Valentine’s Day Arts And Crafts Projects For The Whole Family


Valentine’s Day is not just about couples. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday with the whole family. One fun thing you can do is to make Valentine’s Day arts and crafts projects.



Valentine’s Day Wreath

Wreaths can be used all-year round. You can put them up during holidays such as Christmas, Advent and Halloween or special events like weddings and baby showers. You can make a round wreath and just adorn it with trinkets that suit the season or holiday you’re celebrating. Since it’s the Love Month any red or heart ornament will do.

Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath by The House That Lars Built

You can make a wreath exclusively for Valentine’s Day, if you wish. A heart-shaped one like this Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath by The House That Lars Built is a good start. You’ll need a piece of cardboard, spray paint, floral foam, string or twine, scissors, cutter, glue gun and glue sticks, and Baby’s Breath. They wanted this Valentine’s Day arts and crafts project to be as affordable as possible so they used cardboard and foam as base of the wreath.

First, draw and cut out an open heart shape, about two inches thick, using the cardboard. Then cut the foam into pieces and glue them to the cardboard heart. Next, trim the foam with your cutter to form the heart. Tie the foam bricks to the cardboard with the twine to secure them further.

Spray paint the baby’s breath with your preferred color. Do this outside and cover your surface with newspaper first to avoid making a mess. Once the paint has dried, cut the baby’s breath so you can easily stick the stems to the foam. Attach a piece of string or ribbon so you can hang your Valentine’s Day wreath.


Hanging Flower Heart

Here’s one DIY Valentine’s Day project that should add a bit of sophistication to your home. The Hanging Flower Heart by A Beautiful Mess also makes for a great background to your romantic date with your spouse. Ask your kids to help out with this Valentine’s Day DIY project if you’re planning to surprise your significant other.

Hanging Flower Heart by A Beautiful Mess

The Hanging Flower Heart is a bit complicated so you should watch over the kids as they help you out. This DIY project requires faux flowers, Styrofoam, balsa wood, glitter paper, cup hooks, clear fishing line, hot glue gun, and a tool to cut the Styrofoam such as a jigsaw. If you don’t have a jigsaw, you can use a cutter, X-acto knife, electric turkey carver or even a serrated bread knife. The X-acto knife is also necessary for cutting your balsa wood.

The first step is to draw and cut out a huge heart from your Styrofoam. Next, remove the flowers from their stems then glue them onto the heart. You can leave a part of the stem so you can stick the flowers to the Styrofoam as you glue them.

Cut an arrow head and tail from the balsa wood. Attach each one to a piece of thin wooden stick, which will make up the shaft of your arrow. Cover the front side of both arrow parts with glitter paper. Stick the arrow parts on opposite sides of the Styrofoam. It should look like a heart pierced by one of Cupid’s arrows.

Finally, attach the cup hooks and use the fishing line (a string should also work) to hang the flower heart. Place it right behind where you’re going to have your romantic date.



DIY Valentine Card Display

Do you have an old picture frame that’s just been collecting dust? Or maybe one of your wall photos fell and the glass broke? You can repurpose these frames into something more decorative like this DIY Valentine Card Display by Design Improvised.

DIY Valentine Card Display by Design Improved

This Valentine’s Day arts and crafts project uses a chicken wire frame. You can purchase a pre-made one or use your old frame and leftover chicken wire from your chicken coop project.  You will also need pink acrylic paint, felt paper, heart buttons, mini wooden clothespins, and twine.

Paint the frame pink (or red) and set aside to dry. In the meantime, start preparing your accents. Choose the Valentine card and family photo you want to display. Cut out small hearts from felt paper or any colored paper. Glue them onto a piece of twine to make a mini garland.

Glue the heart buttons around the frame. Attach the ends of the garland to the top of the frame. Finally, use the craft clothespin to attach the card, photo and heart cut-outs to the chicken wire.


DIY Valentine Cards

Speaking of cards, they’re simple yet fun Valentine’s Day arts and crafts projects that everyone can do. Valentine cards you made yourself have a lot more sentimental value than e-cards. Hurry up and make them, though, so they can reach the recipient in time for V-Day.

Valentine Cards by A Beautiful Mess

Try these DIY Valentine cards by A Beautiful Mess that uses different watercolor techniques. One of the cards, we’ll call this the Moon Phases Valentine card, requires cardstocks and watercolor.

On white paper or cardstock, draw nine circles. You can use any round object to trace your circles. Just make sure all nine will fit your card.

Next, use gray color to paint the moon surfaces. Check out the different moon phases to get an idea how to paint them as close to reality as possible. You have the option to use table salt and nail polish to give your moons some texture. Apply them while the paint is still wet.

Moon Phases Card by A Beautiful Mess

Let them dry then gently brush of the loose salt. Cut out all the circles then shape each one according to their respective moon phase. Fold your red cardstock in half then arrange and glue the moons on the front. Write your sweet Valentine’s Day message inside. The author printed out her message and glued it to the card.

Valentines Day Heart Fingerprint Tree by Easy Peasy and Fun

If you want your Valentine’s Day arts and craft project to be even more personal, why not use your fingers. The Heart Fingerprint Tree by Easy Peasy and Fun is a great Valentine’s Day present for the grandparents and other close relatives. When the kids are all grown up, the old folks would certainly love looking at the card and be reminded how little their grandchildren’s fingers were.

To make your Valentine’s Day Heart Fingerprint Tree, you’ll need two pieces of white paper or cardstock, red and pink ink pads, black marker, scissors, and pencil. Draw a heart on the white paper or cardstock and cut it out. You will use what’s left of the paper as a heart stencil. Set the cut-out heart aside for other Valentine’s Day arts and crafts projects you may have in mind.

Place the stencil on top of another piece of paper. You can tape the paper to your work surface or use a clipboard to keep the paper from moving. Next, draw the tree trunk and branches using the black marker. Finally, get creative with the stamp pads. Fill the heart with fingerprints until you have a heart-shaped tree.


How to Have A Pirate-Themed Valentine’s Day Party | Photo by amid999/Bigstock

Make the most of the extended time stuck at home with your family by doing some Valentine’s Day arts and crafts projects. This should be a fun and fruitful way to celebrate V-Day. Find more Valentine’s Day projects over at Gentleman Pirate Club.


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