10 Useful Items That Will Survive An EMP Event


Picture yourself living in a world where technology is a part of everything we do, from checking our social media accounts to cooking our meals. Suddenly, a high-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) strikes and all the electronic devices around you stop working. Your phone won’t turn on, your car won’t start, and even the power grid goes down. That means you can no longer use your microwave oven and watch TikTok videos or post tweets. The horror! It’s like being thrown back into the Stone Age! But don’t worry, you just have to use your survival skills to adapt to this new world without technology. But wouldn’t it be easier if you already have the things you need to quickly adapt to this new old-fashioned world? Just in case, you should gather as many useful items that will survive an EMP event as you can.

Even if a man-made EMP attack doesn’t occur, your electrical devices and equipment can still be rendered useless by a natural EMP, particularly a coronal mass ejection (CME) or solar flare. A CME is a big burst of plasma and magnetic field from the sun’s corona, the outermost layer of its atmosphere. If the charged particles from these solar flares reach Earth, they can affect the planet’s magnetic field and cause geomagnetic storms, which can result in power outages, disrupted satellite communications, and damaged electrical systems.

Well, if that scares you, then you need to take the necessary steps to prepare for such emergencies. To give you a head start, here is a list of items that will survive an EMP event:



1. Old-School Vehicles

Forget self-driving electric cars, you need a vehicle that can withstand an EMP. There’s no particular model or brand that’s designed to be EMP-proof but if you’re prepping for doomsday, you need an old-school vehicle. The electronics in newer vehicles (built in the 1980s and later) will likely get fried. Modern circuits in today’s cars are more sensitive to small alterations in current so they’re more susceptible to damage caused by EMPs.

On the other hand, older cars are believed to be the least affected by an EMP event. Vehicles made before the 1980s have better chances of surviving an EMP since they have a simpler setup. Vehicles with non-electronic ignition systems, for example, are your best bet since they don’t require electricity to run.

It’s not set in stone but some vehicles that are likely to survive an EMP attack include pre-1980s sports utility vehicles, trucks, and commercial motor vehicles, particularly those made in the USA. These vehicles sport simple motors and parts that are much less complicated than their modern counterparts.

The Best Bug Out Vehicles To Survive an EMP Attack

Chevrolet’s Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle (CUCV) is also popular with the prepping community for a number of reasons. First, it’s durable and reliable. Second, it’s easy to maintain and the parts are affordable. Third, its mechanics are simple yet efficient. And last but not least, it has a non-electronic ignition system so it is likely to survive an EMP event.

Other vehicles that are better equipped to fight off the effects of an EMP include Toyota 4×4 trucks, which come with carbureted 22R motors, the Deuce and a Half, a 6×6 truck used by the military, the Mercedes Benz Unimog, a German-made truck, the 1976 GMC truck with a V8 engine, 1979 Jeep CJ5, and the iconic Dune Buggy. Old models of tractors and dirt bikes should also survive an EMP attack. Of course, your best chance to travel without electricity is still by foot, bike, horseback, or animal-drawn carts. In-line skates, skateboards, and Scooterboards should also work though they’re best suited for paved surfaces. On water, you can still use canoes, kayaks, and rowboats.

One important thing to consider when getting an EMP-proof vehicle is fuel. Even if you have a car that can withstand EMP, you’ll still need fuel for it to run. After an EMP attack or solar flare, fuel stations and manufacturers will most likely cease working. This means you need to stockpile fuel so you can keep using your car and other equipment that runs on fuel.

Also, you can still protect your modern car from an EMP. Some preppers convert their garage into a big Faraday cage so that their car will keep working after an EMP event. The problem with this is that you can’t predict when an EMP attack or solar flare will occur. If it happens while you’re out driving, then your car will likely be fried. What you can do, if you have the budget and space, is to keep one car inside the garage-slash-Faraday cage at all times and use another one for your daily drives.


2. Appliances

It may come as a surprise but some appliances could possibly withstand an EMP as long as they have a simple electric motor. That means old models of refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers have a chance to survive an EMP. Smart appliances and other modern machines, on the other hand, will most likely get fried.

Generally, modern appliances are more likely to be equipped with intricate control circuits and other electronic features. If even one part of these is missing or damaged, the appliance may become inoperable or start malfunctioning. So, if something inside is affected by an EMP, then the whole machine will likely be inoperable.


3. Communication Tools

Communication is another field that will be greatly affected by an EMP attack or a solar flare. They can disrupt electronic devices and communication systems that rely on electronics. Basically, you won’t be able to use your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other digital devices to call or send and receive messages. And if these small devices manage to survive an EMP event, they can still be useless if the internet and cellphone lines are down, which is a likely result of such an event.

To get around this problem, you can invest in communication tools that will work even after an EMP event. Some examples include Ham radios, two-way radios such as walkie-talkies, landline phones, and Morse code.

