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It’s Talk Like A Pirate Day on the 19th while Halloween is just around the corner. These are the perfect times to party like a pirate. Of course, you can have a pirate-themed party any time you wish. The best part of such celebrations is you get to talk like a pirate. I’m shivering in me timbers just thinking about it.



Talk like a pirate

First line of business: learn your pirate speak. You can’t have a pirate-themed party without learning a few pirate words and phrases. It’d be fun if everyone would talk like a pirate. So practice your “Arrs!” or “Arrgs!” and read up on pirate lingo. Savvy? And yes, it is “shiver me timbers.”


Look like a pirate

You don’t need to cut a leg off and replace it with a wooden peg or gouge an eye out so you can wear an eyepatch. A simple pirate costume will do if you want to party like a pirate. There are plenty of costume choices available for purchase online. You can also make your own pirate costumes and accessories if you’re feeling a bit crafty.


Turn your home into a pirate’s lair

Decorate your home with all things pirate. Start with your yard. You’ll find plenty of choices when it comes to pirate-themed yard decor. You can build a pirate ship if you have the skills, tools, and time. Otherwise, a large inflatable one will do. You can also make a scarecrow dressed as a pirate. This would be perfect for Halloween. 

For your front porch, hang a welcome sign that says “Welcome aboard,” ‘All hands on deck,” or a simple “Yo ho ho!” Don’t forget your pirate flag. The ol’ Jolly Roger will make any room feel like a pirate ship.

There are pirate-themed party decorations available if you want to do things simply and quickly. Hang buntings printed with a skull and crossbones design across the room. Another simple trick is to hang a huge treasure map banner or poster on the wall. If you have a wooden chest, use it as a treasure chest where you keep your booty such as wine bottles and other alcoholic beverages. Cover your table with a pirate tablecloth, as well.

If you have a pool, you can turn your pirate party into a swimming party. Have fun with inflatable pirate ship floats. Skip this idea if there’s alcohol involved. It’s not wise to drink and dive or you might end up in Davy Jones’ Locker.

Bet You Didn’t Know You Wanted A Pirate Man Cave Until You Saw These | Photo by N_Defender/Bigstock


Send out some yo ho hos

It’s not a party without guests. Send invites to people you want to share your loot with. You can create online invitations or go old school with pirate-themed cards. Make it an arrrts and craft family project by creating DIY invitations with your children.


Prepare a pirate feast

The best part of any party, aside from the company, is the food. You can choose any of your specialty dishes or search dear ol’ internet for some satisfying pirate-themed recipes.

For desserts, you can bake a cake and adorn it with cute pirate toppers. If you’re into donuts, you can bake your own and make them look like a pirate with fondant and some strategically placed sprinkles.

You can also buy a few dozen donuts from Krispy Kreme. They always have something going on during Talk Like A Pirate Day though there were some years when they cancelled this event. Most of the time, they offer donuts with pirate designs. They also gave out free donuts to customers wearing pirate costumes in previous years. Check out their nearest branch or search online to see if they have promos this year.


Fill your chest with cold ones

Start practicing your “yo ho hos and a bottle of rum” if you’re partying like a pirate with your crew. You can enjoy old-fashioned grog by watering down rum or you can fill your coolers aka treasure chests with your favorite beer.

Speaking of beer, you’ll be surprised to know that there are plenty of pirate beers around. See if you can get your hands and hooks on these pirate beers. It’d be extra fun to gobble them down on Talk Like A Pirate Day or any pirate-themed party you’re having.

You’ll need a bottle opener, of course. If you’re thinking of giving out party favors, your guests will love a pirate bottle opener.



Play pirate games and activities

When we say pirate games, we’re not talking about PC games and apps. While they are certainly entertaining, you want your guests to socialize and have fun together. Both kids and adults will enjoy pirate games like a treasure hunt or Pin the Pirate. Keep your imagination cranking and think of different pirate-themed games and activities. Aside from these, you can keep the kids busy with some fun pirate arts and crafts projects.


Don’t forget the party favors

If you plan everything in advance, your pirate party should go on without a hitch. Planning and preparing the food, drinks, decor, and games along with inviting your closest mateys should be enough to make your pirate party a memorable one.

Still,  you should consider giving out party favors to your esteemed guests. For the children, you can give out small pirate toys or chocolate gold coins. The older ones will appreciate a pirate bottle opener or other similar trinkets.


How to Turn Your Nursery Into A Pirate-Themed Room This Labor Day Weekend
How to Turn Your Nursery Into A Pirate-Themed Room This Labor Day Weekend | Photo by waewkid/Bigstock

Talk Like A Pirate Day and Halloween are not your only excuses to party like a pirate. You don’t have to wait a year to hang out with your hearties while dressed up as a dashing swashbuckler or a bearded captain. Host a pirate-themed party any time you want and have the time of your life. Discover more pirate-related over at Gentleman Pirate Club.


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