party even more interesting, we’re here to listen. Check out The Gentleman Pirate, as well. If you wish to know more pirate stuff.

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