Practical Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Busy Moms


Moms pour their hearts out taking care of the family. It’s about time their love is reciprocated. If you haven’t shown your mom or wife how much you value them yet, maybe any of the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for busy moms will do the trick.



Norpro Deluxe Fruit and Veggie Juicer

If moms were to come up with their own Valentine’s gift ideas, they’ll probably include something that will cater to one’s well-being. That’s just how moms are built. They never stop caring.

The Norpro Deluxe Fruit and Veggie Juicer is exactly just that. The easy-to-assemble manual juicer lets you enjoy the goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables with just a few turns of the handle. It quickly squeezes out the juice and separates the pulp and other parts. This Norpro juicer comes with a suction base with a plunger/press that secures it to your work surface to prevent any mess.

The Norpro Deluxe Fruit and Veggie Juicer doesn’t take too much of your time and energy since it’s easy to assemble, use, and clean up. That makes it a great Valentine’s Day present for busy moms who still want to enjoy the healthy stuff.


Norpro Ice Cream Maker

Moms also deserve a treat. However, they can’t always go out to buy their favorite ice cream. Besides, you should avoid going out too much these days because of the pandemic. Your best option is to get your mother her own ice cream maker for Valentine’s Day.

The best thing about the Norpro Ice Cream Maker is that you can make your own flavors right in your kitchen. It comes with recipes and instructions on how to make ice cream but you’re free to experiment with different combinations of flavors. Another good thing about this particular kitchen must-have is that you can enjoy your DIY ice cream in just 15 minutes.

Furthermore, you know what goes in your ice cream. Store-bought ones may contain additives and other stuff you really don’t want inside your body. By making your own ice cream or sorbet at home, you can enjoy it as fresh and healthy as possible. Also, mom and dad can include ice cream making as part of their fun yet romantic Valentine’s Day date at home. Now that’d be fun!


Simple Loose Leaf Tea Box Gift Subscription

Mothers could use some tea every now and then. Herbal teas, especially green tea, are some of the healthiest drinks around. Some of its benefits include stress relief, weight loss, lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart attack and stroke, and possibly cancer due to its high amount of antioxidants.

It’s a good idea, therefore, to have an ample supply at home. In fact, serious preppers stockpile herbal teas in their pantry. Aside from its health benefits, tea can also be used in first aid and as compost, deodorizer, and fire accelerant.

Give moms the gift of good health with a monthly supply of tea. Simple Loose Leaf offers a Tea Box Gift Subscription that includes four to five cups of different tea blends. The content is equivalent to 16 to 20 cups of premium tea. The gift box also comes with four hand-sewn and reusable linen tea filters.

The subscription boxes ship every first business day of the month. You can place your order until noon on the last day to make sure you get the following month’s tea supply. You also have the option of having your boxes delivered monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.


Grosche Monaco Loose Leaf Teapot

You need the right teapot to truly enjoy your loose-leaf tea. The Grosche Monaco Loose Leaf Teapot is a thoughtful Valentine’s Day present for moms who love their tea. It’s also a good tactic to encourage non-tea drinkers to, you know, drink tea.

The Monaco infuser glass teapot is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, which is heavier than most teapots. The sturdy glass infuser features slits that allow the tea to be completely infused. It can carry up to 1250 ml (42 fl. oz) of tea, which is equivalent to three to four teacups.


Lion Original Roast Coffee

Some moms prefer coffee over tea and it’s quite understandable. Coffee has more caffeine than tea. If you need a boost of energy to start your day, coffee is the better choice. Tea, of course, has lots of health benefits, but when it comes to waking you up, most people turn to coffee.

Who wouldn’t want a nice hot cup of coffee to sip on during the few precious minutes in the morning before everyone else wakes up, right?

Lion Original Roast Coffee will definitely give you that perk-me-up you need.  It is made of hand-selected coffee beans and has a subtle sweet taste to go with that smooth finish. This coffee blend has been around since 1864. If it lasted this long, it’s safe to say that the Lion Original Roast Coffee blend is something you must try. It’s definitely something busy moms will appreciate.

Coffee and Other Work From Home Essentials

Coffee as one of your Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Why not? It’s practical and affordable. Most importantly, many moms can’t function well without coffee.



Grosche Stanford Double Walled Glass French Press

Enjoy coffee the right way with a high-quality French press. Any busy mom will surely appreciate receiving one for Valentine’s Day.

The Grosche Stanford Double-Walled Glass French Press is the perfect combination of style and functionality. The double-walled borosilicate glass gives it a minimalist yet elegant look while also insulating your coffee. This keeps the drink hot for two to three times longer than regular French presses.