3 Emergency Communication Devices That Will Survive a Mobile Network Meltdown
3 Emergency Communication Devices That Will Survive a Mobile Network Meltdown

Amateur radio operators use Ham radios to communicate with others across the globe. These radios are designed to withstand high-voltage surges and are powered by batteries or generators, which means they are not reliant on the power grid. As a result, they can continue to work after an EMP attack or solar flare.

Like Ham radios, two-way radios are popular communication options when there’s no electricity. This is why serious preppers make sure they have them. These short-wave radios are also powered by batteries or generators, and they work at a different frequency than the ones used by cell phones.

While cell phones may not work after an EMP attack or solar flare, landline phones can still work. During a blackout, landline service running on copper networks usually remains up and running unlike those that rely on fiber networks. That means your cable company or internet provider may not be able to provide you with some form of communication after an EMP event.

Morse code is a communication method that uses a series of dots and dashes to send messages. When sending a Morse code message, you need a source of light or sound. Since flashlights can survive an EMP, you can use Morse code to communicate. You just have to learn how to spell out letters, numbers, and punctuation marks for your message using light.


4. Power Tools

Surprisingly, some power tools will likely survive an EMP. These tools are usually not reliant on solid-state electronic controls, which means they won’t be affected if an EMP hits.

However, these tools only work with electricity. You either have to keep them plugged in or charge their batteries when they run out of juice. In the event of an EMP attack or solar storm, the power grid will likely be affected so you can’t use your power tools.

Essential Power Tools For Your Homestead
Essential Power Tools For Your Homestead

A modern-day maintenance person or DIYer uses electrical tools and equipment to make sure they do the job as perfectly as possible. But if the power goes out, then you’ll be out of jobs. Fortunately, there are tools and equipment that are not reliant on electronic components and electricity so you can still use them.

Some power tools are powered by gasoline or diesel engines so they may still function after an EMP. Examples include chainsaws, lawnmowers, grass cutters, pressure washers, and air compressors.


5. Manual Tools

Before power tools like jigsaws, hammer drills, and nail guns were invented, humans used non-electric tools such as hand saws, hand drills, and hammers. That said, you should have a good collection of hand tools. And while you’re at it, stockpile parts so that you can repair your vehicles, equipment, and other stuff even after an EMP attack. If you have the right tools and parts, you can fix what needs to be fixed so you’d have electricity and continue using your power tools.

Some basic hand tools you should have aside from saws, drills, and hammers include screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, utility knives, chisels, files, and vices. Tools that double as self-defense weapons such as an axe, hatchet, bolo knife, crowbar, shovel, and hoe should also be part of your prepper stash.



6. Manual Kitchen Gadgets

Take a look at your kitchen. Aside from the dirty dishes, chances are you’re looking at plenty of electrical appliances that you use to prepare everything from coffee to juice and from breakfast to midnight snacks. Some of you probably make your own bread or ice cream at home with the help of electrical kitchen gadgets.

But if an EMP strikes, all these electrical appliances may be rendered useless unless you place each one in a Faraday cage. While that is possible, it’s pretty inconvenient since you’ll have to take them out and put them back inside every you use them.

The good news is that you can still make your favorite drinks, shakes, snacks, pastries, and meals even after an EMP attack or solar storm takes out your kitchen equipment. Manual kitchen gadgets won’t be as easy or fast to use but they’ll certainly do the job. Our ancestors had even less yet they still managed to feed themselves and their families, right?

Some manual kitchen gadgets you can still use after an EMP event include a meat grinder, hand mixer, hand-crank egg beater, whisk, egg slicer, mortar and pestle, vegetable chopper, manual juicer, coffee grinder, dough presser, apple peeler machine, cheese slicer/grater, manual food processor (wooden or metal), and a can opener.

When it comes to cooking, you can use a gas stove, fire pit, or solar oven. You’ll also need plenty of matches, lighters, and other fire-starting tools. Stock up on firewood and fuel, too.


7. Mechanical Devices

Simple mechanical devices that do not rely on electronics or electricity can survive an EMP. There are plenty of these instruments that can replace modern tech.

Alarm clocks and wristwatches are great examples. Replace your digital clock with an analog timepiece that you can wind up every day. You can also get a pocket watch to keep track of time in case the electricity goes out after an EMP event.

Check out locksmith stores for manual locks, combination locks, and padlocks. Smartlocks likely don’t stand a chance against these destructive electromagnetic pulses. You can also use a mechanical safe to store important documents, jewelry, and valuables you want to protect.

With desktops, laptops, and tablets out of commission, you can use old-style manual typewriters or pen and paper to write, take notes, or record data.

