Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You Can Do At Home


Preparing for a special date at home shouldn’t be too difficult if you know what to do and you plan for it long before the day itself. If you were too busy to plan in advance, don’t fret too much. Here are some last-minute Valentine’s Day date ideas you can do at home.



Prepare your Valentine’s Day Dinner Together

It’s great to go out every now and then to have a fancy dinner with your significant other. But you just can’t discount the romantic value of Valentine’s Day dinner at home. This doesn’t have to be a fancy meal, either. It could just mean you cook spaghetti or burgers on the grill together- whatever works for your budget!

If you’ve been together for some time now, it should be fine if you prepare for your dinner date together. Yes, it’s nice to get a surprise from your spouse but it’s a different kind of treat when you both work together to come up with Valentine’s Day dinner.

You can choose what you want to eat and come up with Valentine’s Day dinner ideas that will allow you both to prepare it together. You can start marinating your meat or preparing what you can the day before V-Day. Not only will your food taste better, but you’ll also have a more relaxed time while cooking on the day itself.

Make sure you plan for a full-course meal. Your main course would be something like a juicy steak or fall-off-the-bone barbecue ribs partnered with some classic side dishes like coleslaw, mashed potato, steamed veggies, and some mushroom gravy. For dessert, you can never go wrong with cookies or cake. Of course, you can’t forget that all-important bottle of fine wine. Enjoy your drink with a charcuterie board. You’ll need a variety of cheese in different shapes and sizes, prosciutto and other kinds of cured meat, some fruits like grapes and berries, crackers, nuts, jams, and herbs. Get all the ingredients that you’ll need so you won’t be caught scrambling at the last minute.

If you have kids, why don’t you employ their services? Teach them how to properly pour the wine. If they can play an instrument, maybe they could take care of the background music for your Valentine’s day date. On the other hand, you might not want to have your kids hovering around you in case things get a little steamy. You might want to take the kids to their grandparents for the night. It’s entirely up to you.


Have a Valentine’s Day Picnic in Your Yard

A dinner date is great but you can also enjoy a nice picnic at lunch or in the afternoon. After preparing your food and drinks, pack everything up and take your date outside. If there’s a park nearby, that’d be great as long as there aren’t that many people. A safer option is to just lay down your picnic blanket in your yard and enjoy the day.

Easy Picnic Recipes to Make Your Valentine’s Day Date Awesome

If you live on a farm or homestead, you probably have the space for a picnic. Lucky you. Just make sure you clean the place up. You don’t want to set up your date near your farm animals, right? Also, take the time to decorate the place to make it look and feel more romantic.



Set Up a Backyard Theater

Remember those times when you took your spouse to the movies and you had to sit in a crowded theater full of people? Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to relive that experience, but this time just for two. Instead of going out and spending a bunch of money on a movie you probably wouldn’t want to see anyway, invest your money into a romantic night at home.

What You Need For Your Backyard Cinema

To set up a backyard theater, you’ll need a projector. You’ll want one with a high resolution. A 1080-pixel resolution should be fine but a 4k projector will give you a better viewing experience. You’ll also need a projector screen or white sheet that you can hang outside. If you have a wide white wall, that would also work.

Then you’ll need a laptop, speakers, extension cords, and the movie of your choice. You may want to pick a romantic movie but will do. Use comfortable chairs, mats, pillows, blankets, inflatable beds, or whatever you have that’ll make your V-Day movie night more fun and relaxing. Oh, and don’t forget the snack and some refreshments.


Enjoy Spa Day at Home

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a trip to the spa, why not bring the spa to your home? You both need to de-stress from time to time and the coming occasion is the perfect reason for you to do that as a couple. Have fun as you relax together and enjoy your Valentine’s Day date at home with this stress-free idea.

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts for Stay-At-Home Moms

You’ll need a few things before you start such as a scented candle, essential oil, bath bomb, and massage oil. Prepare comfy robes and puffy slippers, too.

First off, let your spouse enjoy a nice bath. Fill the tub with warm water then place a bath bomb to enrich your bathing experience. Place a few slices of cucumber nearby so you can soothe your puffy eyes and reduce the dark circles. Make sure they’re clean and fresh from the fridge.

Feel Clean Naturally With Your Own Home-Made Soap

Once she’s done with the bath, let her settle down nicely on the bed and give her a good massage. If you don’t know how to give a massage, start watching video tutorials. If you have a foot massager, let her sit on a comfy chair and give her a shoulder rub while the device does its thing with her feet.

Another option is to make her a foot bath. After soaking her feet, you can give them a good scrubbing to help exfoliate the skin. For the foot soak, you’ll need a small tub filled with warm water, Epsom salt, and a few drops of essential oil. You can also use a bit of vinegar and some lemon slices for better exfoliation. Use an exfoliating brush, pumice stone, or a washcloth to scrub her feet.

Top Essential Oils for Sleep

Put some essential oil in a diffuser to recreate the same soothing scent you smell at the spa. The right essential oil will help you relax and destress at the same time. Don’t forget to set up the mood. Play some nice, calming music in the background and dim the lights a bit.

There are other things you can do to be able to enjoy the pleasures of a spa all in the comfort of your own home. If you’re capable, give her a manicure and pedicure. You can also treat her with a new face mask or some foot cream. Just recall what you usually see in the spa and try to recreate them at home. If you exert this much effort to pamper yourselves, you’ll definitely have a stay-at-home Valentine’s Day date to remember.


Make Valentine’s Day Cards for Each Other

This is a great, low-cost activity that allows you to spend time with your sweetheart without having to spend a lot of money. It’s also a fun project to do with your children. Everyone loves getting Valentine’s Day cards, especially if they’re homemade. If you’re crafty, Valentine’s Day card-making can be really fun and easy. You don’t need much to make these special cards. You just need construction paper or card stock, markers, crayons, or paint for drawing pictures. Stickers and other craft supplies will make your cards extra special.

Valentine’s Day Arts And Crafts Projects For The Whole Family

If you’re less crafty, you can purchase Valentine’s Day cards and just let everyone do what they want with them. You can add more designs or just write your heartfelt messages before handing them out later.

If you’re familiar with Cricut machines, they’re the crafters’ dream. You can customize your cards and even envelopes with these. Of course, you can also create the designs, which will surely be a fun thing to do with the gang. Once you’re all done with your designs, simply sit back and let the Cricut machine do its thing. When it’s all done, you just have to put everything together and then write your Valentine’s Day messages.


Strike a Pose in Front of the Camera

If you like taking photos and hate it when your partner tells you to pose, then this Valentine’s Day date idea is perfect for you. Get your trusty camera, provide the perfect setting, and just let her enjoy herself while you take some Instagram-worthy shots.

Get a bit more creative by recreating some popular poses. Look for photos of models and celebrities in their most famous poses and ask her to copy those. If you’re up for something more fun, get her to pose like a famous painting or other artwork. If possible, recreate the costume and background, too.


Valentine’s Day Date Ideas While In Quarantine

Who says Valentine’s Day needs to be spent in restaurants or at the movies watching Fifty Shades of Grey for the 10th time? These Valentine’s Day date ideas you can do at home are not too expensive but are pretty romantic. They’re also perfect for people who feel like a recluse or those who are more comfortable at home and without other people around. Of course, it’s always a good idea to get something for your loved one. In case you forgot this pretty important aspect of the date, there’s still a bit of time left for you to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Discover more stay-at-home date ideas and gift suggestions over at Gentleman Pirate Club.


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