With your own French press, you can enjoy your coffee as you did before when you can freely go to your favorite coffee shop. If you’re feeling a bit experimental, you can make different coffee versions as long as you have the right ingredients.

In the video above, for example, the barista used another Grosche French press to make café mocha. You can also use your French press for something simpler like a homemade cold brew coffee. If you can’t take your Valentine’s Day date out for a coffee date, take the coffee to your stay-at-home date. Brilliant, right?


momAgenda Desktop Day Planner

Stay-at-home moms have it rough. They spend the whole day at home taking care of business. And by that we mean keeping the house spic and span, doing errands, and making sure hubby and the kids are well taken care of. And then there are the mothers who still have to work or handle the business on top of everything else.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for A Happy Homestead

Moms need to stay on top of things. One way to do so is to keep an organizer. MomAgenda knows this that’s why they came up with some of the most gorgeous and useful planners around.

The momAgenda Desktop Day Planner is one of their bestsellers and for good reason. For one, it looks awesome. The Desktop comes in different colors that are soothing to the eyes. Stressed-out moms will likely feel a bit more relaxed after looking at their teal or amethyst momAgenda planner.


The Desktop planner comes with a unique weekly layout that provides space for the mom and four other members of the family. This makes it easier to track the schedule of each child. A momAgenda day planner is indeed a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for busy moms.


Cricut Joy™ + Label Making Bundle

Moms who love arts and crafts will get a kick out of the Cricut Joy. This innovative device allows you to customize just about anything you can think of. Use the Cricut Joy for cutting and writing labels, greeting cards, banners, or similar stuff.

The Cricut Joy cuts and draws any shape and writing style on more than fifty kinds of materials. That should give you endless DIY projects to play with. To start off, you can take advantage of the fifty ready-to-make projects available online that are included in the purchase.

Other items that come with the Cricut Joy include a blade, housing, black fine point pen, StandardGrip Mat, power adapter, and materials for your practice cut. You can buy the machine bundled with other Cricut products. The bundle pictured here comes with the Smart Label™ Writable Paper, Smart Label™ Writable Vinyl, fine point pens, and Gel Pens.

This Cricut Joy bundle is also the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for moms who love to organize. The labels will make any workspace or kitchen more organized. Those getting more forgetful by the day will also appreciate the labels you can do using the Cricut Joy.


Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine with Quilt Extension Table

Stay-at-home moms, especially those living in the homestead, do everything they can to be self-sufficient. They grow plants and raise animals for food. They also practice food preservation. Many of them even learn how to do house repairs themselves in case their husbands are unavailable.

When it comes to practical Valentine’s Day gift ideas, homestead moms will love something that will help them with their self-sustainability goal. One such gift idea that fits the bill is a sewing machine. Moms can use it to repair clothes so they’d last longer. More importantly, they can make their own clothes and do other projects that require some stitching. She can then sell her handmade products for additional income.

The Brother FB1757T Sewing Machine with Quilt Extension Table is a good machine for sewers and quilters alike. It boasts 17 built-in stitches, a four-step buttonhole style, a bobbin winding system, a stitch selector dial, an upper thread tension control dial, and a free arm sewing surface, among other impressive features.

Simple Sewing Projects You Can Do On Your Free Time
Simple Sewing Projects You Can Do On Your Free Time


Yoga Direct 1/4 Inch Yoga Mat

Despite their busy schedule, moms should still allot some time for exercise. Even if she is constantly active because of all the tasks she has to do, it would be in her best interest to exercise regularly. An exercise routine should take just a few minutes or so to break some sweat and keep the blood pumping.

One form of exercise that’s best suited for busy moms is yoga. It benefits both the body and mind. Mothers are always stressed out with all her tasks and yoga will definitely help her get through each day.

Home Workouts While In Quarantine

A few minutes of yoga will help relax her mind and calm her down. At the same time, her body gets stronger and more flexible. Plus, yoga helps promote better sleep better and back relief.

All these reasons should make it easier for you to include a yoga mat in your list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for moms. Get her the Yoga Direct extra thick yoga mat. The mat is 1.4 inches thick and measures 24 x 72 inches. It is made of foam and doesn’t have any latex or phthalates. The Yoga Direct mat comes in 25 different colors.


Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Family Man

Don’t let the coronavirus pandemic ruin Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of ways you can still have some romantic fun even if you don’t get to celebrate in a fancy restaurant. For one, it’s more romantic to have your date at home where you both can just be yourselves. Also, you can always show your love with a nice gift.

Hopefully, you’ll find the right one in this list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for busy moms we shared here. They definitely deserve something nice this year considering what they’ve gone through the past year or so. Visit Gentleman Pirate Club to find more awesome lists like this.


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