Other mechanical devices that are sure to survive an EMP include a slide rule calculator, sextant and compass for navigation, hand-crank radio for news and entertainment (if the radio stations are still running), portable lanterns and flashlights for seeing in the dark, and a hand-powered generator for electricity.

Top 10 Emergency Weather Radios To Prepare You For Disasters


8. Solar Panels

Solar panels are generally considered to be relatively resistant to EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulses) because they don’t have any electronic components that are particularly susceptible to EMP damage. The main components of a solar panel are the solar cells, which are made of silicon and other materials that are not sensitive to EMPs.

While there are some electronic components in a solar panel system, such as charge controllers, inverters, and batteries, these components are typically well-shielded and grounded to protect them from EMPs. In addition, some solar panel systems use off-the-shelf components that are already designed to be EMP-resistant, such as military-grade inverters and charge controllers.

Another factor that makes solar panels more likely to survive an EMP event is that they are typically installed outside, away from other electronic devices that could be damaged by an EMP. This means that solar panels are less likely to be affected by the electromagnetic radiation that is released by an EMP.


9. Wind Turbines and Water Wheels

With the power grid down, you need to find other ways to generate electricity. Aside from solar panels, wind turbines, and water wheels are two of the most practical and reliable sources of energy in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

Wind turbines generate electricity by converting the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical power using a turbine generator. This is then stored in batteries (which you’ll also need to stockpile). Wind turbines play a vital role in powering the electrical grid. While they are not specifically designed to endure an EMP attack, they are quite resilient to such events under most conditions. This is mainly because the metal parts, particularly the tower, blades, and generator, protect the turbine from electromagnetic fields.

Despite this, it’s still possible for the electronic parts including the control circuit to be fried by an EMP since it’s normally connected to the power grid. You need to figure out how to make your wind turbine work without depending on the available infrastructures so you can enjoy an EMP-proof power source.

Water wheels, meanwhile, generate electricity using the force of flowing water. If you have a creek or river near you, you can set up your own water wheel and produce your own electricity. Since these mechanical devices do not rely on electricity to function, they would likely survive an EMP event.

Like wind turbines, however, water wheels are supported by existing infrastructures such as dams and canals. If these infrastructures rely on electronic controls or sensors, it’s possible that they may be affected by an EMP thus leaving the water wheel inoperable. But if the water wheel utilizes non-electronic controls, then it is highly likely capable of surviving an EMP.

If the infrastructure supporting a water wheel is damaged by an EMP, there are a few potential options for converting the water wheel so that it can still function. These fixes can also be done beforehand to prevent your water wheel from being affected by an EMP.


For both wind turbines and water wheels, you can try any of the following to make them as EMP-proof as possible:

– Retrofit it with non-electronic controls, such as mechanical or hydraulic systems. This could involve replacing electronic sensors or controls with analog alternatives that use mechanical or hydraulic components instead.

– Use EMP-resistant components such as solid-state electronics and shielded transformers.

– Use shielded cables, which have a layer of insulation that protects the signal-carrying wires from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), to connect the generator to your home’s electrical system.

– Ground your system to protect it from power surges caused by EMPs. Install grounding rods or plates in the soil and connect them to the metal parts of your water wheel and generator.

– Install surge protectors between your generator and electrical system to help protect your system from voltage spikes and other power surges.

– Reduce dependence on infrastructure. For example, if a canal supplying water to the water wheel was damaged, it may be possible to divert water from a nearby stream or river instead.


10. Batteries

Another useful item that will survive an EMP attack is batteries. Most regular kinds of batteries, such as lithium-ion, lead-acid, alkaline, lithium-ion, and nickel metal hydride are tough enough to endure an EMP. While not entirely EMP-proof, batteries are generally considered to be less susceptible to EMP damage compared to electronic devices with microchips, transistors, or other semiconductor components.

The reason for this is that batteries are electrochemical devices that store energy in chemical form rather than using electronic circuits to store or process information. Batteries do have some electronic components, such as the internal circuitry used for charging and discharging, but these components are typically not as sensitive to EMPs as microchips or transistors.

In addition, batteries are often located inside protective casings or enclosures that can shield them from EMPs. For example, car batteries are often located in the engine compartment, which provides some level of protection from EMPs.


EMP Preparedness: What To Do To Survive An EMP Attack

An EMP can be caused by a nuclear explosion, a solar flare, or a human-made device. The effects can be devastating as they could disrupt communication systems, transportation systems, banking systems, power grids, and other critical infrastructure, potentially causing widespread chaos and loss of life. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare for an EMP attack to ensure survival and maintain essential services.

Preparing for an EMP event involves several steps, including storing non-perishable food, water, and medicine, having a backup power source, protecting electronic devices with Faraday cages, and developing communication and evacuation plans. Visit Gentleman Pirate Club to learn more tips on how to survive an EMP event and other life-threatening emergencies.

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